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    • I’ve played several times on courses where my ball striking was really good and then the greens were either really slow, or rough, and it clearly kept me from going lower.   One time, years ago, I played on a wide open course with huge greens.   But they were slow as anything.  Hit 13 greens and putted horribly because they were like high carpet.
    • It’s not about only you.
    • Thursday I shot 85 on a course I’ve never played before while on vacation.    It moved my handicap down to its lowest since moving 4 years ago.  I had 2 years where I didn’t get to play a lot, however before that I could play 3-4 days per week with good practice sessions before.   I got down to an 8.  My index is now 13.5 which is the lowest since trying to slowly come back for the past 4 years.     Being on the down trend, the guy that runs our Sunday game was nice enough to call me a Sandbagging MF…..when our team won before I left.  🙂  
    • Well the only thing in that response that is that it’s correct that people shouldn’t assume that Native Americans are sitting around fuming about this.  And personally that wouldn’t be my concern here.   While it’s important to try and consider the feelings of others (try it some time!), I personally don’t think that what this country did to Native Americans was right and I don’t think we should be using a name like that.  As we grow as a culture (try it some time!) we find these things and need to evaluate whether we are going to far, or not enough to have an inclusive society.  Or even just trying to be respectful.      whether the people you know feel differently, we’ll that’s fine.   That’s their opinion and that’s mine. please post your address so I can send you a mirror.  It might help with being able to see the opinion of arrogant white men.  
    • It’s going to come down to companies and non-government institutions to make things better.  Our political system, and politics, are too fractured for cooperation.  I even think a blanket federal mandate has big issues.  We don’t need everyone vaccinated, just more than we have.   I’m fine to have a solid 10% of people who don’t get it because they think Bill Gates is microchip happy, or it’s going to turn you into a Mole person.   Or whatever morons whose sandwich count is well short of a picnic.
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