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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


Note: This thread is 3994 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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Like our 2008 , 2009 , and 2010 threads, here's the official thread for 2011.

The rules are the same as they've been:
  1. Post your goals personal golf-related goals for 2011.
  2. Please try to post just once, though if you reach all of your goals, you should quote your post and revise them later in the year.
  3. Do not reply to the posts of other people. This thread, like "What'd You Shoot Today," is not intended to be a discussion, but merely a list of people's goals.

If you're looking to recap your 2010 goals, that's over here in this thread .

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. learn to get into the proper stance and alignment. i have a Lot of trouble setting up correctly to the ball. i have to go through a lot of shuffling around to feel like i'm properly aimed and the ball is positioned correctly, and sometimes i'll haul off and swing from what i know is an incorrect setup just to be done with it already. i'm getting better about it, but it's still definitely a huge issue for me.

2. i'm finally starting to drain a good number of 10-15 foot putts, and i would like to make that the norm more than the "i just happen to be having a good day" exception.

if i can just accomplish those two things, i see no reason why i can't get down to a 2 handicap or better.
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1. Attend a stack and tilt school/invest at least $200 towards lessons

2. Get under a 12 handicap

3. Shoot under 90 consistently

4. Hit 60% of fairways

5. Play one course enough to establish a USGA Handicap

Waiting out the 2 feet of snow that just dropped on the course....

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1. Play through the whole year without injury.

2. Get my index down to 5.0.

3. Shoot par or better on my home course.


"In the process of trial and error, our failed attempts are meant to destroy arrogance and provoke humility." -- Master Jin Kwon

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. break 80

2. Become a single digit capper

3. Become a better putter

Tools in the Ogio bag.
Driver      Callaway
 Razr Fit Xtreme 8.5* Extra Stiff

3 wood   Callaway X hot Stiff flex

Hybrid     Ping I20 3H 20* & 4H 23*
Irons       Ping  I20 5-PW

Wedges  Ping Tour Gorge 52 & 56 Callaway Mack daddy 60*

Putter     Scotty Cameron Monterey

Balls      Bridgestone B-330

Shoes          Skycaddie SGX

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1. Putt consistently better

2. Become better at/more consistent with using the "big muscles" to swing and covering the ball more

4. Hopefully 1 & 2 will allow me to break 80 for the first time

5. Beat, or at least play well, against my uncles this summer. My uncles and grandfather meet every year for a couple of rounds as sort of tournament. Sadly, my Grandfather has decided to hang up the clubs for good this winter. But they asked me to fill out the group in his place - which is a big honor. My uncles are a little better than me but not too much. I was able to win one of the two rounds we played this summer at a family reunion. Would really like to take home the trophy my first year with the group this summer.

In the bag:
Driver:  Burner 10.5* Stiff     ||    3 Wood:  Burner 13* Stiff     ||     Hybrids:  Slingshot 17*, 21*, 24* Utility

Irons:  MX-300 5-PW     ||     Gap & Sand Wedge:  Spin-Milled Black Nickel 52.08* / 58.08*

Putter:  VP-09 Blade 33"     ||     Ball:  Penta TP

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1.) Get fitted for my new KZG clubs ASAP

2.) Play at least 5-6 tournaments through the year

3.) According to "2.", improve my hcp <20, or even <15 (did shoot 85 and 87 last year)

4.) play a round in or under Par on my homecourse (short 9-hole par33)

5.) improve my long iron and 3/4-wood game to reach greens >180m (200yds) consistently

6.) put better (a lot of put training in the living room during the winter, already progressing great)


"I have my own golf course and Par is whatever I say it is. There's a hole which is a Par13 and yesterday I damn nearly birdied that sucker." - Willie Nelson

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At least double my up-and-down rate.

Shoot under 80.

Driver: Cobra 460SZ 9.0, med.
3 Wood: Taylor stiff
3-hybrid: Nike 18 deg stiff
Taylor RBZ 22 deg regular
Irons:5-9, Mizuno MP30, steel
Wedges: PW, 52, 56, 60 Mizuno MP30
Putter: Odyssey 2-ball

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1) Get to 5 index or less

2) Hit more than 50% GIR

3) Driving average over 260 yards

Already done! Calculated average yesterday at 261.2

4) Shoot or break par at home course

5) Birdie holes 1,  8, 11, and 18 at home course. I've Birdied everything else multiple times but never broke par on these holes.

6) Keep or improve skill level over the winter

Driver: taylormade.gif R9 Superdeep TP 8.5* - Aldila RIP 70x | 3-Wood: taylormade.gif R9 TP 15* - Diamana Blueboard 83x | Hybrid: taylormade.gif Rescue TP 19* - Motore F3 95x | Irons: taylormade.gif RAC TP MB 3-PW - Dynamic Gold x100 | Wedges: taylormade.gif TP xFT 54.12* and 60.10* - Dynamic Gold s400 | Putter:  ping.gif Karsten Anser - 33"
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  • Moderator
1) Work on getting my driver more accurate and increase my fairways percentage
2) Continue my quest for bowed wrist at impact which will increase the quality of my ball striking
3) Increase my practice and get more serious than 2010....I slacked off WAY too much and it showed
4) Get my handicap back below 5....hopefully closer to a 2 (I was a 2.8 before starting my swing corrections)
5) Play and be more competitive in more tournaments than the last few years.

Bryan A
"Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same"

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1) Find the takeaway that will get my swing on the proper swing plane.
2) Hit off of a firm front leg more consistantly.
3) Stop straightening my right wrist in an attempt to lift the ball and allow my club to do it.
4) Back to Back par.
5) Post a score of birdie on one hole.
6) Play bogie golf and post a score of 90.
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Win at least 2 of three CC invitationals I play in next year.

