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    • Day 109 (7/24/21) - Decided that I needed to review the 30-day Covid drills, so I started at the beginning with Day-1 - Early backswing. Did the left and right hand drills then added the pivot to A2, chipping a tennis ball in the yard for about 20-minutes using my 7-iron and 7-wood. When chipping the ball with this drill, I focused making a good turn thru the ball and making sure that my low point was in front of the ball. 
    • You can read my impressions so far here: If I had to make a recommendation right now, I'd say don't do it.  However, I've been in contact with the GG people, and they're trying to improve the performance.  I'd love for it to work, and I'm more than willing to do my part, all we can do is wait to see how it turns out.  
    • Day 2 https://youtube.com/shorts/20xO9_H4diI?feature=share      
    • Okay.  I'll give this a try during tomorrow's round.  I don't remember ever connecting it to my phone to start it up before.  I'm confused about why the rounds were able to be stored in the device but how I started the round affected their upload, but I don't expect anyone here to tell me why their software does what it does. The way I had (I think since I first bought it) used it in the past was to power it on when I walked to the first tee, tag my shots, and connect to the computer after the round to upload, edit, and sign.  For the first four years or so I used it, I think this was working fine.  If there's been a change in what works, an alert from them would have been nice. and now for something stranger:  when the device/phone are paired and I check in the app, there is a listing of one round on the device.  That's exciting, maybe my round data still lives somewhere...
    • It was an amazing trip with lifelong memories made. Thank you to all who came out to this and made it happen. As @saevel25mentioned the weather was incredible for the week. It was as good as I hoped for. We played the black and blue combo tees on the final day which was fitting as we were pretty beat up by that point. I have wanted to plan a trip like this for a long time, and I am so glad we were able to make it a reality.   
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