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    • I have to say every time I hear a 15 - 20 handicap talk about the dynamics of different golf balls and how they affect their game I am forced to shake my head. Perhaps I was different, but when I was first starting out I could have played any ball and it wouldn't have mattered. People of that skill level do not make consistent enough contact to worry about what ball they are playing. When I was a 15 handicap I was just trying to get the stupid thing off the ground and in the general direction I wanted. Hell, even now I bet playing a distance ball wouldn't affect my scores all that much.  Look, if someone wants to play a premium ball, go for it. Premium balls do work better, for everyone. But, IMHO the difference for anyone other than the very good player is not worth the cost.   
    • Thank you for demonstrating expert status on a brain fart a stranger on the internet posted to a forum. I'm sorry the idea ruffled your feathers.  Try not to let the innocuous ideas that strangers post on the internet ruffle your feathers.  Those birdies you'll be making for the rest of your golfing life need those feathers. Additionally, would you say it takes creativity to become a professional golfer and be out on tour?  I hear it on TV all the time, most recently about how creative Patrick Reed is around the greens after his recent win. If you agree that it requires creativity, then perhaps turn your thinking cap on in reverse, and play a brain game with yourself... Figure out HOW you can make something like this work... Not why it can't, won't, will never work. How does a group of Rich Saudi's who start this prevent someone like you from posting an 18 handicap and robbing me?  Should this group of rich Saudi's insist that only tournament rounds count towards your handicap?  Would that force people to post honest scores and eliminate the "rounds with their buddies?"   I'm able to think about this from all angles. Why this can't work, why it can work.  I can do so without any biases or emotions.  My creativity puts food on the table...  That said, this exercise won't be meant for you to "change your mind." Rather, it will help you to control your emotions and biases and empower you to critically examine ideas strangers post on the internet from all angels..  That's a powerful mental skill to have.      
    • 100 words or less please - Where is this big money coming from again and why would someone fund this?    
    • Solid Erik! Very good interview. 
    • Interesting discussion and thanks to everyone who gave an opinion.    A couple of years ago, I bought a whole bunch of those Kirkland 4-piece balls with the Urethane cover.  I played them one whole summer.  Lately I've been using a different cheap ball, the Callaway Tour Soft, and it seems to me that I used to hit that Kirkland ball a lot farther, especially with my driver.  So I was wondering about the difference between a premium ball and a cheap ball for an average hacker like me.  It seems like nowadays when I take a good hard swing with my driver and hit the ball flush, it takes the same trajectory as it used to, but when I get to where it wound up, it's just not as far as it used to be when I was using the Kirkland ball.  But based on what I have learned since the original post, if I did hit the Kirklands farther, I'm now thinking it was probably because of warmer weather, or dryer and harder fairways, or some reason that doesn't have to do with what ball I was using.  Maybe it's because I'm getting older.   I've still got a couple of dozen of those 4-piece Kirklands, so I might pull them back out and see if I can detect any difference.      
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