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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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scratch or better this year is the overall goal

stop losing my temper on a poor shot

place top 10 in an amateur tournament

Win an entertainment invite tournament

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Just once do I want to break 40. I hit 40 at least 5 times last year and could've east made a three-footer here or there. Only had once chance to play this year so far, and I thought it was definitely a better start to the year than in the past, so I think it'll actually happen this time.

As for other goals, my putting needs a lot of work (whose doesn't?). Then again, everything does, but if there's one thing I really want to improve on, it would be my putting.

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I would really like to get my index down to the low teens.

I would like to consistently break 90, I typically shoot low 90's with my best round being an 85.

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2011 Golf Goals:

Lower HC from 10.2 to 8

Work on my swing so it is easier to repeat on every shot

Work on improving my scrambling.....up and down stats

Work more on the short game & putting.

Re: Your 2010 Golf Goals Official Thread:

Practice the short game more - I did this

Commit to every shot - Most of the time

Lower handicap from 14 to 9  - Just missed 10.2

Better course management - Working on it

Play 3 time a week minimum - Played twice a week

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Start shooting mid-80's consistently.

Hit more fairways

Become better at lagging putts

Most of all though....just play more golf. This will only be my third full summer playing golf and last summer I was only able to play about once per month. So, playing more golf is something I really want to do.

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My golf goals this year are as follows.

1. Break 80, the best round I have ever shot is an 80.

2. Get my index down to a 11-12 maybe 10, depending on how much I play (took a hiatus from work this summer so I am doing nothing but golf and my am-tour)

3. Become more consistent off the tee box, meaning hit more fairways.

4. Most importantly, have more fun and not take this game too seriously, I have a tendency to think it is life or death, I think if I get that under control I will reach my goals this year.

Best of luck to everyone

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1. Get my handicap in the single digits 2. Be more consistent in my swing 3. Spend more time practicing 4. Improve my short game (chipping & putting) 5. Play in more tournaments!!
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1. Break 90 on 18, Break 43 on 9.

2. Improve my course management, (Reduce Penalty Strokes for OB/lost balls).

3. Establish a handicap index by joining the wed men's league and reccording enough rounds to establish the index.

4. Start tracking all my stats on the computer, and figure out where I am giving up most of my strokes on the course, then practice to improve those areas.

5. Beat both of my buddies who are now retired, and playing 4 times a week at least one time this season... I used to be pretty close to both of them, but now that they are playing more, they are leaving me in the dust.

6. Play more golf with my sons this year. (19, and 13 yr old both like the game).

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Originally Posted by Stretch

1. Play through the whole year without injury.

2. Get my index down to 5.0.

3. Shoot par or better on my home course.

Achieved two of my 2011 goals today when I shot 72 at my home course and, as a result, my handicap was cut to 5.0.

Pretty normal day on the front, playing OK, leaking a few shots here and there with some indifferent putting and chipping. Driving like a champ, though. Then just made everything I looked at after the turn. One over for the round on the par 5 18th, laid up with my second in front of the water guarding the green and hit a full wedge to 8 inches. Easiest putt of the day!

Screen shot 2011-04-21 at 5.05.51 PM.png

Pretty chuffed with that. Might have a few ales tonight.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I have a long list of things to improve on but will focus on 5 things.

1.  Need to improve Driver alignment, which leads to more fairways.

2.  Continue to work on pace of play...Slow down, stop feeling like I need to rush!

3.  Shoot 44 or better on 9holes

4.  Lag putting to ~3ft.

5.  Shoot 89 or better consistently

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Note: This thread is 3956 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I have and still struggle with getting the transition and sequencing right. With my mistake still being gunning the hands from the top and getting steep. Honestly your hand path from the top and club angle at ~A5 look good to me (not that I'm a golf coach...). But I also began my journey trying to learn to drop the hands and shallow the club trying to force it manually. In your case, pushing hands behind you and straightening rear arm from the top. One thing that's really been helping me is working on sequencing and the lower body. Given your sequencing from the top and how you're weight isn't very forward and hips are barely open at all at impact I figure there might be some value here somewhere. I've had success thinking of the time from ~A4 to ~A6 as getting everything into position to then whip the club head through the ball. Letting the swing develop so to speak instead of starting hitting at the ball from the top. As an ex-pitcher using the pitching analogy has helped me a lot. You can think of the moment where the pitcher's front foot hits the ground (or maybe really just before) as the top off the back swing. Try to imagine from that point the pitcher rushing their hand forward at the same time and rate as they're opening their hips. It would look insane! And be much weaker and less accurate. The pitcher lets their arm kind of float as they open their hips and then their chest and then from that loaded/twisted position they throw through with their arm. I've tried to use that as a way to key in on the feel of letting the arms "float" (obviously they're physically active, I'm talking feel) into the right position from the top while they wait for the hips and chest to load up to get into position to flow through actively from ~A6. The other way that's worked for me is to get into proper impact position (weight more forward and hips much more open than you've got right now) and then do flowing back and forth swings with the hands coming back to about waist high. Then when doing a full swing, concentrate on not rushing and just flowing your body from the top to that hands at the waist position and letting power flow from there through the unwinding and push from the hands. Your mileage may vary of course. I just know how hard it can be to go from a great backswing like you've got through the transition to the down swing you know you can do and can give more consistent results. So I thought I'd throw out thoughts/feels that have been working for me.
    • A couple guys I play with played it last year, and enjoyed it. Said it was a fun course, in pretty good shape, and the price was good.
    • Looks like 3 albatrosses in a row.  The guy should have suspected something was up when he made the second one. 
    • I'm not watching the show, I did not like the last season at all, but heard about the scene and hey, it's already on YouTube. He makes what looks like two albatrosses in a row with a not great looking swing (that's fine, can't expect all actors to be athletic). Dunno what course this is. Western US somewhere?  
    • 87 at Minnesott today (43 front / 44 back).  Played the front solo (course was super busy so it was a lot of start - stop “, never a flow).  Only one dbl one the front with five bogies and three pars.  At the turn a couple guys ahead were waiting for the newbie foursome to get down the fairway.  Asked if I wanted to join, figured why not at least I will have someone to chat with.  Played the back pretty consistent as well with only one dbl with six bogies and two pars. Would have been identical if not for the pole rattle dead center putt on 18.  Had a total of 4 GIR and 7nGIR.  Putting a little better with 34 total putts.  Three of the pars were up and downs.  Best part of the round was making a couple of new friends.  
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