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    • WOW! That looks brutal. Years and years ago, while playing somewhere in Chicagoland I had a ball end up very much like that. I tried to slam it out but ended up driving it deep... I mean DEEP under the grass, never to be seen again. As far as I know that ball is still under there.    The story continued from there. Since I was lying 2, literally under the turf I took an unplayable lie. I didn't retrieve the old ball. I just tried to drop a new one in the bunker one club-length away. Do to the slope I ended up having to place it. Things kind of went off the rails from there. When it was all said and done I ended up making an 11 on that par-3. My buddies and I called it my "Spinal Tap" hole...  "This par three goes to eleven".
    • The argument one might make for Bobby Orr has to emphasize that he was a defenseman, did things no defenseman ever did before him and very few have done since. It changed the way coaches looked at the position. Without considering the context, simply looking at adjusted points per game stats against the greatest forwards of all time, is a disservice to Orr..  Consider this. The top ten scoring seasons in NHL history for a defenseman are owned entirely by two men. Orr and Paul Coffey. Coffey, you may know, played with both Gretzky and Lemieux. Only three other players have ever scored 100 points or more in a season. Al McInnis, Brian Leetch and Dennis Potvin did it one time each. Talk about different eras? The highest ranked season after 2000 came in at #40 when Brent Burns scored 83 points in 2018-19. Bobby Orr deserves some credit because he was more than just an offensive player. He did play defense, he hit, could fight if he had to. Of course, its some of those type of things that helped shorten his career. Lemieux is said to have saved the Penguin franchise, but Orr made a ho-hum Bruin franchise into a massive thing in Boston.  They say that ice rinks popped out of the ground in Boston during the 70s and it was because of Orr. Not sure if I'd call him GOAT, but he should be in the top 3.      
    • 1. Yo! Use paragraph breaks my friend. Makes it much easier on the eyes!😉 2. You had a good round. You were very conscious of that....Voila! Shanks. 3. I had a very nice round going for a 6800yd+ course and I hit my only shank on a par 3 tee shot while the smoke show car girl watched.    4. Congratulate yourself. Nice round!
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