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    • I love mine.  It did take me a few rounds to get used to them since the longer iron’s hybrid construction was a different look and feel, but I love them now!
    • One thing I will ask is have you looked at where your clubface is pointing at address? When the new "golf dome" opened in our area I got an instant lesson. I thought I was addressing the ball with the face square to the target line, but as it turns out I was not! The mat I was hitting on had very subtle "vertical seams" in it, so I set up to have my clubface parallel to those seams, and thus perpendicular to the target line. As it turned out, my clubface was anything but that. It was open to the target line!  When I turned the club to get it parallel to the seams, it appeared closed to me. But I hit a couple of shots and they flew straight and true! This is how little weird things can creep into your setup and mess you up. I have a friend who, when putting, sets up with his feet and clubface looking well left of the hole! He then proceeds to "shove" the putt at the hole. I've shown him this many times, and he can't seem to get past it.
    • It would make sense... But I'm not sure, because I doubt the 30 or so winners, will want to spend New Year's in Hawaii (I would). But that would make sense... Because then you'd have to move Houston to after the Masters... which moves Hilton Head and New Orleans and Wells Fargo... It's going to be an interesting schedule. But I'm guessing Wells Fargo probably would be after the PGA, then Byron Nelson, Colonial, Memorial, Memphis, U.S. Open, Travelers, John Deere, Greenbrier, Open Championship, Canadian Open, Bridgestone, The National?, Wyndham, Playoffs? I read somewhere that the Playoffs might become 3 events, but if you have the Wyndham when the PGA was you can keep it at 4 with no byes, then the Tour Championship would end on the Sunday before Labor Day, when I'm laboring over a 3 foot putt to get to the Finals of the City Championship on Monday.  Tiger needs to get a title sponsor for his event in D.C. or risk losing it. Then what, bring the B.C. Open back? or the old Buick just call it something else? Or do we actually get a "real" Western Open at Cog Hill... Who knows... we shall see.
    • Thanks for all the replies.Good insight from all. My original post was about a guy who was better about etiquette on the golf course than off. Yes there are jerks on the golf course. He just realized how “great” he was on the golf course with others...and why “he” does not apply the same standards off the course.  
    • I don't doubt he occasionally gets a 300 yd. drives. he has the ball speed and clubhead speed to get it. From the numbers he showed, however, it seems he needs to work on his AoA and little bit. Probably come more from the inside. 267 yard 2-iron? Wow. I'd need driver for that (at least 4-wood). I haven't carried a 2-iron in about 5 years now. I just don't need it. I still carry a 3-iron from time to time, but mostly 20° hybrid to 4-iron, now that I play blades. I can probably get around the front nine of my home course without hitting driver but once. Why? Because I'm a lousy wedge player. That definitely needs some work. However I've learned to adjust, by hitting choke down gap wedges and pitching wedges and three-quarter shots and what not.
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