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    • Those are some unusual looking elephants! 😉
    • They did say they will change after the 2021 season.  Regarding apparel, even after they “retired” Chief Wahoo from their uniforms, they were still selling merchandise with that character on it. I’m sure that stuff will sell well to the over-sensitive, nostalgic fans who are infuriated by the change! Good article on why they chose the name: https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/07/23/cleveland-guardians-name-change-decision-explained  
    • Ugh, that's disappointing.  A few months ago (I think I wrote about this in the previous thread, I can try to find that if someone wants) I tried to get my device to connect to my phone via Bluetooth and it was a hassle and did not connect.  I eventually gave up.  But if I knew it would work, I'd fight it a bit more. 
    • Well, this is the second time in two years I've been introduced to a team called the "Guardians."  I like these ones better, even though I'm not that into baseball and I've yet to visit Ohio. Spiders would have been great.  "Cleveland Baseball Team" would have been terrible.  But on the animals front, I don't understand why some of the scariest animals don't have as many sports teams named after them.  I realize not many people want a sports team named Candiru, even though they are plenty scary.  I understand why many universities wouldn't want a scary animal as its mascot, but among professional sports teams, I can think of two named after snakes and none named after arachnids.   Anyway, back to the topic.  Changing the name is something that was overdue. I'm mildly curious how a team name change happens mid-season or what the rules on former name apparel in the ballpark (home or away games) are.  
    • What is “silliness”? I thought it was a mediocre name at first, but once I read the “history” behind it I thought it was really good. I have a feeling that any new name would sound a little dumb at first, until you get used to it…and I think this one will grow on people.    Teams have changed their names all the time throughout their history (including the Guardians). Not a big deal. 
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