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Some HELP with New Wedges.... Thank You

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Hey guys,

so im a bit stuck,  i am interested in picking up new wedges (52, 56, 60), but i am stuck choosing between the Callaway JAWS, Cleveland CG-16's, or the Volkey Wedges.  OR any other recommendations

to be honest, i am a Callaway junkie....... i'm happy with Callaway....  i am currently using the callaway JAWS wedges and i am happy with them but since i am looking to buy, i might switch things up a bit.... so i guess i'm asking for your opinions.  thank you

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Just choose the ones which has a shape you like or just feels right in your hands.

As far as performance goes, they are all the same.

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Wedges are an individual thing for many players.  Make sure you take the time to look at all of the wedges you mention in person.  Check to see how they setup, lay open, etc.  The leading edge is a big thing for me, and I tend to prefer a square leading edge in my wedges.

All of the wedges you mentioned are great options, but it's likely that some will appeal to you more than others.

Also the 52, 56, 60 is a versatile wedge set, but most players (and many pros) cover their bases with fewer wedges.  Consider a 53/54 and 57/58 set with varying amounts of bounce.  You'll likely improve your shot making skills with fewer wedge options, and also be able to add another hybrid, fairway, etc.

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Delav, oh, interesting, I was under the impression that the pros use more wedges than those.

I actually like having more versatile wedges myself. Makes the job much easier.

I carry: Driver, 3w , raylor-4 hybrid, 5-pw blades, 52, 56, 60. Still leaves one slot for another club.

ANy suggestions what to fill the 14th spot with? I"m even thinking of a 64* , but I can turn my 60* into a 64....



I for one have CG16 60* 8 = This is for my flop shots and 90yds.

TM tp xFT 56* 12 = SAND PLAY and a lot of my short games near the green

Mizuno T-11 52* 7 = more of my approach green shots.

But I can use pretty much any of the 3 for almost any distance 90yds and in . Except the Flop shot, which I need the 60*.

The least I like in terms of feel is my TM one . Clunky. I may replace it with either a cleveland or mizuno.

The cleveland feels VERY thin, great feel.

The Mizuno is a tad more solid it feels, but the impact feel is great.

As many people say, wedgies are very personal, but I like something very thin with great feel like my Mizuno musclebacks.

So if the above mentioned are your choices, I'd say go with Cleveland CG16 . Try them out first. They really can't go wrong. And check out their tour CG16s too.

Vokeys are kinds heavy for me...

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I actually pull the 60 out and swap it with a wood when playing certain course and then throw it back in on others..... For me it really depends on thickness of rough or bunker layouts( I have a cc that I'm joining that have a lot of 10-15 ft bunkers below and wrapping around greens and the 60 help me.. But in my garage I have a 9.5 and a 10.5 driver. 3&5 wood. 3-5h hybrids 4-pw irons and these 3 other wedges. So they all get swapped around depending on courses
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Hmmm.... I never used a 5 wood since I have a 5 iron and I can manipulate my 4 Hybrid to do a 5.

5 wood is basically the same as 3 Wood only more loft right? I'm even thinking of either a 9* and 10.5* driver or just a 2 iron.

Not sure what my 14th club will be, for now it's my 10.5* driver which I never use.

I think I'm sticking with my 52,56, 60.

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Originally Posted by Dabbac

I like the 54 and 58 options

I picked up a magazine before last year's Masters that had a piece on every tournament from 2009 and a WITB (what's in the bag) for every winner (Nike got a lot of ink that issue).  Anyway . . . most of the winners went PW, 54, 60. That's right, 3 wedges. I experimented with this and here's why it's awesome. I pull the stock PW from whatever set I'm using then use a 3 wedge set with a strong GW in each one.

Wedge set number one (my favourite) is 3 forged Mizuno Pros from the mid 1990s. A 52 bent to 50.5, a 56, and a 60. I have 20 yard gaps on a full swing (that's ~80 %). Starting with my 9 iron, it's approximately 140, 120, 100, and 80. All the Mizunos are nice out of the sand.

Set number two is 3 Cleveland 588s purchased separately 49, 53, and 57 degrees. If I play a course with a lot of greenside bunkers, I go with the Cleveland wedges. If there are a lot of tight lies, I use the Mizunos. I have 15 yard gaps with the Cleveland wedges (130, 115, 100).

Set number 3 I use with my Cleveland TA3s - it's a Cleveland TA1 pitching wedge and Ben Hogan Coloinal forged 54 and 60 degrees. Similar yardage gaps as the Mizunos.

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Note: This thread is 3739 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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