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I think that sometimes people are easily misunderstood when the only way you interact with them is via text and, largely, when talking about golf.

So I'll kick this off.

I'm smart, honest to a fault, sarcastic, analytical, and direct (and I'm well aware that these qualities don't work well in text , believe you me...).

I'm a perfectionist and I'm incredibly hard on myself, but I don't let it get me down as my mood rarely varies and is simply slightly happier than average - it takes a LOT for me to shift from that. I don't hold grudges (too much negativity in the world already) and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I realize that the smartest people I know do really stupid things from time to time, but it doesn't make them stupid. I'm courteous and aware of people around me, and it is a constant annoyance that simple courtesy and awareness seems to be lacking in the world (I'm looking at you, people taking 30 seconds to cross the street while six cars are waiting for you, people who cut in grocery lines, people who don't give up their seat on the bus for the elderly or pregnant or whatever, etc...)

My wife tells me that I have an incredibly difficult time not making facial expressions that bely what I'm thinking. This does not serve me well in social situations, but I'm learning to do better here. And, she says, it's one of the things she likes about me.

With friends and family I'm incredibly loyal, and I tell it like it is and expect the same in return. I respect those who can call me to the carpet when I've done or said something wrong. I like to know where I stand and can't stand white lies or social politics. My scientific background has led me to see "you're wrong, here's why" as an acceptable and in fact desirable approach to discussion. Again, doesn't always serve me well online...

I don't have a bunch of friends, but that's largely my choice as I'm incredibly picky. Plus, y'know, the facial expression thing. In person I'm self deprecating as well... for some reason I'm not so much online. I don't know why. I'm also horrible at receiving gifts or compliments. I never feel worthy (see also "perfectionist").

I would like to say that I enjoy relaxing, but I don't really remember the last time I wasn't going 100 MPH on five to ten different things at once. I am active in sports (hockey and golf primarily, with some racketball thrown in), my family, computers, and I read more than anyone else I know.

I really enjoy a good steak - I'm a meat and potatoes guy and hate most vegetables and sauces) and have a soft spot for various flavors of ice cream and Cherry Coke (Zero, lately). I do well under pressure (including cramming for a test, playing tournament golf, whatever) and think that hustle is something everyone can do as it requires no skill (yeah, I was the douche who ran out walks in Little League).

That's all for now. Perhaps I'll update it later, but this was a result of a stream of consciousness, so in some ways it's probably more telling than any sort of edited, controlled thing would be.

No responses (to anyone), please. Just tell everyone about yourself and leave it at that.

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I'll take a stab at this:

I am extremely analytical, critical, and very stubborn. I've been accused of taking the game of golf too seriously between a fun round with friends. Fortunately and unfortunately thats how I was raised. My father being a doctor, I was raised to never half ass anything. It rings true especially with golf for me. Having been raised very strictly, I actually picked up golf under my father witht he intention of playing on tour. Of course this is easier said than done but at the time, it was what I wanted to achieve.

Starting at a young age, golf was a very serious activity in my family. My daily schedule went as such: school ends at 3 PM, goto the range and practice with my coach until 6-7 PM, dinner, then school work.

I lived and breathed golf all throughout high school. I played competitively in high school and we won state two years in a row. Unfortunately for me, I was never mature enough to quite understand the opportunity I had and I capped at a certain point. I resisted and never improved after a certain point. I received a full ride scholarship to play golf for a state university. I declined to goto a a better school outside state. I never got around to getting on the team.

At this point, golf ended for me and I never took it seriously again. Not until after college did I pick up the golf clubs again and ever since then, its been a long struggle to get my game back in gear. Foolishly, I spend quite a bit of time wondering "what if," I also sometimes mistakenly think to myself...if I could go at this full time at my age, I believe I can become pro. Foolish...but there are amazing inspiring stories you hear such as YE Yang who picked u golf at the age of 19 while working as a construction work. While I'm much older than 19, at the age of 25, I still foolishly believe that if I had the resources, I could still go pro. Again...foolish.

I am very stubborn and a bit of a perfectionist myself. At a young age after college, I started my own business with fair success. Equipped with too much money and not enough maturity, I've been accused of being too greedy and selfish. I've learnt to take a step back from my career and learn to enjoy things around me...but i always keep one eye open on my career and never look away.

