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Forged vs Casted Cavity back iron weight

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Originally Posted by dbuck

If you had IDENTICAL clubhead designs exactly the same dimensions and designs, same cavity size etc, one cast in one piece and one forged, made from exactly the same alloy(if that is even possible) the forged club might be slightly heavier because it would be more dense. It would be something you could probably discern on a digital postal scale, but not at the end of a True Temper DG S300.

Slightly heavier.... so Forged Cavity back is slightly heavier than Cast cavity back.

Yesterday I hit about  100 balls with my Mizuno Forged cavity back irons.   Until now, my left hand is all stiff.  Not usual.....

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Almost all clubs are built to the same specs as far as head weight is considered , regardless of material used.  Some materials are heavier and some are lighter but if the material is lighter they will use more material or additional weight to get head weight into a generally accepted range.  The one big factor in making some heads feel heavier than others is shaft weight.  You find a much bigger difference in shaft weight among manufacturers than you will in head weight.  The lighter the shaft the heavier the head will feel and conversely for a heavier shaft.

Interestingly enough back in the 90's one of Ping's most popular clubs were the Be-Copper eye 2's.  What is interesting is the tooling for those clubs was a few years old and had never been used.  Ping was planning to make their own version of the feather light club and this head was their design.  By the time they got every thing together to begin production the featherlight fad had ended and they were stuck with nearly a million dollars worth of tooling.  Karsten's son John decided to find a heavier wieght material to see if they could offer a model that would use this tooling.  Be-Copper was the answer and a legend was born. Be Copper is strong enough, hard enough enough and heavy enough to get the light weight designed heads back into normal specs.  One of Pings most popular and iconic clubs was a result of a mistake.

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oh ...  to answer your question.  No, forged heads are not heavier than than cast heads.  Some manufacturers may make slight increases or decreases off the norm but most clubs are built to the same semi standard specs.

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Note: This thread is 3680 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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