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    • It’s going to come down to companies and non-government institutions to make things better.  Our political system, and politics, are too fractured for cooperation.  I even think a blanket federal mandate has big issues.  We don’t need everyone vaccinated, just more than we have.   I’m fine to have a solid 10% of people who don’t get it because they think Bill Gates is microchip happy, or it’s going to turn you into a Mole person.   Or whatever morons whose sandwich count is well short of a picnic.
    • It looking more and more like Michigan is going to be going back to masks required.   Nothing official yet but several counties have such a huge uptick that they are recommended that masks be worn for everyone.   MSU and UM have now made requirements for all staff, facility and students be vaccinated.  
    • I’m not a big fan of that drill. It can cause your right elbow to get stuck on your side. I like this drill better and the feel that the right arm widens the backswing. Also, ‘staying connected’ doesn’t really mean that your arms should be glued to your sides. Check this thread out.  
    • Bullshit. You’re trolling. Did you poll any other native Americans or just the ones who would agree with your take? Or maybe your ‘friend’ just agreed with you because they are tired of your endless whining. Stop embarrassing yourself with your ‘silliness’.
    • I’m simply sharing the thoughts and perspective of people who’s opinions on the subject seem to be a lot more relevant than yours and mine. I’m not at all embarrassed because you disagree with them.
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