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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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1. Play a couple of times a month
2. find a ball I like since the ball I used to play is no longer made
3. get back down to a solid single digit index
4. maybe join another traveling club. I'd rather play different courses than the same one all the time.

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My goals for 2011....

1.Play more consistantly. This year I had many rounds in the low 90s and that is just bad golf. I want to have no rounds in the 90s in 2011. I know I will have my bad days but I want to manage my game better and figure out a way to get into the mid 80s on those days.

2.Have a GHIN number. This year I knew I wasn't playing competitively and didn't have one. The 10.5 is the last revision before it expired. I know I am playing better now than ever so I am probably closer to a 9 now.

3.Get my GHIN number down to an 8 with my antihandicap being around an 11 (averaging out the 10 not being used). That is pretty decent golf.

4.Keep playing par 2 golf. It is a little up and down game I play and it really helps me with short putting and pitching. Plus it is free.

5.Consistantly beat my buddy Chris. Me and him are pretty equal. He's super athletic but doesn't have a short game. I think I got this.

Overall I'm really excited about 2011 in terms of golf. I've been playing really well this fall as I think I figured out something and I'm learned to trust my strength. My body changed this last year for the better and it took a while to figure out how to swing a club more effectively. I feel really confident I am going to play well this next year. I'm really happy with my equipment and confortable with it. I've learned how to hit a multitude of shots around the green with my 58 and land the ball where I want from my game as well. I shot two 79s at the end of the year and I haven't done that since 08 so that makes me feel confident. I just have much higher expectations b/c of the results I'm getting. It isn't a freakishly good round to hit 8-9 greens. It seems routine now.
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2011 Goals:

1) Break 90 before the end of the '11 season.

2) Play more often

3) Correct my driving slice

4) Be able to drive over 200 yards consistently

5) Practice putting to reduce two-putting.
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My only goal is to qualify for the U.S. Senior Amateur. I did in 2008 (in my "rookie year" as a Senior Am). It was so much fun and the USGA treats every golfer like royalty. I hope to return to the big show again in 2011.
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Last season was my first year(2010) actually caring and taking golf seriously. Prior to this year i was a once/twice a month player and didn't care about my game. I was getting out there to hit some balls relieve some stress and just get away for a few hrs. Well this year the bug bit me hard. I cant honestly give a guess to what my handicap was at the beginning of the year but i have shaved it down to a 4.8. It i had to guess i would say i dropped 15 strokes this year.

My goals are going to be pretty steep. I play enough and practice enough and feel like i can be dedicated enough to achieve these goals. I feel that if i can achieve my first goal the rest will fall right into place. I know the strokes will come off!

1) Get my head in the game!!! I struggle with ego. And need to play smarter. Dont aim at every flag. MANAGE!!!!

2) Get to a <1.0 Handicap, this might be the hardest of my goals as improvement really slowed down the better i got.

3) Shoot in the 60s a few times. I have been in posistion to do this and have never been able to get it done.

4) Hit 100% more fairways. I am very long off the tee and miss a ton of fairways. 5 per round would be an average. I doubt i have ever hit more than 10. This is an ego thing, i am solid with my 3 wood and hybrid and i am long enough to use both off the tee but constantly need to justify having the driver in the bag. Need to focus on being consistant with the driver.

5) Practice putting more!!! 32 putts per round is not getting it!
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1. Work hard on lag/forward shaft at impact using the PBS
2. Improve driving accuracy
3. Work on putting and improve putts/GIR avg
5. Spend more time on the range (at least once a week)
7. Complete my set of G10s (need 7-PW) and purchase a hybrid and 60* wedge
8. Break 80
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Goals for 2011:

1) Play some new courses. Planning a trip to the west coast for the first time and bringing the clubs for sure. That is a start.
2) Break 70 again. Haven't done so in 4 years. Oh so close dozens of times, but it always seems to slip away (usually when I start thinking about it ).
3) Work on my wedge game - 60-100 yard shots
4) Work on my fade with the irons. Naturally a draw player, and I have never felt comfortable using this shot when it matters.

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1. Break 100 consistently.
2. Stop over-swinging.
3. Reduce number of 3-putts and eliminate 4-putts.
4. Break 90 at least once.

I know that last goal is really, really ambitious for my game as it as right now, but it helps me mentally to maintain drive to improve if I have a goal that I know I'll have to work hard at.
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Goals for 2011...
  1. Shoot PAR or better at least once.
  2. Get down to a 5 or lower handicap.
  3. Work on my short game (chipping/putting) more than irons/drivers.
  4. Film my swing and post it online for critique.
  5. Incorporate more SnT techniques into my swing and improve my consistency.
  6. Play (as a single, not scramble/best-ball) in at least 3 local or men's club tournaments.
  7. Appreciate and have more fun with the game, especially when playing a 'destination' course.
  8. Get a hole-in-one. ** why not...shoot for the stars
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1. Staying healthy for an entire season
2. Having more time to practice and play and thus, justifying getting an evolvr account for the entire season
3. Refining my understanding of the golf swing so I can develop on my own
4. Getting an in-person Stack and Tilt lesson
5. Eating clean and working out often during the off-season to keep my fitness levels high. This doesn't help my golf swing at all, but the added endurance is helpful on hot days. Plus, I'm just more confident in general in a fitter body. That trickles down into my golf game.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I have a fairly simple goal for 2011, get my handicap back down to 14 or less. I began 2010 with a 17+, injured my back and watched my handicap go up to 25. It is back down to 19.5 at this moment. So I'll be working on a lot of things my stats say need work.

1. put more drives in the fairway
2. Better sand play
3. Hit more greens in regulation ( I do have a better than 50% save rate but am more likely to bogie than with a GIR)
4. Fewer 3 putts/GIR (e.g. get it closer and/or lag putt better)

Like any 20 handicap I need work on everything but the above list seems to be where most of my strokes are going. Wish me luck as my arthritis isn't getting any better so I am going to have to figure out how to practice smarter and I doubt my body will tolerate longer or more practice time unless I give up some playing time.
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  • Moderator
1. Improve accuracy off tee to improve fairways hit (currently 52%). Achieve this by first getting fit for driver and fairway woods.
2. Improve chipping and pitching accuracy. Focus drills to get within 3 foot circle.
3. Improve green reading.
4. Enroll in Evolvr to improve ball striking and accuracy and get good consistent coaching.
5. Have fun.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1) Get Handicap down to single digits
2) Play all public courses within 30 minutes from my house
3) Hit 50% of fairways
4) Hit 25% of GIR
5) Play in at least 5 tournaments(non-scholastic)
6) Have a 9 hole scoring average of 42 or better
7) Have an 18 hole scoring average of 83 or better
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Note: This thread is 3950 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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