For the most part however, I am laid back. My favorite times are when I'm playing 18, walking the course with my closest friends and having a laugh. My friends and loved ones mean everything to me. I live by the philosophy that having money means absolutely nothing if you have no one to share it with. I've learned this the hard way, but a much needed valuable lesson. I am extremely loyal to my friends and sometimes act in selflessly and bend backwards to help my friends in need. A flaw and a strength that I've struggled with. I've learned to differentiate when it is appropriate to help a friend in need, and when to cut your losses and force friends to laern from their own mistakes.

I have an unhealthy addiction to everything golf related. Whether its gear related, courses, my swing, I waste quite a bit of time thinking about anything and everything golf related.

i also enjoy long walks on the beach...unicorns...flowers...rainbows........jk.
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I am a fairly relaxed guy who doesn't have a massive social group, like Erik. I don't feel the need to have a large amount of friends - I am quite content living independently without a load of human contact. I generally avoid confrontational situations in real life, but when I am in 'the right', I will fight my case till the final hour. Having just finished school here in the UK, I am taking a 'gap year' (an optional year that you can take before university) where I am going to be working in a chalet in France, cooking and cleaning for guests who come to the Alps for a skiing holiday. As an avid skier, this is something I feel I would enjoy once settled in (it's a 5 month gig). I will be put into an unknown group up employees, all my age (18-19). In this situation, I prefer to be very passive before starting to make friends. I want to see what everyone is really like, and who I would get on with best.
A flaw I have is that I find it difficult in a lot of situations to keep eye contact with someone when they are talking to me, out of insecurity, though I am not sure. I have to really think about it when trying to keep eye contact during conversations, which is something I must work hard at as I have interviews coming up with ski travel companies (for the ski chalet job).
Finally, I guess I will relate this toward golf - this is a golf forum! I feel the reason I am still lurking at my handicap is due to my impatience, and my 'stick-to-it-ive-ness' - When i play a bad shot, I feel like the hole is over for me. But I feel I have shown myself (when i broke 80, see sig), that I can control my impatience and mental state, by staying relaxed, keeping myself to myself - kind of how my social life is.
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I am young guy, who has fell in love with golf. I really don't apply myself in school, but still fly by with A's. I want to get a job in accounting, as it fits the life style I want(plus I am really good at it). I am in debt from school, as I have paid for everything, lucky I have received a lot of financial aid. I don't talk just to talk, meaning I talk with purpose. I can be easily annoyed with people, but try not to show it. I spend all my time with my girl friend of 3 years, so I have less time with my friends. I am a technology guy, who appears to know everything about technology, at least compared to everyone I know. Also, I am a very easy going guy who never seems to be in conflict with others, but I hate being around loud people.

I watch and track almost every sport with extreme detail. I just love sports, so I am upset with myself that I ignored golf for such a long time.

P.S. I am an equipment junkie who just can stop buying new gear, as I have accepted this.lol
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I am 23, love golf and anything I.T, currently work as a technician, and am hoping for a career in network security.

I love all sports, although I used to be extremely active and have played almost all sports, and did well in them all, I have become lazy the last few years ( except for golf ) but have kept in shape solely through my metabolism. I want to quit smoking, as it is the worst habit in the world and start working on fitness. I live in Canada but am a kiwi born and bred. I love the outdoors and hunting and am hoping to do more of this in Canada as it is a beautiful country with much to see.

I have a Canadian girlfriend of 3 years whom I live with.

I don't have a lot of friends because I am not outspoken and am pretty shy but the friends I do have are friends for life!
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Interesting thread. Here goes nothing:

I'm 17, and I just started (literally yesterday) my freshman year of college. Around new people I am one of the shyest and most reserved people you will ever meet. Before I say anything to people I think for forever on the smallest, most pointless points of conversation, and the result is usually me convincing myself that whatever I was going to say is not worth it. In which case I shut up. I have trouble making passing conversations, and if you say "hi" or "thanks" for holding the door or something, my response is usually a very quiet, almost muffled, reply. I would imagine that makes me sound very strange to passes by. I do have friends, plenty, but they're ones that I've had for a long time and that I know I can have a real conversation with. I don't have trouble meeting people, it's just I tend to pick and choose people like me, who are easier to talk to. Most (if not all) don't even play golf. I enjoy doing things by myself, and that's part of what led me to golf. Unfortunately I'm just sort of an awkward person in most social situations. Some people like that and some people pick on me for it. I don't really mind it, but I find myself tormenting myself thinking about mundane social situations.

