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Popups with driver

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Yesterday was the first day out with the new driver. I really only hit it inside. Even inside I noticed I was getting under the ball. I tried lowering the tee but I am still hitting the ball on the top of the driver. Infact I even got a few idiot marks on top of the club head. Any idea for a quick fix on something like that? I was also snap hooking my irons. But that is prob because I am very strong on my grip. But the driver is a bigger problem.

I am lining my self up with the ball on my front big toe and I was not grounding the club before i started my back swing. I just sort of hover next to theball

i was using a taylormade r9 460

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Whenever I start hitting the ball not where I want it or not the way I to, the first thing I look at is balance throughout the swing.  First check that your not leaning into the ball and leaning away from the ball.  A easy, yet very effective way to check balance is swing normally with your feet together.  You should be able to swing without falling over and still get plenty of distance on your shots. Next, I'd look at swing path to make sure it's what you want.  If you still are hitting under it after those checks, I'd make sure your head isn't moving too much through the swing, because if your head moves down, your body moves down and you get under the ball.

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Originally Posted by bruce

Check to make sure your not doing a reverse pivot.

Someone with their weight too far back at impact is far more likely to top the ball or hit it thin than they are to come into the ball too steeply and hit a popup.

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Sounds like you throw away some lag and flying wedges prematurely. There could be some causes linked to that flaw, but in the end, the ball will only launch high if the dynamic loft at impact is too high, or if you hit the ball too high on the clubface.

I would recommend you try getting a video recorded , but one thing you can try is to work on your pressure points. I've had good results with the Pure Ball Striker . There are some issues with delivery of the PBS now, so you might want to hold off ordering one from their site yet. It is however not too difficult to create one yourself which resemble the PBS and do the same job. Look on the last couple of pages for some tips.

I'm suggesting this because I'm a flipper myself and it is the cause to my high ball flight. Since I started working on my pressure points , my launch angle has dropped from 15-20 to 8-13 degrees. It's not perfected yet, but the improvement is significant. I also had and still got other things to work on, so I would suggest a video in any case so we can see what is going on.

How low have you tried teeing it up? You could try moving the ball a bit more back in the stance, but inside the left foot is usually a good spot.

Snap hooks is a result of rolling the arms and turning the clubface over, which also could be linked together with flipping. Swing path can have some influence. If you come over the top, it's easy to try manipulating the clubface to avoid the slice. Close it too much and you got a snap hook. Again a video would help.

How are your bad shots usually? Which direction do they start and which direction do they curve? Do you have a high or low trajectory?

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Peverse pivot causes you to dip forward on the backswing and then fall backwards on the downswing which will cause you to go under the ball or cause pop ups.Swing usually gets very steep.

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Note: This thread is 3793 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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