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Anyone playing Mizuno MP FLI-HI Iron Hybrid?

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Is anyone playing the Mizuno MP FLI-HI Iron Hybird?

I am looking debating between filling the 3 iron spot with one of these or an Adams hybrid.

Any insights on this would be very appreciated.
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I've played both the Cleveland LDI and currently the Titleist 503h, I would say the LDI's are much closer in design. I've also played the Adams A3 Hybrids.

Pros of going with the driving iron/hybrid
- Easier to work the ball
- I felt I got much greater distance off the tee.

- Much less forgiving off the fairway and rough, you are rewarded with good shots that make your friends jaw drop and you are heavily penalized with bad shots.

I'm now looking into a more conventional hybrid, Idea Pro or Titleist 909h. I will keep my Titleist 503's though, some courses call for a driving iron and this club is a dream off the tee!!
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I've played the 3 and 4 fli hi last year and still have them. I like them ok. For me, I don't hit my irons really high which these clubs aren't meant to hit the ball higher than a typical iron. They are reasonably forgiving. I'd say as forgiving as a GI long iron. I paired them with my MP 60 irons and they were more forgiving than the mp 60s. They reward good swings, punish bad ones, just like other clubs. I don't carry mine now b/c I can hit my 7 Wood high and stop it from 200-210 out were as those they come in lower so just not as useful to my. The pure ones were sweet and high, but missed ones just didn't go. If I played were it was really windy and fast, I could see them being really useful.

I hope this helps. It is really a preference thing. Traditional hybrids are really hooky for me, the driving iron like the fli his are better, but for me the high lofted fairway wood is the best option from long range.
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I own a 17* (2H) MP FLI-HI. I use it instead of a 5W, and I like it.
This is the only hybrid I've owned, so I can't compare it, sorry. It is easy to work the ball (of course, this means that when your swing is off it will be reflected in the ball's flight), and the ball has a long, mid-low (again, this is a 2i replacement, so mid-low is what I want) penetrating flight when well struck. The feedback is ok; you will definitely know when you miss a hit (and where in the face you made contact), and the sound is muted, but nice.
I will recommend it, but not if you are looking for forgiveness.
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I test-hit one on a launch monitor in October. It was a 3i Fly-Hi with an R-flex YS+6 shaft in it.

Ball went quite straight, but trajectory was low and distance about the same as my own 3i. I would suggest that proper shaft would be extremely important in this club, maybe worth a custom order.
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Note: This thread is 3863 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Hands aren't tiny, but with wrist line to middle finger tip being just under 7.5 inches and my middle finger coming in at 3 inches long, my hand is mostly palm. I've tried to replicate things like this but I just can't keep my fingers consistently wrapped around the grip, especially the pinky and especially when trying to have the fingers perpendicular to the grip along the 'palmar digital crease' as written in that thread. That's with a standard grip with no extra wraps. I feel like the grip moves in my hand and I tend to get weird skinny callouses on the blue lines here. This may be more that my hand doesn't like cord, but still. If you numbered the segments 1 to 3 with 1 being by the finger tip, I feel like my hand is more comfortable when the grip is aligned diagonally in lead hand, resting on the pinky on segment 3 (slash the crease below) and resting on the index on segment 2 (slash the crease below). I also know that just because it's comfortable doesn't mean it's functionally right. When I do manage to execute a full swing without feeling the club moving in my hand it obviously feels insanely crisp and solid in comparison to other swings when it moves. I just bought a full set of Undersize Tour Wrap Microsuede to test out a handful on clubs, before I regrip all 13, but I figured I'd run these thoughts past TST. I'm going to try to share a video taking my grip later today or tomorrow morning.
    • I think it was one part particular camera or shot. It was some vista canyon-y view. 
    • Up to you. I’m charge less but they might give you a small credit.
    • I need to go for a fitting. We have a Club Champion that just opened locally. I can get fit for the wedges there, get my specs, and then order from you. Club Champion's fittings are separate from their club purchases. They're the only Edel dealer in the area.
    • Huh? I’m not seeing that.
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