In high school I knew everyone, in a class of about 250, I had a group of, lets say, about 35 accomplices with whom I wouldn't hesitate to sit with at lunch or in class. But my circle of actual friends was much smaller, probably 15, and there were about 7ish people who I would consider close friends (whom I anticipate talking too post-high school). Currently in college I have a few friends, but all are sort of situational because they some from MA, or their dorm is close. Not people who share the same values as me. Those values would be things like not drinking/smoking (I don't like the taste and, to be honest, I just don't see the purpose), hard school worker, and someone who likes to sleep haha. I really dislike bragging or even describing my strengths, but I've always been a gifted student. My father has (literally) a genius IQ, and a PhD, and my mother is no slouch either, and school has always come incredibly easy to me. Never studied, got A's, B's, made it into all my favorite schools, then chose my 3rd choice because it was inexpensive. But I think in a way my intelligence has hurt me. Like I said I am in good academic standing, but I probably should be better. I haven't been here long, but I feel like I am smarter than 80%+ of people here (statistically I am well above average).

Anyway, outside of school I am very inquisitive, sort of a perfectionist, and a drive to learn about how everything works has pushed me into interest in many fields. My major in school is mechanical engineering, but in high school I took AP Government and AP Psychology and got a 4 and a 5, respectively, on the test. My father is also a professional novelist, and I share the same knack for creative writing. I feel like I just need to know about everything, and will find myself starting homework and ending up 20 pages into wikipedia because fuel cells (or whatever) sparked my interest. I also like to read, which I get from my parents who read more than anyone I'll ever meet.

As for sports, I have played baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and rugby at an organized team level in my lifetime, in addition to golf. I consider myself good at most sports, and can usually find my way around a sport given a little time. If you've seen my YouTube videos, I'm sort of a big guy, but I have pretty good athleticism for someone my size. I'm not that awkward fat kid everyone picked on in PE. In my life I did get picked on, like it was their job, for my social awkwardness, and that's probably the reason I am the way I am. But to be honest, I have no problem with the way I am. I'm quite content.

If golf is my favorite sport, cooking is my favorite hobby. I love the tinkering, finding out what goes with what and I'll eat most everything, except shellfish. It's sort of like golf, because there is no one way to grill a piece of steak, but there is a way to do it that is easier, faster, and more efficient, and that is approach I take to golf. I am currently going it alone with regards to my swing, and I think I will keep it that way for the foreseeable future. Not because of pride or anything, but because I like the results I have now. If I do get stuck on something I won't hesitate to get a pro, I just don't think that'll happen for a while.

I have no plans for my life right now. I'd like to graduate in four years (or five if I want to get an MBA) with a degree in mechanical engineering, and get a job working for a (preferably) large company where I can stay for a while. All I want from a job is mental stimulation and financial security.

That's all I can think of for now. And it's probably about all anyone will ever get me to open up.

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It's kind of funny reading through all of these descriptions, because I think we're all pretty similar.

My wife is constantly telling me that I'm the smartest person she's ever met. I've got it pretty good with her because she'll readily admit that I'm pretty much always right... which having been married previously, I know is damn near impossible to get a woman to admit. I guess I tend to look at things pragmatically and weigh all of the arguments or options before opening my mouth.

I was an only child, and my parents owned their own medical supply company when I was growing up. It caused me to have kind of a strange childhood. I was very shy around children my own age, but was perfectly comfortable around my parents' friends and business associates. I attribute that to having gone to a lot of business meetings and cocktail parties where the adults would be amazed at all the things someone my age knew. I was always a history buff, and I just sort of soaked things up, so I probably seemed a lot more worldly than I actually was. We did travel a lot, but it was always centered around a business trip of some sort or another. Las Vegas wasn't nearly as kid friendly when I went there for the first time (when I was ten) than it is now. On the flip side, I got to go to Hawaii and visit Pearl Harbor when I was seven, and it really sparked that love of history and learning in general.

I was in the gifted program in high school, but I never really gave it much effort. I skated by on my ability to sort of learn by osmosis and rarely did much studying or homework. I really paid for that in college. If I'd been more diligent about going to class, I probably would have done just fine, but I was more interested in smoking pot and playing golf. Because of that, I was finally asked to leave the University of Alabama. Not finishing my college degree is something that has always kind of bothered me, so I've gone back to school to finally finish. I'm currently enrolled in the External Degree Program through the University of Alabama, and so far I have maintained a straight A average. I'm on track to graduate next August, although I will probably have already finished my coursework for my degree.

