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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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My Goals for 2011

1.) Break 85 and shoot it the mid 80s consistently.

2.) Lower the number of three putts per round

3.) Increase GIR% and FW%.

4.) Get Scorecard and post ALL rounds and keep track of ALL my stats no matter how bad I'm playing.

5.) Practice at least 2 times a week (hopefully 3 or 4) including short game and putting (not just banging balls at the range)

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. Work at becoming a much better lag putter.

2. Consistently shoot even par which will pull me closer to my recent 3 year goal to become scratch (currently in year 2 of that 3 year goal).

3. Work on getting up and down 60% of the time.

4. Work on consistently moving my weight onto my left leg at impact on every single shot.

5. Consistently rolling my right foot laterally towads to target vs. lifting onto my toe.

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I, being a simple soul have but one goal for golf in 2011. I aim to decrease my HCI into single digits as low as I can. If I get below 10 at any point, the year will be a success.

I realize this requires better ballstriking, better putting, better chipping, better and more consistent driving etc. Since those individual accomplishments are very hard to measure the HCI will serve as the goal and measurement.

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1. Establish a USGA index 2. Find a coach 3. Play 10 new courses 4. Play a pro am 5. Beat my dad heads up. ( fat chance but worth trying simple because it means I get to play with my father ) 6. Buy a set of forged irons on my trip to japan. 7. Oh and why not....... A hole in ONE !!! At my all time favorite par 3. Turkey creek # 14
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# 5 is the best one. I am heading to Myrtle Beach for the holidays and am most looking forward to playing golf with my dad. He doesn't play anymore but when talking to him you can tell he is looking forward to playing a round. Let the joking begin, I can hear it now after I hit my first drive, "I thought you said you play golf, do you need a bigger driver" Ha the old man can let the ribbing fly.

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My 2011 Golf Goals:

1. Get in better physical condition - Important because I want to get more distance, develop a more consistent swing, and to save my back...which is fried at 29 and is only going to get worse over time

2. Devote more time and energy to putting consistently - I think if I could putt worth a d@mn , I could become a scratch golfer with the game I have NOW

3. Hit my long and mid irons more consistently, and longer distances - My driver distance vs. iron distances are out of wack. I'd like to compress the ball and hit it flush throughout the bag, not just with the scoring clubs

4. Improve my ability to work the ball both directions, with all clubs, from various lies - I need to be better at curving the ball on command. Some of the places I drive it...I need miracles

5. Learn how to hit an old-school 'chip' shot with a stronger-lofted club - I do most of my short game stuff with a 60, but I'd like to at least have the chip shot 'in the bag'

6. Better mental game and deal with bad shots better - Most of my really bad rounds in the high 70's and into the 80s are when I'm hitting it like sh*t and instead of grinding, I get mad at myself and/or get into anger tantrums. Once you get angry, it's hard to get your focus and energy back afterwards. Plus I need to get more centered on the course and in more controll (or less control, to get a little Buddhist for a second) of what my mind is doing on the course. I need a clearer, more usefully-focused mind.

7. (Tentative) Change to a more neutral grip - I'm experimenting with this during my winter practice sessions. I may end up scratching this...check back next spring.

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1. Break 70 for the first time: Broke par for the first time this year, lets keep the momentum going.

2. Practice more: Get a car so I can actually practice during the week.  Be disciplined to practice for an hour and a half instead of trying to rush 9 holes in.  Putt, Putt, and more putting.

3. Get in shape: Feel like it will just make everything easier.

4: Qualify for State Championship: It's on my home course, make it in and anything can happen from there.

5. Get down to scratch: Played the best golf of my life last year, lets finally break the barrier.

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Note: This thread is 3951 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 115.  I only had time today for 20 balls in the same drill as yesterday, but I did find the time.
    • Day 163: Worked mostly on driver today with almost golf balls. Did some work on static change, then a bunch of rehearsals, and then some full swings. Made some improvement on the push start line, and ever so slight drop kick (graze the ground), at least for today. 
    • Maybe I've interpreted this incorrectly, but it just strikes me that the underlying reason is not really about fewer events.  And while the amount of money is obviously so enticing, but even that may not be the main reason for some. Patrick Reed, among others, are talking about how the PGA Tour is not listening to the players and making necessary changes.  I never quite understood exactly what type of major change could be made, other than increased prize money and a different distribution. But with the revelation that LIV golfers are paid a negotiated amount to just show up and play, it seems, at least to me, that the real reason could be wanting a negotiated contract that pays a certain amount regardless of tournament outcomes. It may be that desire to be paid like a baseball player, just as an example, who shows up each game, goes about his business, maybe batting .300, hitting 30 HRs while his team wallows outside of the playoffs and he collects millions.  Regardless of the stark differences in available money between the PGA and MLB, it sure seems like that is really the life these golfers want.  And it seems that is what LIV is offering, or maybe I should say over offering. While I may not agree with what LIV is doing, I do understand the appeal of a contract over time; especially as one is getting past their prime.  It can't be lost on these golfers what some professional athletes are getting paid, with a portion being guaranteed.  A PGA Tour pro who has career earnings of over $25M is probably doing pretty good; especially while maintaining a top 125 in the sport.  But in other sports... John
    • Lol. Something to the effect of 'you miss 100% of shots you don't take'.   
    • Ugh, I wish we had better ways to deal with these sorts of idiotic law suits. Such of waste of time and money. 
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