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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread

Note: This thread is 4219 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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My 2011 goals:

1. Consistently score 84 or lower

2. Much better chipping and pitching to narrow the ball within 5 feet or less

3. Focus on my timing on long irons and woods

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I want to get my handicap below 11.  I want to improve my sand play, rythym, on course relaxation

1W Cleveland LauncherComp 10.5, 3W Touredge Exotics 15 deg.,FY Wilson 19.5 degree
4 and 5H, 6I-GW Callaway Razr, SW, LW Cleveland Cg-14, Putter Taylor Made Suzuka, Ball, Srixon XV Yellow

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scratch or better this year is the overall goal

stop losing my temper on a poor shot

place top 10 in an amateur tournament

Win an entertainment invite tournament

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Just once do I want to break 40. I hit 40 at least 5 times last year and could've east made a three-footer here or there. Only had once chance to play this year so far, and I thought it was definitely a better start to the year than in the past, so I think it'll actually happen this time.

As for other goals, my putting needs a lot of work (whose doesn't?). Then again, everything does, but if there's one thing I really want to improve on, it would be my putting.


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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I would really like to get my index down to the low teens.

I would like to consistently break 90, I typically shoot low 90's with my best round being an 85.

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cleveland.gif Launcher DST #5 Fairway Wood
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wishon.gif 770cfe #6-SW - Graphite shaftodyssey.gif White Ice Putter  

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2011 Golf Goals:

Lower HC from 10.2 to 8

Work on my swing so it is easier to repeat on every shot

Work on improving my scrambling.....up and down stats

Work more on the short game & putting.

Re: Your 2010 Golf Goals Official Thread:

Practice the short game more - I did this

Commit to every shot - Most of the time

Lower handicap from 14 to 9  - Just missed 10.2

Better course management - Working on it

Play 3 time a week minimum - Played twice a week

Driver: Callaway RAZR Fit 9.5* , Aldila RIP’d stiff shaft (60g).

Ping G10 15* Hybrid
Callaway Heavan Wood 19* Hybrid
Putter: T-Line XXIV Tommy Armour

Ping i/3 Irons green dot
Cleveland 60* Lob wedge, Ping 56* Sand wedge, Nike SV Tour Black Satin 52* wedge, Ping 48* wedge.

Ball: TaylorMade

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Start shooting mid-80's consistently.

Hit more fairways

Become better at lagging putts

Most of all though....just play more golf. This will only be my third full summer playing golf and last summer I was only able to play about once per month. So, playing more golf is something I really want to do.

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Goal 1: Hit more than 50% of the fairways with my driver

Goal 2: Keep Putts under 32 per round

Goal 3: Get handicap steadily below a 5

Goal 4: Play as much golf as possible :-)

Driver: Titleist D3 9.5, Project X
3 Wood: Adams Tight Lies
Irons: Titleist AP2
Wedges: 51 Degree Cleveland, 54 and 58 Degree CG 15
Putter: Ping Kushin (Old School Baby!)

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My golf goals this year are as follows.

1. Break 80, the best round I have ever shot is an 80.

2. Get my index down to a 11-12 maybe 10, depending on how much I play (took a hiatus from work this summer so I am doing nothing but golf and my am-tour)

3. Become more consistent off the tee box, meaning hit more fairways.

4. Most importantly, have more fun and not take this game too seriously, I have a tendency to think it is life or death, I think if I get that under control I will reach my goals this year.

Best of luck to everyone

Driver-Titleist 910 D2
Wood-Cobra S2 3 wood
Wood-Cobra S2 5 wood
Hybrids-TM Burner 4-5 hybrid
Irons-Cobra S2 irons 6-9, Wedges-Clevaland CG14 48* 52* 56* 58*, Flatstick-SeeMore mFGP2 limited #086 out of 200 made, Bridgestone e6.

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1. Get my handicap in the single digits 2. Be more consistent in my swing 3. Spend more time practicing 4. Improve my short game (chipping & putting) 5. Play in more tournaments!!

In my bag:
Driver - Callaway X 460 Tour stiff, 3 Wood - Callaway Diablo 15° stiff, 7 Wood - Callaway Diablo 21° stiff, Irons - Ping Zing black dots 5-SW regular steel, Putter - Ping Anser, Ball - Titleist Pro V1, Bag - Callaway X22 Red stand bag, Shoes - Nike Air Zoom Elite II bronze

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I'd really like to get into the 12-15 range this season. Which means shooting alot more pars and finding consistency around the green for me.

 Driver:callaway.gifBig Bertha 460cc 10* Hybrids: adams.gif A7 3-4H  Irons: adams.gif A7 5i-PW
Wedges: cleveland.gifCG 12 50*, CG 14 56*, CG12 60* Putt Putt:odyssey.gif White ICE Tour Bronze 1 Putter
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1. Break 90 on 18, Break 43 on 9.

