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Mizuno Wedges - MP T-10

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anyone here gaming the Mizuno MP T-10 wedge? I just picked up one in the black satin finish. Looks great and felt really good hitting it off the matt in the store. (hate hitting wedges of matts)

I've always played Vokeys. I have recenrtly decided I'm going to ditch the 56 and 60 combo to get one 58 wedge. The Mizuno just looked and felt great.

Being a loyal Vokey guy, I need some insight to help me committ to going with it. Feedback on Mizuno wedges??
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I love my mizzy wedges! Ive played vokeys clevelands ect
Now ive got these wedges, I wont change to another brand I don't think, unless miz go cheep and don't forge anymore or somthing.

People are going to flame me for saying this but...
Vokeys are very cheeply made, they are not forged and they cost you a arm and a leg. The vokeys they play on tour are very different to the ones you buy in the stores. Mizuno wedges are forged in one of the best forging places in japan. They are great qulity.

You will be very happy with your new wedges, and even though they are the new grouves, im finding im getting ALOT of spin. I only wish they has some milled grouves though.
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I have an MP-R LW and I have to say that while I love the performance, the durability leaves me wanting much more. My guess is they aren't very durable because they are forged. Either way, my next LW will be a Scratch, the cast (and cheaper) version.
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Mine work great for me. They behave wonderfully on a nice full shot, great feel, and as spinny as you want them to be. My 56 has been a godsend this year. I have more confidence in my 56 at 20 yards than I do with my putter at 20 feet. Nice to have that feeling, lets me be more aggressive on iron shots.

I can not give you the technical break down of the sole, but I can tell you I get great turf interaction and can open/close the face with very repeatable results. The 60 only comes out of the bag once or twice a round. The 56 is so versatile there aren't many spots I need to use the gap or 60. Weight and balance are superb for delicate touch shots. Definitely my favorite club in the bag right now.

I hit a bunch of wedges before I bought mine and like you, as soon as I hit the Mizuno....sold.

Just so you know that black finish will rust. I would have grabbed black if not for the built in rust finish.
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Fantastic clubs. The feel is absolutely amazing. Has convinced me that my next set of irons and any future wedges must be from Mizuno.

I do have a personal complaint though. The grooves are HUGE. I guess I never actually caught onto the maximum groove width and depth thing before, but I get way too much spin out of lies that I expect none.

Besides that they are amazing wedges. I love the sole grind as well. It gives me an immense amount of forgiveness on short game contact.
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I have a 52, 56 and 60. I played Hogan before this and the Mizunos are the only ones I have tried that compare. Great feel, great look and positive leading edge. I have the black satin finish and love them.
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Love my Mizuno MP T 10 52, 56, 60 wedges. Enjoyed previous Mizuno black ox and previous MP T series wedges as well, but the MP T10 are definitely better and provide more spin. Tried going with a 58 instead of 56/60 combo earlier this year then switced back due to the 60 performing better in short game. Can also play the 60 out of sand better than previous mizuno wedges. Vokeys are nice as well. If you already play mizuno irons you won't regret adding their wedges. The grooves like a previous poster mentioned are huge. I swear after one practice swing lots of grass is sticking to them and in the grooves which needs to be removed, didn't have that much of a problem on previous mizuno wedges. You'll definitely need a brush or wet towel when your playing with these wedges to keep them clean.
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Love me my Mizzy MP T-10 gap wedge. But, the black satin finish quickly wears off. And, you need to keep them dry or else the rust develops quickly as well (unelss you prefer the rust for asthetics or bite). But, the feel, swing weight, and feedback on these wedges are all great IMHO. Love Mizzy irons in general, and this does not disappoint. Have had it.
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Note: This thread is 3845 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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