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What do you think of SeeMore Putters?

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i recently tried a few of them out at my local golf store and was pretty surprised. The red dot line-up system worked really good. The feel was just what i was looking for also. i was sinking lots of putts i never normally make.

I do though, have a few questions about them. Most of the seemore putters have a straight shaft in the middle of the putter head. Does this require a different stroke, or can you get the same performance with this type of shaft as with a normal plummers neck shaft?

Also, they are quite pricey. do you think they are worth the cash. For as much money they are i could buy a scotty.

I just am not sure about seemore putters. I never see anyone with them.
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I play a seemore putter and absolutely love it. It made a huge improvement in my putting and have suggested them to several friends who have now switched to seemore.

I honestly don't use the red dot anymore but when I first bought it I did. The only time I catch myself using it now is when practicing.
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Center shafted putters are theoretically designed specifically for a straight back straight through putting stroke, no arc. Heel shafted putters are more for a "traditional" arc back-arc through putting stroke. If you watch Zach Johnson who uses seemores, you'll see when he putts that the head literally moves straight back on the target line and then straight through rather than coming back and inside then down the line/around. I'm sure it also helps with alignment in some ways too, but I just couldn't get used to the look/feel of it :P
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Seemore offers more than just a center shafted putter though. I play a center shafted though for the reasons you mention however they now offer several styles as well as putters with inserts and without.

Great customer service as well.
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I think they are some of the ugliest putters on the market, but "pretty" doesn't get the ball in the hole. I do however, think they feel great and have a gimmick that works. But it all comes down to holing putts with it, and I found that I prefer a more traditional blade style.
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tried one out....as mentioned above, for a SBST stroke, not an arc
also, they felt REALLY "spongy" to me and i couldnt control the distance w them

very neat putter tho, i actually dont mind the look of them
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  • 3 years later...

Actually.... Seemore promote a swing with a small arc... in to out to in... They do not mention a straight back and striaght through technique....

Time to change the old myths and formula!!

I recently purchased a Seemore PCB Limited edition Black putter and I cannot sing it's praises enough! It is without a doubt the best golfing money I have spent for a long time... and I spend a lot of golfing money....

The riflescope technology pretty much guarantees you are going to get the face back square at impact... it is so well balanced, but like the poster above, I assume face balanced putters were for straight back and straight through strokes... I was wrong!

I barely grip the putter at address and during the swing... it is so well balanced that I don't need to... It just naturally comes back square every time... and I mean every time!!

I've had it for 3 weeks now and I haven't missed a put under 6 foot with it yet!! Also, to top it off... where I was holing say, 1 20 footer per round.. I now regularly hole 4-5 20 footers per round.... it has changed my game and knocked 4-5 shots off each round...

The confidence I have when I line up to a putt now is priceless!! They fly into the middle back of the hole...

Just go out and buy one... it will be the best putting improvement move you ever make!

Also, customer services is excellent.... last time I emailed them it was the managing director/owner that answered all my questions...


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Note: This thread is 2510 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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