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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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Since most of us not fortunate to live in a climate where you can golf year round are likely just starting to get the sticks cleaned off with hopes of getting out in the next couple weeks, what are your golf goals for 2011?

Where I'm at:

  • 8.4 Index
  • Putting is solid
  • Not hitting it close enough to the hole

Goals for 2011:

  • Get to a 6.0 index or lower
  • Do a better job of tracking my game/stats
  • Work on consistency in the long game (Driver is fine, 3-wood needs work)
  • Shoot par for 18 at least once
  • Break 80 (40 for 9) at least 1/2 my rounds
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Titleist 910D3 8.5* Aldila RIP
Titleist 910F 13.5* Diamana Kai'li
Nickent 4DX 20* and 24*
Tour Preferred 5-PW
52.08, 56.14, 60.04 Titleist Vokey

Odyssey Metal-X #9 Putter

Pro V1x

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I started playing in the fall of 2010 and we start in Norway at 54hcp (heard that is different from country to country) and went down to 38 in two rounds. I didn't get the chance to play and official round again due to winter.

My goal for 2011 is to go from 38 to 20 in hcp and I need to improve my ball striking to get there. Not sure if I'll make it but anyways, that’s my goal.

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I'd like to get my hdcp into single digit numbers.  I float between 13 and 15, so consistency is obviously a big problem with me.  I have rounds counting toward my hdcp anywhere between a 7.0 and an 18.2 index currently.  If I can get rid of the doubles, I think I can rid of the 4+ strokes per round necessary to crack 10.0.  Putting is actually good, short game ok - I need better approach shots.

Great post idea, BTW!  The courses here in NE Ohio are mostly open for play, but they're so soggy that I don't know of even one that isn't 'walking only' at this point.  The flooding rains and snow lately here have turned them all into swamps!  Hopefully they'll dry out a bit in the next week or so.  Don't get me wrong, I love to walk.  I'd just like to not sink-in to the turf an inch or two on every step.

In my bag: adams.gif Speedline Fast 10 10.5, Speedline 3W, Ping Zing2 5-SW  vokey.gif 60 deg odyssey.gif 2-ball    330-RXS

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Consistently break 80, at least 1/2 the time.

Get my average putts per round under 30

More consistent ball contact when chipping.

Last year I worked alot on long irons and driving and my short game paid for it, but so far the couple times I've been to the range this spring my long clubs are dialed in nicely. So this year its all about the short game. I can usually get on or beside the green in 2 but my short game killed me last year.

Driver- Titleist 910 D3 9.5

3 Wood- Burner 15 degree
Irons- Slingshot 4I-AW
Hybrid- CPR 3 22 degree
Putter- White Hot XG 8

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Where I'm at:

  • 11 Index
  • Driving is poor
  • Irons/wedges are pretty good

Goals for 2011:

  • Get to a 9.0 index or lower
  • Play more than once a week
  • Work on driving the ball and getting it in play
  • Break 80 at least 5 times

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:nike:VRS Covert 3 Hybrid Stiff
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:cleveland:588RTX CB 54.10 SW
:nike:VR V-Rev 60.8 LW
:nike:Method 002 Putter

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My goal is to shoot Bogey Golf. If i can score an 89 at least once, then i will be happy. Shooting that score means alot of things in the game have to come together. So, i am focusing on working on each of those components one at a time starting with the glaring ones. I just finished my 2nd round. So, i'm a beginner. But i shot a 46 on the front 9. Messed up in the Back. So, i have some hope to do this but i'm trying to understand all the terminology, strategy, and dealing with even my emotions when i blow-up a hole. I love the complexity of this game, technical aspects, and rewards.

cleveland.gif XL270 Driver /10.5
cleveland.gif TL3W
Tour Edge JGold Max Bazooka Hybrids: 5-P 
cleveland.gifCG16 Black Pearls: 52, 56, 60
odyssey.gif TERON srixon.gif
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Where I am at :

  • Index 5.8 (but actually playing 7-10 at my new course)
  • Putting is poor
  • Driving is getting better
  • Just missing some pars where I could make them

Goals for 2011 :

  • Enjoy golf
  • Index to 0.0 (2.0-3.0 would be satisfying)
  • Improve GIR to over 65%
  • Improve scrambling to over 50%
  • Putting below 30 putts
  • Hit more par 5's in two

Cal Razr Hawk 10.5 | TM Superfast 3W | Adams Idea Pro Black 20 | MP-68 3-PW | TW9 50/06 + 58/12 | Ram Zebra Putter

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Where I'm at:

  • 10.4 Index
  • Low hook has come into game over Winter break
  • 3 putting 3 or more times EVERY round

Goals for 2011:

  • Get to a 8.0 index or lower
  • Get to the last 8 of my Clubs Match Play Championship (if I qualify)
  • Work on my putting inside 6 feet and reduce my 3 putt average considerably
  • Adjust my swing so that my occasional misshit is no longer an awful pulled hook.
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Where I'm at:

