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    • Walk (ski/snowshoe) your favorite course in the snow and start figuring out where your new, longer drives will be landing. Then begin imagining which shorter clubs you'll be hitting into the green.
    • Work hasn't taken away my weekends yet. It will soon. In the meantime, I am very bored. Past years I might have dusted off the bowling equipment, but I'm not doing that with the Covid. Taking a walk in the snow is about all I can think of.
    • Golf Lesson 1-13-21 I successfully got through my previous lesson (mostly trail leg stuff) and was having some trouble coming OTT with a more restricted turn, shorter backswing, etc. FIRST: Add Flow Must add 2” of sway to hips at takeaway. (Going back to flow stuff now that my trail knee is behaving) NEXT: OVER THE TOP FIX (2 part drill) I must use my hands and arms to move the club from P4-P5ish.  The club moves down with a “arms only” feel The body does not crunch to move the club The forearms do not roll to help shallow  There is force applied by both hands. Hard to explain...It feels like the club remains in a laid off position from after P4 to just after P5 (Look at picture on right -club drops at that angle) 2ND PART OF DRILL From deeper position at P5-ish, I can pivot through easily. I must not “throw right hand” from P5. Post “up” with ribs and core This is more what will be success in full swings. Other pics were from drill
    • Perhaps it would work for some people. I was toying with it for a while. I was hitting the ball quite solidly, but at the cost of much lower clubhead speed.  I did end up with my hands slightly higher at address, but not the extreme of Moes single plane swing.
    • I might be having the same kind of issue. Usually do the swings in my garage and there hasn’t been much sun around here lately. I try to turn all the lights on in the garage, but get high variance in the numbers, and feel like the low light level has something to do with it. 10-15 mph difference swing to swing. One swing reads 100 and the next is 84. I don’t see the same variance on the high side though. It might be that I’m not pushing hard enough on some swings. I still take the readings as is, even though there’s usually one in there that skews the median to the lower end of the “typical” range. Sorry about your hand btw, you must have been swinging really hard!
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