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Overall I tend to agree with what others have said.  The unique thing about similar successful websites (steepandcheap.com, woot.com, whiskeymilitia.com, chainlove.com & other sites operated by backcountry.com) is that they inspire truly irrational decisions knowing that this is a one-time deal.

These sites usually have great gear, and typically it's 60-70% off.  I like being able to browse through the items that are no longer available and to see what has been offered and what kind of deals to anticipate.  Many times I find items that I am bummed I missed and would have bought.  I then check the site religiously.

The entire allure of such a website is lost with a 'closeout' section.  It also confuses the purpose of the website... is this a deal of the day place, or a closeout website with really random inventory (kids sets, obscure Maxfli fairway woods, limited loft/shaft 2009 drivers... etc).

When I scan the closeout section, it tells me that if something doesn't sell today I can grab it tomorrow for ~10% more.  That isn't a huge penalty, and most golfers think hard about what ends up in their bag.

I'd take a hard look at what the other deal of the day sites are doing well.  Well-developed web-design, RSS feeds, relevant products, well-written product summaries, live info on size/options and quantities left, and above all top-notch CS.  Without these things I'll wonder if this place is legitimate, where my money is going and id I'll ever see my product.

Might be better off with a deal of the day website, and a larger closeout website operated independently from the same parent company.

Quite a few of the product blurbs have literally said "be a man, buy these irons" or "your friends will be jealous if you buy this."  Some web sites come up with creative/witty blurbs that read quite a bit better, and I think most customers would like to know technical specifications, options in the least.  Additionally, some 'MSRP' values on the deal of the day items have seemed a bit optimistic.

With that said, I love the concept of a deal-of-the-day golf website.  Bringing products that most golfers need (grips, balls, shoes, shirts) will likely help quite a bit too, as irons/drivers/etc can be a specific purchase for most guys.

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Thanks for the response, great insight.... the website is obviously new and we are narrowing in on our Identity, seeing what is working and not. I'm glad to report the website is seeing a substantial amount of sales/traffic in the deal of the day and closeouts but we want to make sure people are not getting distratct from the point, which is one great item for sale a day.

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Hey sorry about that, we had a ton of our emails get bounced around in space as we are converting over to a new site and email host... anyway the address that works is contact@naileditgolf.com ... if you shoot over a message there you will get a response in 12-24 hours thanks

Originally Posted by irishmike27

I'm still waiting on tracking information from my order, and in four attempts to contact the site via email I have had 3 messages sent back, and one sent to nailedit@host291.hostmonster.com has not been acknowledged. . I realize you are switching over to a new site, but I'm curious why I can't get any messages through. I know you said they are taking 24 hours to respond to emails, and that's fine, but I can't get any emails delivered for anyone to respond to. Can you please give me an address to send an email to that will work? In addition to the one listed above, I have had messages returned from the following:





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the site seems to have good deals but I ordered a shaft and it arrived broken. It was a very por packing job and customer service was not sympathetic. I do not fel confident that tany item I buy here will arrive without damage and that the company will be sympathetic to me if items are damaged in transit.
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Note: This thread is 3758 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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