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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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I recently bought a house that's 3 mins from a muni course wuth a pretty nice range/practice area.

1. Get to the range/practice area at least once a week.

2. Focus, focus, focus on my short game. I shoot in the mid 90's but I also average 6-8 "Wasted" chip shots a round.

3. Improve my driving accuracy.

4. Break 90 at least a half dozen times this year.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

My goals for 2011 is to break 90 consistantly and at least once break 80 through 18. Never to shoot 100+ is also a goal but sometimes you have those days especially if you play as much as me. Through 9 holes i would like to break 40 more times, hardly be in the upper 40s and never be in the 50s.

Another goal would be to use my 3 wood more often, 2 putt every hole, and to stay more calm and collected after a bad shot. Trying to not get in bad habits is also a big goal for me.

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My 2011 Goals:

- Maintain a handicap below 2.0

- Improve my putts per GIR, improve scrambling

- Practice putting 2:1 for time spent on range

- Commit to getting my hands inside early

- Play in at least 2 amateur events this summer

- Get wife out on the course more

- Finish grad school ->Find job -> Renovate golf bag -> Join new club

It's going to be a great season.

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My 2011 Goals:

- Getting my HCP under 2.0...

- Read the greens better ( it's terrible, some has tips? )

- Join a club in the USA ( I am a Dutch Citizen )

- Playing the Wisconsin Matchplay champ and win it? maybe to much dreaming....

Let's go for it!!!

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2011 Golf Goals-Revised

1) Get Handicap down to single digits
2) Hit 45% of fairways
3) Hit 25% of GIR
4) Play in at least 5 tournaments(non-scholastic)
5) Have a 9 hole scoring average of 43 or better
6) Have an 18 hole scoring average of 85 or better


7) Make $1,500-$2,000 this year caddying

8) Play the same style of game in matches/tournaments as I do in a casual round (I play very agressively in casual rounds and extremely conservative in matches/tournaments. I want to try to find a median where I can score to my best capability.)

9) Renovate golf bag after I invest in a new car

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1. Get my handicap down to 5 or lower

2. Break 70 on 18 and break 35 on 9

3. Win a tournament

4. Make it out of Sectionals and hopefully to State

5. Be the league MVP

6. Make more pars,birdies, and eagles

7. Play more than ever before

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Goals for 2011 are to drop the index to a 10 or better. Practice with a purpose (from 100 yards and in) rather than just beating balls at the range with my full swing.

Edit to add the obligatory break 80 goal

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I just want to find the bottom of my swing.

(If I cut fat / topped shots out, or just limit them much more, I think I'll consistently play in the 80s.)

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1. Get my driver figured out, think I know exactly what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it but won't know till our courses open in mid-April.

2. Get my handicap below an 8.

3. Get my game inside 120 yards even tighter.

4. Improve my lag putting.

5. Compete in one MSGA tournament at my home course and one away course.

6. Win our club championship or presidents cup tournament.

7. Not really for my game but I coach so my goal this year with our young team is to win our county championship.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. Get my handicap below 10

2. Practice at least 5 hours per week

3. Improve game from inside 80 yards

4. Improve lag putting to eliminate three-putts

5. Break 80 on any of my three "regular" courses

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Lose weight: 20lbs by start of season in May

Break 100 by June

Break 90 by the end of the year

Try to listen to one person/teacher instead of listening to what everyone says on how I should fix my swing.

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1. Get my handicap under 10

2. Break 80 at least 5 times

3. Now that I have some disposable income and am a respectable golfer I would like to play some of the nicer courses in the area

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1. Swing issue #1: Find a consistent and flatter plane once and for all.

2. Swing issue #2: Gain width and shorten my swing.  Currently, I tend to be too narrow, my arms go 'soft' and I just wrap the club around myself.  Maintain width, short swing, consistent plane, bang.

3. Use #1 and #2 to gain confidence with my driver, especially.  My swing issues to date were (obviously) most magnified with my driver.  It forced me to hit a lot of layup/bailout shots that keep me from breaking through my next scoring plateau.  I need to be able to have the confidence that I can hit my driver appreciably farther than my 3-wood and keep it in play every time.

Those are my soft goals, sort of immeasurable/intangible.  Though one may expect swing changes to improve score, often they don't right away (often, they make things worse......hi, Tiger!), but you can still consider them 'achieved.'

The other kind are hard goals, which really IMO only come down to two things: your scores and your handicap.  I think you HAVE to start ever year thinking of breaking your personal best, especially if you have a home course that you play consistently.  This is my second year at a club and I love the course, I plan to play a lot.  My personal best on any course is a 76, and last year I shot an 81 at my club, so I definitely think I can improve on that by >5 shots.  My goal for my handicap is <= 5.0 .

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1.  Drop my HCP to around 4 by August

2.  Finish near top at atleast 1 of the JPGA events I plan on Playing

3.  Beat my friend from Florida (Only played him once ever, and I played bad.)

4.  Fix Putting stroke

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1) Walk 18 holes after 25 years of riding

2) Stay uninjured so I can keep playing

3)  Improve my short game so that within 100 yards I can average 3 strokes

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Note: This thread is 3947 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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  • Posts

    • Day 609: Practiced for about 20 minutes today focusing on the hands, same as yesterday. Didn’t film because it was too hot and sunny.
    • Day 240 - Putting work today. Started with Day 11 "Putting Pendulum" drill (about 10 minutes) them hit 25 putts down a 3' line on my PuttOUT matt. 
    • Three months in, so time for an update. When I wrote these goals, I anticipated that I would be playing from the white tees, but have subsequently moved up to the gold (senior) tees as my average drive is 175-180 (long around 195). The Good:  I am tracking results using a Shot Scope V3, which for shots gained comparison purposes I use a 15 Hcp (my index is currently 22.8) and as of Friday night's round, my most recent 5 rounds indicated 4.44 shots lost to a 15, down from 5.93 shots lost for the first 5 rounds, for an improvement of 1.49 shots. I am now hitting 4-5 greens per 18 and while moving up tees has clearly helped, the quality of my approach shots from 100-160 yards has clearly improved as well.  Additionally, I am hitting  wedges and short irons with much better distance control than how I ended last season and chipping better as well. I remain distance challenged with my tee shots (hence the move up) but get FIR 50% of the time, with misses generally in pretty good shape. The Bad:  Putting is actually worse than last season as I'm now averaging 34.4 putts/18 and about 8 holes per 3 putt. My assessment of my problems is that while "Bead" is pretty good, "Read" is only OK (I read the direction of the break correctly, not the amount) and "Speed" is poor.  Will be focusing on drills to improve "Speed" first and then "Read". Scoring goals: Since moving up tees, I now typically shoot 86-88 so new scoring goal is 82-84 and to break 80. 
    • Meh. 44-49 for 93 at The Neuse yesterday. My third straight round where I’ve had to fight to put up a decent number. I was able to stay around bogey golf until 18 when, for the third time that day, I put a ball OB off the tee and made triple. Not much else to say apart from that except for the fact that I got up and down for par on the par-3 7th after an awful tee shot.  My plan is to hit the range tomorrow and prepare for Tuesday, when I’m playing with my boss and another coworker.
    • Thank you for walking the line without crossing over. I see what you did there.
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