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    • Encourage you to download the app and try it. It is free.  Very unlikely for a 15 hdcp to hit 11 greens. If this is accurate it shows the long game of a much better player. 
    • Mowing. Picking up all the balls from the edges of the range where the picker can't easily get to everything. Spraying/planting/repairs to the netting, etc.
    • I’m hoping someone here can answer some questions about “driving range maintenance.”   I went to a local public course today, hoping to get in some practice on the driving range; the sign says, “Driving range closes at 3:00 for weekly maintenance.”   Okay, we have daylight here until about 8:30, so aside from wanna-be range rats, there’s still plenty of golfers who haven’t even started their rounds at 3:00, so this means no range practice for them.  And I get that the course management wants to give employees a break, and have all carts returned by a certain time, so I don’t expect employees to be present until dark.  But even if all employees are gone, including those in the pro shop, many of us pay for key fobs that enable us to get range balls on our own, so employees aren’t needed.  Finally, in terms of maintenance, the driving range has mats, so if the grass is getting chewed up, I assume they could just limit players to the mats and give the grass a few days to recover.  So, if that’s the case, what sort of “maintenance” would be needed? And why would it take 3+ hours? Does any of this make sense to anyone? [ Aside from doing the weekly maintenance on a Sunday, when it’s likely to be crowded; why not close the driving range for a few hours in the middle of the day on Monday?]
    • Virtually nobody does. Not the eight of us on the trip, not anyone I've seen who writes about golf courses or architecture or anything like that. Yes, LLB just re-opened in June 2020, but it's not going to be rated over Lawsonia in two years or ten years, I would wager. I am not sure you understand what "target golf" is. The Old Course at St. Andrews is not target golf because you can play the ball along all sorts of lines and distances. Firmer golf courses tend to offer less "target golf" experiences than softer ones because a ball can roll a bunch of ways to get to the same final point, but among softer golf courses (LL and LLB both qualify), courses that allow for different lines and distances and shots off the tee qualify. Into greens, virtually all soft courses are "target" courses (and basically, all courses not built on sand tend to be "soft" courses), because the goal is to hit the green. It's not "target golf" to say "missing the green isn't encouraged" because that's discouraged everywhere. Miss the green at Pinehurst and you're often boned. Miss the green at St. Andrews and you're often boned. You have options on how to recover, but the goal is still to hit the green in regulation. Lac la Belle is about as "target" golf as golf gets. You're asked to hit it to a pretty specific spot in the fairway, and then, yes, to hit the green… like every golf course ever. LLB isn't exactly firm, so you're not even given a bunch of different ways to get the ball onto the green. They're all flying to the green and stopping pretty quickly. The shape is almost irrelevant when you're talking about hitting a green. Again, that's not really what "target golf" is. All you're saying is that LLB is "easier" or "less punishing for a missed GIR." A valid comparison, but not "target golf" (or more or less so). Well, they have good GPS in the carts… 😛   I think that's playing quite heavily in your view of them.
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