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Shaft Stiffness Question (Driver)

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Background: 12 handicap that averages about 240-245 off the tee. In the simulator a few times, my club head speed with the driver is in the 95-100 range. Spin rate (4000) and launch angle (18) are too high.

Driver I've been playing is a Titleist 909D3 (8.5) with Aldila Vodoo (stiff) shaft. A friend just gave me a Taylormade Burner Superfast (9.5), also with a Voodoo, but x-stiff.

Obviously, the club head speed wouldn't suggest using an XS shaft. My understanding is that using a shaft too stiff for the swing speed will result in (1) lower spin, (2) lower launch angle, and (3) blocks to the right (for a right-handed player) because the shaft doesn't load (and release) as much as preferred.

So my questions are this:

1. Are my assumptions about "too stiff" shaft characteristics accurate?
and ...
2. If so, with too-high launch and spin rates, is it worth considering playing the XS shaft, aiming left of target and playing for the block if it lowers the spin rates and launch angle?
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Ok im going to give you some really really good advice....

Don't worry about shaft stifness and loft of the club. I really sugest you got get fit to get you good stats.

what your looking for is.
Launch angle: 11-12*
and Spin rates around, 2000-3000 I believe

Don't care what anybody says that you don't swing the club fast enough to to use a X stif.

Just get somthing that is going to work for you and get you, the best disctence and acc.

Ok now to answe your questions.
1: Yes, but it really depends on the shaft, also that Voodoo shaft(if your talking the stock shaft) you can get really reallly high spin rates and launch angles if you have a agressive tempo. That shaft is only really stable if you have a smooth tempo.
2: No, it';s worth getting fit for the right club, if you have to aim left you should be changing clubs, because it will get you into bad hibbits.
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Every shaft out there has different playing characteristics. The standard "S" and "R" labels mean nothing other than the relative stiffness within that series/model of shaft. You could have a "X" flex shaft with the same torque as a "R" flex depending on how it is manufactured.

Weight, kick point, torque, and shaft materials create too many variables.

I agree with CrazyX........ if you are really serious about getting a driver for your swing, then you need to get fitted.
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You are correct about the blocks, not sure the other things. But if you are using a shaft that is too stiff, the lose of speed from the shaft will far outwieght any gain in less spin. My old shaft in my FT tour was too stiff. I never had numbers, but I knew it was from a) I lost 20 yards B) I couldn't turn it over for the life of me and I am a habitual drawer of the ball C) I couldn't hit it high enough.

Also, I agree with Crazy, get a shaft that fits.
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Note: This thread is 3860 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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