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Wind...gotta love it

Note: This thread is 3247 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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the harder you hit a shot the shorter it will go because of backspin.

Yep...when it's breezy, swing easy...

One thing the wind has helped with is that knockdown punch type shot that when hit well looks like it just traces through the wind unaffected. Trajectory is key as well as controlling the amount of backspin. It is easy to lose your tempo and feel with a real windy day...if you don't know where the ball is going then playing in the wind is only going to frustrate you more.

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Lots of varied replies. One thing I DO hate about the wind is at the range like was mentioned earlier. 200y drives....40 yard full wedge shots....3W, 4W, 3H, 4H all going the same distance....bleh. Most of us can agree that the wind does force us to play better golf even if we shoot crappier scores.

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No matter how much I tell myself I'm prepared for the wind, or how much I'm going to enjoy playing in the wind (which I will), the first 3 or 4 holes inevitably leave me completely flustered. Falling short in to sandtraps I've never been close to entering before, overshooting greens by 20 or 30 yards, and losing all sense of perspective and experience when time comes to pick the right club out of the bag.

Usually I keep my spirits up (cause it's golf afterall) and after some more back and forth/give and take on the front 9 I've got it mostly figured out at the turn. I really, really enjoy wind golf on the back 9.

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It was blowing almost 30 knots out of the South East this morning and I did not particularly love trying to scrape around the course. On the plus side, did hit my longest measured drive yet at 293 yards, downhill and downwind.

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Hit my 7 iron almost 200 yards today and hit my 6 iron almost 150 yards today. Anyone else like playing in the wind? I used to hate it, now I enjoy it. For whatever reason I focus more when the wind is howling.

I am with you; I think the wind is fun cuz it brings another demension to the game and I do have to focus more and remember, "when its breezy, swing easy". What I have found is that there are some shots you need to have in your bag. Like a good 3/4 shot, knock down/knock down draw shot, bump & run shots and a punch shot--these are all based off of a 3/4 shot--these shots, when done correctly will keep the ball down. If its a steady wind, which in my mind is the easiest of them all, is just a matter of deciding how many club wind it is and paying attention to whether you are play'n into the wind, with the wind or the wind on the side. Side winds are the trickiest for me. If its a puffy wind it is really important to keep the ball below the top of the trees; and however windy it is at gound level its probably twice that above the tree tops. If its a links style course then I'm back to the old 3/4 shots.

There is a course up in Hood River, Or, Indian Creek and I love that course with a 30-40 mph west wind. I've had times there when I could only get 150 yds out of my 5i which is my 175-180 yd club normally. Of course this is just the way I approch it, not to be confused with the only way to do it.

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I don't mind the wind so much until it gets strong enough to push you off your stance at address. Or when you're preparing for a bunker shot with the wind in your face, and you know you're about to get blasted with sand on your follow-through.

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I like it quite a bit. Usually when it is windy here, it isn't that nice and can get around quickly. I like the challenge of it when I'm hitting it ok. When I'm not, it makes for a rough day. There is a couple of situations I don't care and they are: Dead into the wind when long is dead. If I take an extra club or 2 and hit it pure and the wind doesn't touch it with a short iron in my hand. Also driving the ball with a big wind from the right. I play a draw normally and I have a tendency to smother hook it if I'm trying to work it back into the wind or I try to play a high cut with the wind I over do it. Down from the left, I can bomb it. I played nine in a big wind on Wednesday and these two situations hurt me. Its just unconfortable for me.

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Note: This thread is 3247 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • What constitutes practice?   I work from home and am in charge of my own schedule which leaves me plenty of time throughout the day for "activities".  The city offered a membership to 4 of the local courses for $65 a month, unlimited play so I picked it up.  Right now I'm playing 9 four days a week and 18 once a week. While I'm definitely seeing improvement, especially when it comes to club selection and judging distance, there are areas where I'm still struggling.  I tend the view the 9 hole days as practice rounds, but should I be doing other things as well?   I'm pretty consistent at being on or within about 5 to 10 yards off the green for my 3rd shot on a par 4.  But 95% of the time I'm 3 putting and ending up double bogey by inches.  I work on putting around the house, but it's a totally different beast on the course.  And I've seen huge improvements from when I started till now so I do feel that playing everyday during the week is helping, but instead should I go spend an hour or so on a practice green?   Thanks in advance!
    • The Virtues is the former Longaberger. Usually #1 in the state. Fantastic place. Stonelick Hill outside Cincy is phenomenal. The owner is a restaurant owner who didn't like the stuffiness of a club he joined, so he bought land, hired an architect and started his own. Little Mountain is good but gets a lot of play so it's not always pristine. I think The Quarry is much better than Boulder Creek. Management and the "pro" are extremely rude at Boulder as well. If you've never done the 9 Stars of Golf package with Eagle Sticks and The Virtues, grab your buddies and a weekend and get it done. They are 45 min apart. 
    • Translation: "I have nothing to actually say, so I'm going to go ad hominem and attack the person who isn't just blindly accepting my 'premier ball flight dynamics' talk instead." If I "lorded over" anything here, I'd probably just stop you from posting. We wouldn't even have this topic. Instead, I ask you questions, engage in discussions with you (or attempt to, if you weren't busy ducking out of them at any opportunity), and actively give away a bunch of my own information and help people here on the forum play better golf. You, from my perspective, just come on now and then, throw a few things out there about how great your "swing" is, and then when challenged, find new and creative ways to duck out. 🤦‍♂️ Dude, I do that too. This has nothing to do with "peace." I… wait for it… disagree with the statements you've made about golf. And I've asked you to prove or clarify or at least discuss some of them. That's it.
    • Or, "Give par a chance".  That's all I am saying.
    • I had a roller-coaster adventure for about eight years trying to find a hybrid that I really liked. I tried a brand X hybrid for $20 from a coupon my brother won at a scramble... Tried the TM Raylor (early 2000s version... Then had the Adams V4 in 3H and 4H. V4 worked fine for a year, until my swing got stronger and the offset face started delivering left misses. Anyway, I went into a local golf shop during August sales and the fitter set me up with the Cobra FlyZ 4H in a 73-gram A-flex shaft! It just worked, and I got the FlyZ 3H a few months later. These non-SGI hybrids have a square face, and slightly heavier stock shafts than most midlines. Unless your BioCells create a gapping problem, why not keep them awhile?   Sounds like you found things similar to what I did. If some better hybrid shows up in spring demo days, then add it. Until then, why not just play the BioCells which work for you? Remember, the perfect can be the enemy of the very good...
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