Play and and finish in the top ten state amateur. I don't get to play in it every year.

Get my handicap back a to a 0 Being a +2 currently is a joke, I am not that good. Our clubs rating is excessively high and causes the handicaps to be a bit lower than reality.

Get some distance back with my driver, I have somehow lost 25 yards or more.
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1) Break 90 for the first time
2) Move my GIR up from 20% to 40% plus
3) Move my driving accuracy up to 50% (currently 30%)
4) Get lessons at Golf Evolution this July
5) Get fitted and purchase new irons
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1. Shoot under 90 at Bethpage Black.
2. Play a variety of the courses instead of the usual.
3. Build a solid pre-shot routine for all clubs.
4. Tempo, tempo, and tempo.
5. Build more confidence with the fairway wood off the tee.
6. Go on my 2nd golf vacation.
7. Cut down on club ho'ing.

« Keith »

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Note: This thread is 3994 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Okay so, I have a few rounds in now and I'm starting to like this thing.  The last time I played I didn't have to do any editing after the round. It was only 9 holes, but I actually tagged everything exactly right and even got the pin placements right. 😄 I only had to go back and change 2 shots to positional shots.  I have 7 rounds in there now, so the data is starting to get interesting. The first thing I've learned (okay, confirmed, because I already knew it) my wedge play is not very good. I was surprised to find that I'm getting up and down only about 20% of the time with my 54 or 60 degree wedge in my hands. Interestingly, when I putt from off the green, I'm getting up and down 73% of the time. (That's with 15 attempts, so that's interesting to me.)  The second thing I learned is I am super-inconsistent off the tee with the driver. Take a look:  There is almost 100 yards difference between my longest drive and my average drive. Which tells me that for every really good drive I hit, there's at least on real stinker.... probably more than one. Some of those have hit trees, but some of them (too many) have been straight up shanks, hosel rockets, tops, flubs, thins, toes, heels, and/or skanks. If I can eliminate the totally sh!tty ones, I think my average would come up closer to my performance average. I'm not good enough at math to calculate my standard deviation, but I bet it's huge.  I did find that I'm just about as likely to miss left of the fairway as I am to miss right of the fairway.  I plan to start to work my practice around the areas that need improvement.  Of course, I'm going to continue to work on my swing in general, as it can still get better. But consistency off the tee and wedge play will have to get a little more attention going forward. 
    • Yay, was able to get to the range today!  Half of the bucket (20 balls or so), worked on top of the swing work. Taking club back to A3.5, pausing, then while looking at the ball extending the right elbow without turning, then extending the elbow while turning a bit. After like 4-5 reps, I would paus it at A3.5, and try to extend my right elbow as I hit the ball like 100 yards or so.  Quarter of the bucket, worked on some lower body movement from A4 to A6. Just trying to stay down a bit more as my arms get more around me (right elbow extending). Taking the club to A3.5, pausing, shift pressure under left foot as I bring the hands/arms down by extending right elbow. When I was looking at my left knee, from A4 to A6, as I bring my arms down, my left knee rotates back overtop my left foot, and my knees stay flexed at A6. From A6, I would make a small pump and hit shots like 60 yards or so by bringing my right side through. This got me back to getting my right side through better.  Quarter of a bucket making swings were I focus on manipulating the club path and face a bit. I would think, "lets hit a straight draw/hook". I would try to see what feel would make it do that. If I didn't hit it how I wanted on one shot, I would try to make some slow practice swings through impact to get a better feel and try to see if those feels worked for the next shot. Turns out, I am halfway decent at making the correct change on the next shot. Example, when trying to hit a straight draw/hook I hit a low pull cut. I figured as I closed the face down, I brought the club path left. So, I did a few slow swings from A6 to A7, closing the face but also swinging out. On the next shot I hit a straight hook. After hitting a leftward shot, I would flip to trying to hit a big cut. Also, I really focused on making the same turn through the ball. I really had to focus on manipulating the club with my hands and arms.  To curve left, more of a left hand forward revving feel. It feels like I start revving the left hand over from like A5 through impact.  To curve right, more of right palm staying up more longer. It feels like I am delaying the crap out of the club turning over.   
    • There's a guy in my league who's about 70-75 ish, and quite a bit overweight as well. He carries only LW, SW, GW, PW and I think a 9-iron. The rest of his bag consists of various fairway woods. He's playing off single digits so it seems to work for him. He does play the "forward tees", but I've played with him and he seems long enough to play at least the middles. From what I remember of his bag, there is something like an 11-wood, 9-wood, 7-wood, 5-wood, 3-wood and driver in there. No hybrids though. Of course he has a putter and I think he has a chipper too. 
    • Agreed. I think that's just prize money. It looks like most guys in the top 200 have a "bag deal", A "hat deal", a "logo deal" etc. ... That can bag him (see what I did there? 🤪) at least an additional $250K to $1M per year.  Take a look at this article. It's a little dated (2018) but the information is still pretty good.  Ever Wonder How Much a PGA TOUR Pro Makes to Wear All Those Logos? Recently Golf.com spoke with a top sports agent, who spoke anonymously about the kind of money a PGA TOUR pro makes off of endorsement deals.  I do understand that they have to pay their own travel expenses and they give their caddies a cut. But even so, it doesn't sound to me like these guys are just scrapping by.   
    • That article lost me with this statement: A quick search of the PGAT 2022 money list found that #100 of 200 has earned around $1.2 million dollars. Hardly struggling, unless you have the financial acumen of a can of spam.
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