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    • This will sound like a really stupid question, but I've never been there, so I don't know. Does Carnoustie have fairway watering? The reason I ask is the contrast between the baked, brown fairways and the lush, "slow" greens! I would find it hard to believe that they don't, being that they are in the Open Championship rota. It just reminds me of a course where I used to play in a league that had water for tees and greens only. The first year we joined, a fellow member told us, in May, "Enjoy it now, guys! It'll never look this green again!" By this time of year and through August, it looked a lot like Carnoustie does now!
    • I admit I'm overgeneralizing a bit, but for the most part the USGA is more active in how they set up a course which is why they tend to draw criticism when something is messed up. I think it's unrealistic for the R&A to water the entire course over a long enough period of time to seriously affect playing conditions, so it's a bit of a stretch to say they chose to let the course dry out. If anything you can say they chose to let the course go brown, since they probably could have watered enough to get the grass active, though I'm not certain that would be good for the turf in the long run. They did water the greens but they're still pretty firm as evidenced by the amount of balls that rolled through them.
    • Played 9 holes today,  Shot pretty well. Stuck with trying to aim set up better. For now it feels like I am aiming by body left and my club face is pointed right.  Then I focus on making a short backswing. Overall, I am happy with the shots. Short game was pretty solid as well (60%). Should have been a tad higher. I three putted from the fringe two times. I wasn't solid on putts inside of 10 FT. 
    • I don't know if either tour would want that: they'd each have half the number of playing opportunities. I don't see a lot of people making that argument here. I think they're starting to understand that sponsor exemptions are special cases.
    • I am not one who pays alot of attention to pga events. That said, I did tune in to see how the Lady did against the boys. I believe she wound up at +6. I hope she plays better tomorrow.  As I posted before, I have no problem with an LPGA player occasionally playing in a PGA event. This event is perfect for a female, since all the bigger names are playing in The Open. It's all about generating interest in the game.  I don't put much stock in the "she's taking away a spot from a guy" argument. Some of those guys playing, are probably taking away a spot from someone more deserving.  I think some day, some where, viewers will be able to watch a combined LPGA/PGA event take place. The girls will play from their tees, and boys from theirs. Two separate tournaments played at the same time, on the same course. 
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