I love to read, although I don't read as much as I would like. It's kind of like golf. I love it, but I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like to. Of course, for school I've been doing a lot of reading recently, but there are so many books that I want to devour. I'm also a writer. I've always loved to write, which serves me well in school because this program relies heavily on writing, rather than testing, to determine grades. The remaining classes that I have are advanced fiction writing, a two-hour mandatory research writing and my six-hour Senior Project. For my Senior Project, I'm going to create a work of fiction. I haven't decided if I'm going to write the beginning of a novel or a screenplay. I've never written a novel (tried... just never finished) but I have written a screenplay. No, it wasn't produced... or even sold for that matter... but I did finish it, and I'll take pretty much any accomplishment I can.

I gave stand-up comedy a try a few years ago. Hardest thing I've ever tried. Think golf is hard? Not even close. I can generally make people laugh, but trying to craft a set and get up on stage and hit every single part is incredibly difficult.

I have a daughter who is about to turn thirteen, and she is pretty much like me... except with better grades. She's a lot better at math and science than I ever was, but she doesn't putt nearly as good as I do. And, she'd correct that last sentence by saying "I don't putt as well as you daddy.

I don't suffer fools or inconsiderate people well. I open doors (even car doors), say please and thank you and generally am polite as possible, and I only expect the most basic of courtesy in return. If I'm polite enough to allow you to cross in front of me, please do me the courtesy of speeding up, not slowing down. Also, when you are standing in line at Starbucks, if you are engaged in a conversation (either in person or on the phone), please know what you want. When the barista asks you what they can get for you, that is not the time to start perusing the menu. It's really big, so it can be seen while you are standing in line for a reason !

Oh, and my only real vice is coffee.
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I'll jump in as well.

I am 32 and have experienced quite a bit over my life so far. I used to play all sports in school and now just focus on golf and family. I am very straight forward and I usually speak what is on my mind....this doesn't come across so well in text either. I like for people to be straight with me. If they don't like something I do, then tell me. It won't hurt my feelings and I am not going to take it personal. I realize everyone has their opinion and that is fine. With that being said, I usually will sit back around people I don't know yet and observe how they act and their personality. I form an opinion many times before we ever have a conversation. More times than not, I read it correctly. I am married with an 8-year old step son that loves golf as well. I am very interested in MMA. I have trained in boxing, taekwondo, muay thai, and BJJ. I love watching anything MMA and golf. I am a big college sports fan. I have fallen away from pro sports and that began WAY back when the pro baseball players threatened to strike over pay. I just haven't watched much since.

I like to eat, eat, and eat!! I am not picky about anything really, but I do like my stuff with some heat. I am really hard on myself win it comes to competing. Sometimes this comes across as being upset with my golf game. But when I am trying to hit a draw and hit a fade instead, I don't like it no matter what the result turned out to be. I am really an easy going guy that is pretty laid back. It takes quite a bit to get me upset. To me, getting really upset is a waste of time and energy.

I like to read. I read a lot of golf books and have started getting into meditation type books. Anything that is related to clearing your mind. I consider myself pretty intelligent with a good amount of common sense as well...which seems to be missing from many people these days. I like knowing the answer. If something happens, I want to know why it happened and how it happened. This comes from my job and learning through school. I am a telephone technician for AT&T; (not the cell phones....the real technicians) and I study Cisco in my spare time as I love networking. I am currently CCNA Voice certified and I am working on my CCVP.

Other than that, I love competition, making money, learning anything and everything, and being with my family.
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1. Easy going.... although a little sarcastic (in a good natured way..... or at least I try to be) I wish I was better articulaing my point of view both in writing and verbally.

