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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread

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1. I would like to get below a 5.5 index by the end of the year.

2. Increase my GIR from 32% to 44% or better.

3. Lower my putts per GIR to 2.0 or less.

4. Play 100 rounds (again)

5. Shoot 75 or better.

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The Adam Goodman Project: 1. Medal in 5 or more high school matches 2. Make the All-NCCC team 3. Compete in the Connecticut Jr. PGA 4. Finish in the top 10 in a Connecticut JPGA eve

Since most of us not fortunate to live in a climate where you can golf year round are likely just starting to get the sticks cleaned off with hopes of getting out in the next couple weeks, what are yo

Play more local and State Amateur events.

Play all four courses in Lawrence in one day (Eagle Bend, Alvamar GC, Alvamar CC, Lawrence CC).

Practice more.

Become an amazing ball striker.

Make a putt.

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My Goals for 2011

1.) Break 85 and shoot it the mid 80s consistently.

2.) Lower the number of three putts per round

3.) Increase GIR% and FW%.

4.) Get Scorecard and post ALL rounds and keep track of ALL my stats no matter how bad I'm playing.

5.) Practice at least 2 times a week (hopefully 3 or 4) including short game and putting (not just banging balls at the range)

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1. Work at becoming a much better lag putter.

2. Consistently shoot even par which will pull me closer to my recent 3 year goal to become scratch (currently in year 2 of that 3 year goal).

3. Work on getting up and down 60% of the time.

4. Work on consistently moving my weight onto my left leg at impact on every single shot.

5. Consistently rolling my right foot laterally towads to target vs. lifting onto my toe.

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To stop 3 putting, and concentrate more while playing. More consistent swing, and too hit more fairways, it is very frustrating to almost exclusively be scrambling. It would also be nice to knock off a few strokes on a round.

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I, being a simple soul have but one goal for golf in 2011. I aim to decrease my HCI into single digits as low as I can. If I get below 10 at any point, the year will be a success.

I realize this requires better ballstriking, better putting, better chipping, better and more consistent driving etc. Since those individual accomplishments are very hard to measure the HCI will serve as the goal and measurement.

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1. Establish a USGA index 2. Find a coach 3. Play 10 new courses 4. Play a pro am 5. Beat my dad heads up. ( fat chance but worth trying simple because it means I get to play with my father ) 6. Buy a set of forged irons on my trip to japan. 7. Oh and why not....... A hole in ONE !!! At my all time favorite par 3. Turkey creek # 14
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# 5 is the best one. I am heading to Myrtle Beach for the holidays and am most looking forward to playing golf with my dad. He doesn't play anymore but when talking to him you can tell he is looking forward to playing a round. Let the joking begin, I can hear it now after I hit my first drive, "I thought you said you play golf, do you need a bigger driver" Ha the old man can let the ribbing fly.

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My 2011 Golf Goals:

1. Get in better physical condition - Important because I want to get more distance, develop a more consistent swing, and to save my back...which is fried at 29 and is only going to get worse over time

2. Devote more time and energy to putting consistently - I think if I could putt worth a d@mn , I could become a scratch golfer with the game I have NOW

3. Hit my long and mid irons more consistently, and longer distances - My driver distance vs. iron distances are out of wack. I'd like to compress the ball and hit it flush throughout the bag, not just with the scoring clubs

4. Improve my ability to work the ball both directions, with all clubs, from various lies - I need to be better at curving the ball on command. Some of the places I drive it...I need miracles

5. Learn how to hit an old-school 'chip' shot with a stronger-lofted club - I do most of my short game stuff with a 60, but I'd like to at least have the chip shot 'in the bag'

6. Better mental game and deal with bad shots better - Most of my really bad rounds in the high 70's and into the 80s are when I'm hitting it like sh*t and instead of grinding, I get mad at myself and/or get into anger tantrums. Once you get angry, it's hard to get your focus and energy back afterwards. Plus I need to get more centered on the course and in more controll (or less control, to get a little Buddhist for a second) of what my mind is doing on the course. I need a clearer, more usefully-focused mind.

7. (Tentative) Change to a more neutral grip - I'm experimenting with this during my winter practice sessions. I may end up scratching this...check back next spring.

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1. Break 70 for the first time: Broke par for the first time this year, lets keep the momentum going.

2. Practice more: Get a car so I can actually practice during the week.  Be disciplined to practice for an hour and a half instead of trying to rush 9 holes in.  Putt, Putt, and more putting.

3. Get in shape: Feel like it will just make everything easier.

4: Qualify for State Championship: It's on my home course, make it in and anything can happen from there.

5. Get down to scratch: Played the best golf of my life last year, lets finally break the barrier.

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Note: This thread is 3612 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Since you said 3 months. I went with the approach of golf course density. No clue if most of them are private or not, but i might be a starting place to check.  Golf courses per square mile | Golf Channel Definitely the NE United States has a lot of golf courses near each other. Stay in a city of Hartford, CT and you would be able to be with in 2 hour drive of golf courses in three of those states.   
    • First thing is get a rule book, read it and definitely keep it in your bag.  You don't want to face issues with penalty shots or a DQ for accidentally violating a rule. In terms of how you approach the game, it depends on your personality.  Some people play better under pressure and others prefer a more calm environment.  Depending on what you are like, plan to play accordingly.  For example, you can choose to keep score and know your position at all times or just write it down and ignore it till you tally it up after 18 holes. Definitely practice as much as you can before the tournament, but don't try to make swing changes between now and then.  Also, try to figure out where you are gaining and more importantly losing strokes.  Then plan your practice sessions accordingly.  You definitely want to strengthen your good points and focus on minimising the damage your bad points cause. Finally, definitely ensure you are warmed up on the day before you tee off.  You don't want to take a couple of holes to warm up and find your rhythm.  Losing strokes aimlessly isn't good, especially in a competitive tournament
    • One other club I would suggest, especially if you can try it before you buy, is a mini driver.  You will get these clubs in around 15* of loft, and this is smaller than a driver but bigger than a 3 wood.  My friend uses one and finds it easier to hit off the turf.  Plus the shorter shaft means he has more control than the 10* driver he has almost stopped using.
    • So there was. Wonder if Vince McMahon has been in contact with his lawyers yet.
    • Just approach it as a learning experience and try to have fun. Let bad shots go and focus on the next shot.
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