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"Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson


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FWIW...This thread inspired me to go to Paul's sight again and watch some of his free lesson videos. As the old saying goes, "there's no such thing as bad press".

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Update: and it is not good (2 weeks ago)

Disaster.  I mean disaster and I don't think it was all of Paul Wilson's fault.  

I was still in on his swing, practicing at home and the range.  I then was watching a Be Better Swing video about lag and ...............

GOOD NIGHT sweet prince.  I could not hit a ball to save my life.  Shanks galore, hitting the ball off the hosel on woods.  I actually had a ball mark on my pitching wedge at the top of the toe!!

I shot 50 on the front of an easy course, just basically topping, thinning, shanking, fat, thin you name it.  I could do nothing right except put and chip or it would have been 65 easy.

The turn came, I got a bunch of beer and said screw it, I cannot do all this motion with my lower body.  There is just too much going on to feel comfortable.


39 on the back nine and I missed two easy 3 foot birdies.  I can't do it.

Two days later I played on another course and shot 80.  Eleven pars and missed so many birdie chances.  Here is the catch, I did not use Paul Wilson's swing.  I used part of it and I think is the most important part.

I will say not effortless arms but "Lazy arms" and just use your wrists to hinge.  That lower body twisting he teaches is just not for me.

The point he teaches about keeping your arms, meaning hitting at the ball is on point in my opinion.  I just cannot get his lower body theory into practice.  

Golf is a journey and there are no short cuts but I might take lessons from a PGA teacher who turned around one of my golfing mates from the high nineties to below par.  He has gone 68 twice since my 80 round.







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At 67, I’ve lost several yards on my drives.  Paul Wilson’s Body Swing System caught my eye as my current arm swing seems to be failing me.  Years ago I purchased his Swing Machine book.  For medical reasons

( back ) I started more back friendly swings but I fear that those 3/4 arm swings have cost me distance.  I dusted off the SM book but now wonder if I’d be better off purchasing his Body Swing System.  Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated particularly from those who have had successfully transitioned from arm swing systems.

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I want to give my review of Paul Wilson as I have used all of his products - Swing Machine Golf, the Body Swing, Ignition golf, and his youtube channel. I started playing golf about 10 years ago and searching for online tips I found Paul Wilson in his red polo and khakis and was immediately drawn to his promise of a consistent and pain-free golf swing. It seemed to good to be true. I eagerly purchased the book and DVD's and started practicing the moves. After ten years I am giving up his teaching. I do not want to bash Paul Wilson ... his swing may work for some people but I think people learning golf should really consider a more traditiional golf instructor. Here are my specific concerns with the system -

1) Paul Wilson has hundreds and hundreds (thousands?) of "tips" available and they are all on a driving range (Bear's Best in Las Vegas). He also encourages you to tee up every shot while you're learning. And let me tell you, Paul Wilson's powerless arms swing delivers. By focusing on driving your lower body into a balanced finished position and "just letting the ball get in the way", you start hitting unbelievable shots. Effortless, high, and straight. However I have only been able to find one video of his where he talks about uneven lies. With the ball above or below your feet it is very difficult to execute this swing and stay in balance. You instinctively feel like your swing needs to be an arms-only swing, which of course is a huge no-no with Paul. I honestly can't believe he hasn't addressed this. It's a great driving range swing where there's a perfect lie and no pressure, but on the course with pressure (tension) and uneven lies, it is simply not consistent. My home course puts me in very tough lies (think baseball swings) even if I am straight off the tee. 

2) Every video he makes is about 4X too long. They could be 2 minutes long but he just repeats himself over and over and over again until they are 11 minutes ong. This is not a small concern when evaluating an online instructor. His videos should be way more focused and relevant. 

3) Finally, I think the biggest issue, he's the only person teaching his swing. If you're struggling, it's because you're not doing something correct. Go back and re-read the book or watch the videos. Or you can fly to Las Vegas and take a lesson from him for $500 (which I have done). I have tried getting feedback from him on his coach link app and it simply doesn't work. He says to not watch other instructors or golf videos because his system is the only way, unless you're a pro and can golf 12 hours a day (this is something I have heard him say several times). This is the problem with his system. There is no flexibility or adaptability. He's the only person that teaches the one true way to golf. 

Again, I don't mean to bash the guy. I don't think he's a snake-oil salesman. I think he really believes in his system and wants to help others. I just wish I could go back in time 10 years and stop myself from learning his system because it has led to so much frustration. I have actually quit golf twice and come back thinking all of my struggles are because I am not practicing the moves enough. All of the positive reviews and "testimonials" seem to be from people fresh off a lesson where he magically got them hitting incredible shots (see concern #1). I wonder if there is a good golfer (scratch handicap, competing) that actually uses his system. Honestly I really doubt there is.

I would heartily encourage anyone learning golf to take a lesson from a traditional instructor that can work with you in person and to stay away from youtube "tips" that make you think there's a short cut to good golf. There's really not. There's hundreds of different swings and what you should learn from instructors are key principles and adapt them into your swing. Run away from anyone teaching a system, or one dogmatic approach that promises the world. Golf is frustrating enough. 

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