2. I tend to do things more by feel than science.

3. Cant stand seeing sick kids or animals.

4. Things are black and white for me. Its either right or wrong.

5. I am opinionated. But I am also quick to yield when I hear a better point of view.

6. Generous to a fault.

7. I am a political junkie.

8. I hate snobs ( its funny because most that I meet are golfers)

9. I tend to dislike liberals. ( not really :) ..... but Im ultra conservative myself)

10. I am a outdoors nut. I love fishing, hunting, and sports (Boston & New England fan)

11. Definate dog lover. I have 3 Labs (dumbest & smartest dogs in the world)

12. Terrible businessman....... I'd rather take a loss than force one on some one else.

13. Kind of a crappy dad. I was at sea for most kids growing up years. I missed alot of thier lives while I was always deployed (USN RETIRED)

14. Overall decent guy with his share of faults.
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My meyers briggs score is ESTJ (I guess it says I have the personality of someone who could run a corporation). Im 22 and am working on a very successful career in the CPG industry. I sell food to Winn Dixie and love my job. Plenty of golf outings, and it pays the bills, along with my golf addiction. Im also finishing up my BA in Business Management at UNF in Jacksonville. Hopefully one day I can win the lottery, so I can take everyone on TST out for a week at Pebble. :)
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Ok my turn..

I'm 18 and studying Civil Engineering at UWA. I consider myself quiet around people I don't know, but often a loud mouth and a talk a lot of S*** around my mates. I don't like brag about my own achievements and don't like others who are not humble in their success. I probably don't study enough as I should but hey, there is more to life than just getting good grades.

I play Cricket and Golf, but I am leaning towards golf as I love the perfectionist approach to getting better. Every spare minute I have I am reading about the golf swing and looking at how all my mates(including + hc's) could improve their swings with a little knowledge of physics.

I love having a few bevvies with my mates either at golf or out on the town as nothing beats a good beer. I once had a drag of a cigarette and my lungs felt on fire so i decided never to do it again.

Well thats a fair summary of myself.

happy golfing
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Seems like fun...

I'm a 31 year old college graduate with lots of regrets personally and professionally. I've always wanted to be really good at something. I love my hobbies and have spent to much time away from family playing golf in particular in the past eight years. I am extremely addicted to playing and improving. It has been fun learning and improving. The last 2 years have been harder for me since I feel like I've went backwards in consistancy but see glimses of the player I want to be but still manage the a!shole swings at least 5 times everytime I play.

Professionally, I'm out of work right now, lost my job in June and I am Mr. Mom. I have a 3 year old son (almost 4) that goes to preschool and I watch him everyday. I go to the gym in the morning 3-4 days a week doing mostly heavy lifting. My favorite body part to work is my legs. I do 8 sets of squats and dead lifts and have really reponded well to lifting. My legs feel stronger every week as well as my whole body. I don't do it for golf. If I did, I train totally different. I need to stretch more but it is hard to do because it is out of my routine.

I am not sure what I want to do with my career. I like the energy business and that is where most of my experience is but it is very specialized. What I did was work in client services for a company who manages utility expenses and finds savings on behalf of our clients. I'd like to get on the client side but while businesses aren't expanding, these positions aren't easy to get. I am considering going back to school for engineering as that is the backround of professionals in the energy business. I'd like to be a certified energy manager and be a energy manager for a large multisite company (500+ locations). But to do that you either need 5 years experience or a engineering backround. I am half way there on the experience. I've never had the relationship with work some have. I don't take personal satisfaction out of it and the desire I have to get better as I do with golf. I always want to be moving foward in all of my life. If not, it is really easy to be going backwards.

I try to be super polite. I treat others with respect for the most part. Sometimes you act in ways you aren't proud of. I don't have alot of good friends. I have my hobby friends but we don't talk about much. It is the typical male friendships. I enjoy time to myself and with others. In social settings I am pretty quiet and reserved. If I feel confortable I like to joke around with people. I think some friendly joshing is fun.

Other interests. Cycling, walking with dog and boy in the park, mountain biking.
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Why not..

I am 18 years old, playing golf for around 5 years now, the lowest handicap i have ever reached is a two, but due to lack of practice and drive, i am something like a 7 now. I played lacrosse, as an attackman, or my senior year as a goalie at the varsity level. (you think golf is hard? try having a one pound ball thrown at you at 80 MPH from 20 feet away.) I graduated high school with a whopping 1.8 cumulitive GPA(I had a 28 as my overall ACT score) I ended alot of my friendships with highschool, but found a group of guys that i really like and we hang out a good deal. My father and i have some issues, i dont think i have ever had a serious conversation with him. I love shooting, i own a few AR15's and am teaching my friends how to shoot and am mentoring them in purchasing their own. I dated a lovely girl from my freshman to senior year. She was the best bad thing that i ever experienced. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp last Thanksgiving, and am shipping out to bootcamp in twelve days.

