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Cutting driver shaft....4 wood too?

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Hi guys,

I am going in to get my VR STR8 Fit cut to 44.5 this weekend ( current 45.75 which is too long for me )

I also struggle with my 4 wood, do you think cutting it to 41/41.5 would help? I consistently hit it better when I choke up, so I figure I may was well chop it

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I think you should experiment with choking up, and if it works well, go for it. I have a shorter than standard driver as well, it's just so much more consistent. My driver is 1" short (plays at 44") and I have my 13* wood and 17* hybrid both a 1/2" short (42.5" and 40.5"). Works great, I feel like I have so much more control, without giving up yards. I have a feeling that you will end up cutting your 4 wood and loving it.

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Note: This thread is 3810 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • The issue is when this happens in a formal competition. Hard to protect the field by calling it for a single brief phrase.  I did call advice in a tournament a few weeks ago when one player helped the other make a 10 foot putt on the first hole. Afterwards the advice-giver checked with the committee and added two strokes to his score. The player who accepted the advice and made the putt did not.  
    • They know it's embedded because they saw it land and then cannot find it and the ground is soft. See USGA Embedded Ball FAQ.  Yes, if the ball is "known or virtually certain" lost in an abnormal course condition such as temporary water, then there is free relief referencing the point that the ball entered the abnormal course condition. However, soft ground is not temporary water. Water has to be visible.   Yes, they say, "leave it there, it might help". Maybe this one is not as difficult to call as other examples though. 
    • Thanks for the welcome. I'm figuring out the kid stuff. My kids are 6th grade and 3rd grade. I bought them a set of top flight clubs to share for now, but my 6th grader is really on the high end of height for the clubs, and I'm going to need a 2nd set. So my youngest one is all set for now, I just need to do some figuring on the oldest one.    As far as actually playing with them, I've got to get that figured out as well, and I'm interested to hear about others' experiences. We have a par 3 course nearby, and that's a good start.  Thus far, I've let them hit a shot off the tee, and then I ask them to take their ball up to the green. I've only had them out twice so far, and they had a blast, so it is something they seem to want to continue doing. Thanks Denny. This seems like a cool place. Yeah, I agree that club technology, especially for irons, hasn't changed that much in recent times. My biggest objection to my clubs is that as the offset gets bigger as I get to the 3 iron, it takes what is usually a mild draw and turns it into a much more pronounced draw bordering on a hook with the longest irons.
    • It’s like anything else, if you make a change and see improvement, then the change was worth it.  Its just golf. 
    • "Choose to do it all at once" is not in the rules. If you do that, you have played from a wrong place. The penalty is 2 strokes, or DQ if it was a serious breach. Usually a cart path is not "right next to" a penalty area, so relief from the cart path after dropping on it could be between the cart path and the penalty area.   It is a question of protecting the field because some players follow the correct procedure and even end up playing from the cart path when their cart path relief would have them closer to and maybe standing in the penalty area. 
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