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Driver distance vs. Handicap

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In my opinion, experience and observation, you can't hit really long drives without a good swing. Just can't.

So I think by the time you get to be a single digit you will automatically be longer from the tee because you will have better swing. 230 is good, though . .really. I don't think you need to worry about your distance at all . . . it will just come.

But anyway - my handicap, if I kept one, would probably be about 24 at this point. My average drive that lands in the fairway is 150. My swing speed when I really go at it on a simulator is about 105 with bad technique so, once my technique improves, I expect to automatically start driving closer to 250. Those same improvements should also get me into the high single digits. So I don't even worry about hitting the driver - I actually have been teeing off with a 5 iron lately.
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Absolutely you can. I'm a 6 handicap and a good drive is around 240-250 for me. Most days I'm hitting it about 230-240 and some days I can push 260 on a couple of holes. Handicap is not really dependent on your distance. It's dependent on your ability to make good contact. Distance comes from good contact, but only to the extent that you are physically capable. If you aren't physically capable of swinging the club fast enough to hit the ball 275+ then don't worry about it. Focus on making the proper swing to maximize your potential ability. Don't fall prey to the doctrine that you must hit long bombs all day long to be any good. Practice, and play the appropriate tees and your handicap will get lower.
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I'm around 290 off the tee with a handi of 1.8 atm.... Distance to handicap does have some factor I suppose. I mean your handicap gets adjusted for playing the different tee boxes due to slope. But playing the tips compared to the front/middle mens tees is totally different. Ahh also if your consitently straight and you continue to hit your tee shot that distance you will be hitting longer irons into the greens instead of hitting easy wedge shots. But just keep practicing and mid irons will be dead on and you will be able to stick your irons close as well. But, all in all there are just a lot of factors into this topic.
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I think driving the ball off the tee is a stronger part of my game. Handicap is 17.1 so far this season.
I average about 250-260 w/ 52.6% hitting the fairway.
I do have those occasional pull/hooks that ends up in a penalty stroke though.
Accuracy in iron shots and putting is just terrible.

I don't think driving distance has much to do with handicap. I know several single digit handicappers who average about 220~230.


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220 Carry + 20 Roll | HDCP = 19.6

Last season was the first time I used a true jumbo driver, and it took me most of the season to get used to it (proper tee height was problematic).

Scorecard says I'm hitting 58% of fairways - plus two or three per round in the first cut - so my driving has improved. Problem: I still skyhook a drive OB about 1.5 times per round.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

240-250 with 12ish HCP (gotta go through the cards and nail down my final cap for the year)

I don't think one has anything to do with the other. Put me out at 275 and 10 to 1 my cap would be the same.
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Me: +1 HC 280 avg
My Dad: 20Hc 250 avg

I belive lower handicaps would usually hit the ball a little bit futher. Lower handicaps will ALWAYS have a better golf swing and a good golf swing will usally mean you will swing the club abit faster because of weight transfering at the right times and getting a more flatter penatrating ball flight.
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A junior golfer I know hits it 300+ yards on most drives.
He plays off of 3.
I played with another junior who drives it around 280 and he's off 4.
And another junior I know is off 6 and hit's it 280 as well.

I don't know any single digit handicappers who can't hit the long ball.
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Note: This thread is 2072 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I know her! Her name is Karen. 😄
    • I heard somewhere a long time ago that good players always put their putter and driver together.  Well, doing that didn’t make me a better golfer but now I’m self conscious about that.
    • Hi Cammy - I’m not an instructor, but just noticed a couple things. At the top, it looks like you may be pulling down a bit with the hands without the body weight shifting forward. And also standing up a bit just before impact with the ball. Just a thought. Others may have better advice than me. I’m learning too. Great job though, considering how long you have been playing. Keep it up! 
    • The main issue with golf is time.  When my job and other responsibilities allowed me to play at least once per week and practice in between, I could play consistently in the high 80s.  But as a weekend golfer it’s tough to maintain enough consistency to stay in the low 90s.  Adding age to the equation makes maintaining consistency even more difficult.  It’s still a fun game if you manage your expectations realistically.
    • I have to use single vision lenses only for golf. However, my distance vision lenses do not leave the ball blurry at address.  If your distance vision prescription leaves the ball blurry at address, you might need progressives or bifocals specifically for golf.  I can’t imagine that your reading prescription would leave you with a clear view at 6 feet.  But I’m no optometrist.
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