I am a ps3 guy.
I like beans in my chili.
I see religion as a crutch
Im not a huge believer in government
i will never get married.
Glock .40's will explode. (this is a little hello to any fellow ARFcommers on here!)

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Ok, 49 years old, started golf at 30, played almost everyday from April thru Oct., quit at forty, 3 sons out for every sport, no time. Director of a Grocery distribution center, twice elected County Supervisor, serving my second term, ran for office because I vowed I wouldn't let any republicans go unchallenaged if there was anything I could do about it. Known as the supervisor that gets things done and not afraid to take on sacred cows. Might be the most liberal person you'll ever meet, leave me alone, I'll leave you alone. Dog lover on our third Yorkie, the most demanding dogs you'll ever have, they crave constant attention and have the heart of a lion. It's funny watching the 5 lb furballs with no fear. My wife and I schedule our lunch hours around the dog. Best friends are my 4 brothers and my 3 sons, talk to at least one of them everyday. Green Bay Packers stockholder, die hard FSU fan.
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I'm smart, honest to a fault, sarcastic, analytical, and direct (and I'm well aware that these qualities don't work well in text

Pretty funny really as I could be looking in the mirror up to here.

I enjoy relaxing a lot. Used to play quite a lot of sport and was good at plenty but never outstanding enough at any one to think for a second at a career. Anything involving a club/racket/stick hitting a ball/puck/shuttle I was decent at. Downfall? Speed! My dad was big and quick (sub-11 @ 100 metres) but neither my brother or I inherited anything like the speed. Shame. Rugby, swimming and golf were my main games as a youth and as the body got older (44 now), the rugby had to go. Don't swim much any more either. The family scene is relatively new (twins born May '09) and not without problems (3 months prem and son spent ~14 months in hospital ICU) but improving now. Was never sure how I'd take to being a father but although sometimes I want to pull my (remaining) hair out, it's pretty special. I'm scientific by training, bright (but nowhere near as much as I think!), argumentative and sarcastic. I like to laugh a lot and I tend to find laughter in some pretty inappropriate places - or so others tell me. Pretty quick to explode but I simmer down just as fast. Can't maintain a sulk and always apologise if/when it turns out I'm wrong! I'm a softy really if you can see past the bluster. I'm scrupulously fair; I hate rules/laws being applied unequally. I would classify myself as a liberal politically (by European definitions; it's NOT a swear word you know ) however if something's a good idea I'll buy into it no matter what spectrum it's from. I'm an avowed atheist. Don't anyone take this personally as it's just my point of view but I find the idea of a deity (of any flavour) as believable as the tooth fairy or Easter Bunny. I loathe organised Religions; by which I mean things like the self-appointed bodies which purport to speak for particular beliefs. They are the fount of much strife throughout history. I'm OK with individuals and their beliefs, even if I find them incomprehensible. I seriously dislike the increasing lack of civility in Society in the U.K. and hope it's not going the same elsewhere. Love food of all cultures from the U.S. to Africa to Asia to Europe. Equally love wine and spirits from all over as well. Like to try new culinary things as often as I can. Love to cook when I get the time as I find it really relaxing and very rewarding. I also like to read a lot but have let that slide a bit.
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I'll take a crack at this introspective-fiasco.

16 years young. I'm always sarcastic or in good humor. Unless I'm mad. Then, not so much.

It takes a lot to get me mad. I'm not offended by anything. Tell me anything and I'll respect it. Even if it's something stupid.
In that case, you'll just be labeled as stupid by me for the rest of your life.

When I was a kid ('child' for you english w-hores...), I always loved to help people. I still do. I love to give advice and help people out. I'm tremendously caring.

I'm fairly shy when it comes to meeting new people outside of the golf course. On the course, and around my friends, I'm super outgoing and crazy.

I always have a joke at hand to lighten the mood.

I try to get along with everybody. I don't think there's anyone who has hated/hates me (except for maybe iacas a while ago. Maybe that was just his 'telling it like it is' quality.)

Teachers, friends, and nice people in general have told me that I write beautifully. I call bs. But, alas, they ask for it. I must give it to them.

I'm a junior in high school.

I get all the ladies.

I always have a calm demeanor. On, and off the golf course. I feel that getting mad doesn't help in any situation. (Read the book: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff)

I'm hoping to get into UCF on a golf scholarship. I want to major in architecture for golf course design. Career choices include: PGA Professional, Golf Architect, and dishwasher.

