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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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scratch! but it's been such an up and down season so far... I've shot 2 under...and I've shot 22 over!


improve the following stats: f'way, GIR, sand recovery & bounce back... true story: i only hit 51% of fairways. I only hit 60% of GIR... my sand conversion is 50%. up & down is 60%

some pretty poor stats to get to scratch.

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I am probably one of the few because I don't have any goals with regard to game improvement.  If anything, the closest thing I have as a goal is that my game doesn't get worse.........Hahahaha...No kidding!!

I do have quantity goals....IE....I have a goal to play 100+ rounds every year.  I've only failed to reach that goal once since the early 1990's.......and it was in 2010!!! (last year)

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  1. Hit twice a week. Doesn't matter if it is on the range, lesson, putting green, or playing a round.
  2. Complete 18 holes without losing a ball
  3. Break 60 for nine holes. (Currently shooting 72)
  4. Be good enough to make par at the charity scramble my company particiaptes in in October (Basically shooting from my ball everytime)
  5. Get a friend who does not play to go the range with me at least twice.
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Started in November of last year.. Current best round is 88.. I've only done that once so I'd definitely like to shoot in the low 80's at least once this year!

Would also like to get an eagle.. I'm a pretty long hitter, just not terribly consistent but an eagle isn't completely out of the question! Ah the joys of being 22. I can hit it a long ways, I just don't always know where it's going!

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I guess my goal for 2011 5 months ago would have been to get back into golf. In the fall i want to make my hs golf team, i want to break 90 (currently haven't broken 100' but i consistently shoot 100-105 on 18 (always give up by the end) and i shoot 45 regularly when i play by myself. Id like to start losing a max of 1 ball per round, maybe record an eagle, improve my short game so it's at least respectable, oh and ge the white burner 2011 model :)
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My 2011 goal is to shoot 80.  Right now I'm about 100.  4 weeks ago I was a 118 average.

I went from playing 2-3 times a month to 2-3 times a week.

I just purchased my membership at the local country club for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012...

I think this is n obtainable goal.

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Break par for 18 holes. Have done it plenty of times on 9 but can't ever seem to do it for an entire round. Last year I was going in to 18 at even thinking I could easily make birdie (short par 5, was really comfortable that day) and ended up bogeying for a 73. Have made a few changes over the past two weeks adopting some concepts of Sean Foley as well as S&T.; In my first round since making the changes I shot 81 from 7150 tees in winds gusting up to 40 mph all day. Couldn't putt to save my life! But, driving the ball never felt better. I am confident that if I can put everything together, breaking par is a realistic goal, and who knows... maybe even break 70!

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Where I'm at:

  • 11 Index
  • Driving is poor
  • Irons/wedges are pretty good

Goals for 2011:

  • Get to a 9.0 index or lower - currently 9.9 - getting there
  • Play more than once a week - too expensive
  • Work on driving the ball and getting it in play - getting better, but streaky
  • Break 80 at least 5 times - done it once
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my goals are:

- to achieve at least a 75% win percentage for my club team this season (currently 100% after 6 matches)

- get down to a handicap of around 4

- improve driving accuracy

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Goal #1 is to break 90 in back to back rounds

Goal #2 is to play a round without losing a golf ball

Currently shoot low 90's and usually lose 3 or 4 balls a round, either in trees/high grass/water

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Note: This thread is 3672 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • By the way, I've been streaming this through the NBC sports app on my PS4. The coverage is absolute garbage. They are playing the same commercials over and over, and playing through just goes into commercials. I'm getting commercials every 5 minutes. It really sucks to have this on one of the premier golf events.
    • An astute observation.😄
    • Rahm/Sergio looks like a really good pairing for the Europeans. On the other hand, Poulter/Rory does not look like a good pairing. 
    • 69 here, added a 7w and 5 hy, irons start at 6i. Like others, I've seen the distances start to shorten. Twice daily stretching has helped along with walking as much as possible. I've been tracking stats for years and now look closely at bad tee shots, flubbed chips and 3 putts. These seem to have big impact on my scoring - plus finally moving up to the senior tees. Handicap slowly going down and fun going up!
    • I enjoy reading stuff like this. I have a book that I read a bit of when I was younger on M and string theory and the 13 (i think) dimensions. Took me a while to get through a single page. 
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