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I am a driving range hero.

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wow, i hit 1-200 balls a day and have never done that. i will give it a try. thanks~!

Taylor: I do the same thing man, its always a mental thing. You are spot on about the routine. Maybe thats the key for us.

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Brant17, I wish I could play a round with you. I've been stuck with my current scores forever. I have a mini goal to get under 9 by next summer. 11 to 3 in less than 1 yr. is awesome!

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Thanks man! I no that sounds crazy to drop so fast but it's the honest truth. I was a former D1/pro baseball player so I had natural ability. I just could not figure out how to transfer my driving range success onto the course. I had a bunch of people tell me that I strike the ball similar to a pro golfer on the range but on the course I would hit hooks, fades, fat shots, thin shots, and everything in between. It got so frustrating that I almost quit the game. One day I had a friend of mine tell me to go out and play 18 today and approach the game with ease. He said dont think about your swing, dont hit range balls just play. I went out that day with intentions to swing much easier than normal and play easy golf. Ever since then I have been a very good player. My moto now is " Im just going to go out and punch it around the course" And thats what I do. I never try and muscle up on a shot, and never try to do anything that is not within my ability. I just try and play the game very easy and stay within myself. Try that...It may work for you.

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Alongside the other tips that the other guys gave, I think you hit one of your problems on the head here. Not only does having a

Other than short-game practice, teaching pros generally talk about two practice range activities: Motion drills/partial shots to groove your ball-striking, and practicing full shots.

Setting up full shots - stand behind each shot, line it up, etc. - helps you make your preshot routine fairly automatic. If you have a lot of disorganized swing thoughts creeping in at setup, you won't have a consistent pre-shot sequence or consistent swings. A couple of weeks ago, I played a local course alone that was "wide open." I decided to have a practice day, and spent about 45 minutes each on two holes that always kill me. I found that if I really focused on my shot, and went through a full pre-swing routine, I hit several good tee shots on each. I also found that 3Ws work best on each; prior to that I hit a lay-up 4i on one and a driver on the other. Basically, you don't want a 90-second bumblefest before you hit. But, you need to take a few seconds to make sure you're lined up, and that you have a normal pre-swing routine. Consistency leads to better swings, better shots, better scores.

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Note: This thread is 3220 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • After being on the other end of a great deal of abuse, I thought I would give you all an update regarding my putting.  I was having a pretty decent degree of success by placing the ball slightly back of centre (towards my rear foot). I felt it had straightened my putting and stopped me dragging the ball to the left. I was informed by more than one member this was simply putting a plaster on the problem. I took this to heart and spent a few weeks attempting to putt with the ball placed forward of centre. Well, my putting reached an all time low, so I reverted back to plan "A". Whilst my putting improved a little, I couldn't emulate the success I previously had, so I decided to spend some time on the practice green. As previously mentioned, I have a friend who putts one handed, and very rarely 3 putts. I attempted this for myself, and whilst I don't feel confident enough to use this technique as the norm, it was easier and better than I thought. This lead me to try something else. I now putt with the ball slightly back of centre, but only use my left hand to secure the putter, rather than to use it for directional purposes. In brief, my right hand does 90% of the work, and my left hand is there for moral support only. My putting is more consistent than it ever has been now, but I openly admit I will never be the best putter in the world
    • Day 34 Walked in the Suwanee Fall Parade this morning with my kids and their school, so I missed an opportunity to play with a friend of mine who was in town.  However, when we got home, I was able to get out and hit some balls into the net.  I worked through all of the clubs, working on my pre-shot routine and BTT... FTT swing-thought.  I didn't hit the ball as well as I have been, and I could tell when I was distracted (the kids were being their extra-selves... including a fist-fight and bloody nose) that I didn't stay in the swing all the way through to my finish.  I need to go in for another lesson soon.
    • Same here. My drive that cut that corner wasn’t a pure strike it just happened to have the exact trajectory and curve that I wanted.  That was @billchao‘s 8i on 18 at Celebration. What was that 185-190? Middle of the green was 165yd IIRC...in Bermuda...Bill absolutely flushed his 8i 20-30yds off the back of the green right online with the flag. Had that flag been 185-190yds away...I’d call that a tour quality pure strike. And no, it wasn’t thinned nor a stinger..it was way way high and just went forever.
    • True dat! Still, it was a damn good shot, but not quite pure.  Just a touch toey.  Well struck and a great result don’t necessarily mean “pure”. I’ve also hit plenty of “pure” shots with less than optimal results.
    • Funny, Billchao. Tennis is possibly even tougher than golf to learn (say, the equivalent to scratch ability) but people tend to feel more comfortable with a lack of ability in tennis than in golf, the special pastime that reminds you every day precisely where you stand.    As for the grip pressure, Patch, I was taught to hold on to the racquet as loosely as possible and only grip it at the moment of impact and release it. That did wonders for my body. In golf I need to grip it a bit earlier and longer. 
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