I'm a good listener. I'll listen to anybody's problems. I'm the guy that's always here for you (ladies).

I'm always positive. I love life. I love MY life. And I don't have one good reason not to.

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I everyone, my name is Bryan and I am an alcoholic :)

just kidding. I actually don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, and never done drugs. I am about as square as they make em.

I am 29, married, 2 kids. Played golf since I was 7.

I am very critical of myself, especially when it comes to golf. I like to consider myself a perfectionist. I like to analyze things, and will often go the extra mile simply to try and understand the origins of a problem. I am not a band-aid type of solution person. I am a full time web developer (I focus mostly on front end code, so xhtml, css, javascript) but have a clear understanding of various programming languages. I can be a graphics designer or developer...so a hybrid.

I am a very positive and social person. In the IT world, this is a rarity IMO, or at least in the 3 full time jobs I have had since 2003. I am very open in conversation and like having honest conversations with people. I talk over email/text, etc.. the same way I talk in person. I try to convey the emotion I feel with the appropriate use of words/phrases over email. My personality and how I perceive others over text/email has given me grief (or caused it), because when I read a conversation from someone..I am reading it as if I hear the person talking...the highs, the lows, etc...

Actually, to Eriks post above..he mentions facial expressions...I am actually the opposite and my facial expressions tied with my in person conversations are often like white on rice :). Jim Carey comes to mind.

I'd say I am a fairly boring person (according to my wife at times). I do my full time job (which I like), come home to see the family, get some golf in, work till 2-3am on freelance web development, get 5-6 hours of sleep (maybe), and repeat. I am huge into movies and my biggest pet peeve is people talking during a good movie (even if its at home with a group of people).

I am a fairly calm person...even during periods of crisis I keep it cool, calm, and collected. I have found, though, as I have gotten older my patience is getting shorter and tested. I have started getting more and more frustrated at peoples crap the more I interact with them in life and online. Though I am a very positive person, I actually look at the world worse now then I did when I was younger (ah...innocence).

regarding fitness, I need to get back into it. I did 45 days of P90x this past spring, but fell off the wagon because life got in the way. So this fall I am looking to start building my strength and flexibility back up.

Regarding my golf history. I was part of back to back IHSAA (Indiana High School Athletic Association) Golf State Championships in 1998 and 1999. I got runner up medalist with a pair of 73's in 1998. I got a scholarship to the University of Evansville where I held a 4 year scoring average of 77.5. My tournament low is a 5 under 67.

My lowest score ever was an 8 under 64 (with 2 bogeys) at Pebble Brook South Course, and a 6 under 65 (with 3 bogeys) at Harbour Trees. Those were at my peak years which have long passed me by. For whatever reason, I have a renewed passion for my game as it went south since 2004 (blame life, full time job, kids, etc..., really lack of practice) and my personal goal for 2011 is to try and qualify for the U.S. Open as well as play in a few local amateur tournaments like the State Am or Open.

I am like BWDIAL above, I open doors for people, say please, thank you, treat my elders with respect. I am somewhat old fashioned in that sense. Inconsiderate people don't sit well with me either. I don't confront people in person though, I don't stand up for myself as often as I should. I do this more online then I do in person. Bad weakness.
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    • Day 205: I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes work between rain showers. Just focused on transition feels and center face contact.
    • Yes, eventually you learn when to do it in order not to slow down play and still get it done without feeling hurried. I walk fast am am usually the first to the green many times, so that helps too. And by pacing, I simply walk to the pin and multiply by 3 ft/pace. Just in case anyone thinks otherwise. 
    • I did, too, but now they’re apparently trying to walk it back and scrambling to save face.   Deservedly so. Wilson should have gotten one, too, and suspended.   Just to play a little devil’s advocate, could their line of thinking be to hire these types of guys because they “understand” how to be rough without crossing the line? Or that they understand the difference between being physical and having intent to injure? Not saying I agree with it or believe it, but I’m just trying to see it from a different perspective.
    • I estimate first putt length. When I first took AimPoint, we practiced estimating distance because it was part of the mid-read technique. It’s pretty easy once you break the putt into sections visually. 
    • Thanks for the post and update. I think we are all waiting for them to resolve these issues. I don’t want to abandon it for another system just yet. I do hope they resolve it soon.
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