2. Improve my course management, (Reduce Penalty Strokes for OB/lost balls).

3. Establish a handicap index by joining the wed men's league and reccording enough rounds to establish the index.

4. Start tracking all my stats on the computer, and figure out where I am giving up most of my strokes on the course, then practice to improve those areas.

5. Beat both of my buddies who are now retired, and playing 4 times a week at least one time this season... I used to be pretty close to both of them, but now that they are playing more, they are leaving me in the dust.

6. Play more golf with my sons this year. (19, and 13 yr old both like the game).

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Originally Posted by Stretch

1. Play through the whole year without injury.

2. Get my index down to 5.0.

3. Shoot par or better on my home course.

Achieved two of my 2011 goals today when I shot 72 at my home course and, as a result, my handicap was cut to 5.0.

Pretty normal day on the front, playing OK, leaking a few shots here and there with some indifferent putting and chipping. Driving like a champ, though. Then just made everything I looked at after the turn. One over for the round on the par 5 18th, laid up with my second in front of the water guarding the green and hit a full wedge to 8 inches. Easiest putt of the day!

Screen shot 2011-04-21 at 5.05.51 PM.png

Pretty chuffed with that. Might have a few ales tonight.


"In the process of trial and error, our failed attempts are meant to destroy arrogance and provoke humility." -- Master Jin Kwon

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I have a long list of things to improve on but will focus on 5 things.

1.  Need to improve Driver alignment, which leads to more fairways.

2.  Continue to work on pace of play...Slow down, stop feeling like I need to rush!

3.  Shoot 44 or better on 9holes

4.  Lag putting to ~3ft.

5.  Shoot 89 or better consistently

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adams.gif Hybrid A2 20*3 hybrid Stiff Aldila VS / ping.gifRapture Black Dot 4-PW Stiff / cleveland.gifWedges CG11 54* SW / taylormade.gif RAC 52*, 58*Wedge / odyssey.gif  33" White Hot XG

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Note: This thread is 4219 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • At $25… And $5 for all bets, I'd do it like this… And we'll just assume that we have 22 with @dennyjones just adding to skins if he can play. 22 players is 11 teams… so… Skins $110/(# of skins) [$110 = 22 * $5] Nassau (Teams) $110 * 3 (FBT) but divided up this way: $20 / $20 / $70 $10 / $10 / $60 -- / -- / $50 -- / -- / $40 -- / -- / $30 -- / -- / $20 CTP $22 each. Or $23 if @dennyjones is in. That's just off the top of my head. Feel free to make changes, offer suggestions, etc. I tried to distribute $330 fairly. If you win the front or the back, it seems likely you might win the overall. But even if you sweep, that's $110, which is 1/3 of the pot, which kinda feels fair, too. Maybe?
    • Yes.  We did best points net two- man teams, but only overall IIRC at Beaver Creek. 80% handicap. And top three individual nets got a little something.  Yes, that's it. The three individual competitions - front, back and overall are great for big groups.  The $25 set up sounds like a winner as long as no one has a strong aversion to it. 
    • Day 4: Did my usual slow motion swings. Still working on being lateral with the hips and not letting my hips come towards the ball or get to far behind me.    Also started to work on some putting. Just swinging from coin to coin. New concept as I always tried to accelerate through the putt. Probably why I sucked at lag putting. 
    • You could take it a step farther and… write it down, and then tape it to your shaft beneath your grip. Like… this: Chapter 7, Page 37.
    • “Don’t hit 80 yards. Swing 9 o’clock” - is what my golf coach told me, when I was choosing between my wedges (PW, GP, …). Now I have a printed card where I write the average distance of every wedge that I hit with a 9 o’clock backswing motion. Before: When my distance to the green was around 40 to 120 yards, I would choose the club that would go that distance with either a full swing or a ‘not full swing’. I thought I had a good feeling for the distance and I’d swing according to that distance (sometimes a full swing with a 60 degree lob wedge to reach 100 to 110 yards). After: Now I know how far each wedge goes with a nine o’clock backswing and I systematically dial it up or down by increments of e.g. 5 degrees depending on the distance. Outcome: - My distance control has significantly improved: I am rarely short or long over the green - GIR percentage improved - Consequently, my putting percentage improved. I rarely have three putts thanks to the proximity of my shots near the pin - Now I rarely do a full swing with my wedges; that helps with more consistent shots and has the benefit of less air-time / wind impact For example: Before I would full swing my GW for 120 yard shots and now I go a club up and use my PW with a relaxed 9 o’clock shot to more accurately reach that distance.

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