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Why is golf so addictive?

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I think about golf almost 24/7 since I started in August.

It's like a drug.

During my free time I
- Go to the driving range
- Putt at home
- Broke a several items at home by accident after making some full swings
- Read golf magazines
- Go to golf shop

In a boring class I
- play PGA Tiger Woods on my iPhone
- Look at golf equipment on my iPhone
- Recall the last great shots I hit
- Day dream about my next round
- Hop class will finish earlier so I can hit the range

I am hoping this is just temporary, because I am
(1) a newbie
(2) all my friends are gone because I'm doing an extra semester in college. Without friends and family in LA, golf is my friend.

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Because I suck at it. Sports usually comes easy to me but the least active sport, golf, has me struggling the most.

My wooden ceiling fan, lampstand, and wooden floor was not very happy about my full swings either. I'd suggest reading some golf literatures on your free time instead of the magazines. Also, if you get bored in class, draw the courses that you play from memory. Then try to remember how you last played it and see where you can make up strokes. I stopped keeping my own score and have my friend keep it so I end up doing my playing stats all from memory. Might help out your game.
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I think about golf almost 24/7 since I started in August.

Pay more attention in class

Golf is addicting. Why? Who cares. History, tradition, time outdoors, the tranquility of a golf course at sunrise or sunset, the concept of conquering the unconquerable, the satisfaction of hitting the "perfect shot", ... Like I said, who cares? Enjoy it. -Dan
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I think about golf almost 24/7 since I started in August.

I think you should take it to the next level and start obsessing about the spacing of your lofts, the flex of your shafts, if you should get them tipped, what grips to get next, whether or not your ball is spinning too much, etc. It gets worse...

Seriously, golf is a great game and is always a challenge on some level. It is something that once you think you have it you don't, but a great shot and one putt gets you right back. The OCD part is optional (well at least for some people).
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...because it is so easy yet so difficult all at the same time.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I believe golf is addicting because no matter how good you get at it you always feel you can be better. No matter how good a round you shoot you know you left strokes on the course. Listen to the interviews with a touring pro after an outstanding round. Even at their skill level and on their best days they see shots they left on the course and believe they could have been a stroke or more better.
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I play golf until my body aches....every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday....I actually played 90 holes this weekend.....using the same TaylorMade Penta.

I'm impressed. I went about 40-45 holes without losing a ball earlier this year, by far my longest streak. 90 holes is something.

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Have you ever hit that perfect shot? Not necessarily a 300 yard drive, or a hole in one, that sort of thing, but the one that feels so good coming off the club, and goes right where it was supposed to, just like you imagined? That feeling is why golf is so addicting. Because once you get that feeling, you just want to feel it again and again and again.
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Absolutely the challenge of trying to play every hole perfect, the beauty/majesty of amazing courses, the competitive nature with your playing partners no matter if it's established or not.

It's all so awesome.
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The never ending chase after the perfect impact. Someone posted this same thought in another thread I can't find right now, but the amazing thing is that the concept, the feel of the perfect impact that you have now, will be different in the future. As a player gets better, his/her frame of reference is always evolving towards better. This is true for the putter, for an iron, for a wood. There is always something you wish you could do better, and so you try to reach that next level, no matter if you're a beginner or if you play on the biggest tours.
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Note: This thread is 1158 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 38 (03 Aug 21) - Jumped outside around mid-day just before the afternoon rain was to start to work on the left hand in the grip.  Been way too weak with the left hand of late, seeing too many pushes right.  Worked with the PW, making sure I had a stronger grip in hand before 1/2 swings with the ball.  Know it is not what I have been doing as it was somewhat foreign feeling.    Next step - once it stops raining (forecast has that early next week)  is to take it the range and work more there where I can work on full swings. 
    • I'll let you know how it is next week
    • Regatta Bay is on my list to play next. Don't think you can go wrong with that choice.   Links Sandestin was tight. Luckily my 4-hybrid was flying straight off the tee that day. I think I hit driver on only 2 holes. 
    • I use it all the time. I have two a purple dry erase markers in my bag at all times. (Not sure why I chose purple?) It also helps with strike location and it's a lot less sloppy than spraying foot spray on your club face. I use it on range balls too. By the time the ball stops rolling the dry erase has rubbed off, so the range guys don't mind at all. 
    • Does dry erase marker transfer from the ball to the club well? I’ve drawn on my clubface with dry erase marker and I don’t recall it ending up on the ball. I’m not trying to be a smartass, I’m asking because I don’t know. I’ve always done lie angle tests with a sharpie.
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