-16.0 Handicap

-Good Second shot/iron play

-Good putting

-Bad with Driver in hand

-Bad around greens/wedge play

Goals for this season:

-Really work on getting rid of my slice

-Stop wasting strokes(tops/misshits/etc)

-Improve Wedge play

-Keep a level head

-have fun

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Where I'm at:

-12.4 handicap

-Putter is solid in hand

-Solid chips/bump and runs

Goals for this season:

-8.0 handicap or better

-Improve ball striking

-FIX DRIVER!! Would only average about 180 yards with a slice last season, think I have it fixed but won't know till course opens

-Change my mental game

-Establish pre shot routine on every shot which I have established this winter

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. No rounds in the 100s

2. Bring my handicap from a 20.1 to under 16

3. Finish my bag with two fairway woods and a driver

4. Get comfortable with my woods/driver

5. Shoot a sub-85 round

6. Take a week-long golf road trip vacation

2013 Goal:


Single digit handicap

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I have made progress on one and that is to get an offcial USGA handicap. Got signed up on GHIN last week and posted one score. Not saying what it was:( (putting was HORRIBLE) but hopefully the next few will be better! The greens were really fast (which I actually like) but could not adjust to not having to hit so hard on uphill and longer putts which left me some tenuous down hillers.

Where I am

"estimated" handicap of 12

Inconsistent/streaky with all clubs (if driver is working, putter is not etc)

Goals for 2011:

Official handicap index of 9-10

Play enough to establish and support above

Consistency through the bag

Play at least one individual stroke play tournament.


In the bag:

Driver: PING 410 Plus 9 degrees, Alta CB55 S  Fairway: Callaway Rogue 3W PX Even Flow Blue 6.0; Hybrid: Titleist 818H1 21* PX Even Flow Blue 6.0;  Irons: Titleist 718 AP1 5-W2(53*) Shafts- TT AMT Red S300 ; Wedges Vokey SM8 56-10D Putter: Scotty Cameron 2016 Newport 2.5  Ball: Titleist AVX or 2021 ProV1

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Where I'm At

  • 20 hdc
  • terrible putting (3 putts like crazy)
  • inconsistency in my longer irons

Goals for 2011

  • shoot in the 80's consistently
  • less than 34 putts a round
  • practice 4 times a week
  • 50% GIR
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I'm still learning and even though I live in a climate that allows golf all year, my job doesn't allow the time. My goals:

  • Make it through a whole round without losing a ball
  • establish an official handicap
  • Score 100 or less
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1) Get lessons.
2) Hit the fairway more often while using my driver.
3) Stop 3-putting.
4) Break 100.
5) Buy those Diablo Edge irons I've been drooling over.

Hyper X 10º driver Diablo Edge 9.5º backup driver

Burner Rescue 3 hybrid 4-A irons 56º wedge 60º wedge CRAZ-E putter

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Note: This thread is 4112 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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  • Posts

    • Day 1: Aftermath of wife's company end of year celebration on Tuesday put my plans on hold, so trying again, again, again or whatever. Worked on backswing - focus on width and depth, with a little bit of toe-up feel. Did this indoors because it's starting to rain, used mirror vision to check on things (need to do this more often/always).
    • Played the back nine again at Minnesott with my son and my friend who’s working back from nerve injury to his right hand (numb little and ring fingers).  He’s contemplating larger grips so we brought a couple irons - one midsize, one jumbo.  He hit a few with each and said he could feel the clubs in his right hand better.  He’s going to work with a fitter about the best grip for him.  How did the round go?  It was a bogie kind of day - one dbl, two pars and six bogies for a 44.  Hit 5 of 7 fairways, the drives were finding the short grass today.  Not quite the same on the par threes, caught the tee shot with heavy 9i on 12 to nearly pin high, but right of the green. Pitched the 58 over the bunker as the pin was tucked tight.  Two putted for bogie.  The other three, 14 was a 6i flushed that landed ball at the back of the green and bounced just off.  Bumped the 50 to get the ball close - not close enough for a one putt par, but rather a two putt bogie.  While it wasn’t the up and down saves for par, felt the overall game was consistent today.  Best highlight was that there were only 18 putts - no three putts today!  
    • Day 23 (08 Dec 22) - Played the back nine today at Minnesott with my son and my friend who recently moved back to the area.  Drill work is paying off as I continue to see more consistent shot results. 
    • I didn't know the gaps were going to be that big when I ordered the kit. The installation instructions as far as mounting them were pretty lacking, I'll do some more research and see if I can find how others have mounted it but I'm not sure how much closer I can get them to each other based on how big the brackets are and how far the brackets/motors stick out from the ends of each tube.   Edit: I did just realize I could make the side screens roll up on the insides rather than the outside like they do now which should help close the gaps some
    • He didn't want to spoil it for me because I hadn't listened to that one yet. It's actually a good pod cast from the few that I have heard so far. Lots of good "inside" information about players and tours etc...

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