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Shot of your life?

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I actually called a hole in one once.  A couple years ago our club had a par four that the fairway was flooded so they made it a temp par three form about 120 yards.  My playing partner said damn, that's a tough pin.  They placed right behind a bunker on the back left corner of the green.  Since I didn't need any negative thoughts right then I said,  no it's not so bad just throw the ball back there on the hump and spin down into the hole.  10 seconds later that's exactly what I did.  Probably not the best shot of my life but is the only hole in one I called out.

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I once hit a 215yd 5i on a lie like just a bit flatter than this slash \ . It was a par 4 on  George Wright the #1 hardest hole I think. The ball went up over the rest of the hill then down the other side it was such a big hill we couldnt see where it went till we were really near the green. It was about 6ft from the pin.

This was in a scramble, so my team was pumped because we skinned it for 70$ each!

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I was playing a par 5 515 yards.  Water on the left and sand crowding the green.  Was playing pretty good this day and decided to go the long way over the water.  Hit a 300 yard drive to literally a foot from the 215 sprinkler head.  Was feeling big after the tee shot so I pulled out a five iron and opened a can of man on it.  Two hops and down.  Double Eagle, with what I would love to say was skill but we all know the truth!!  Then I tripled the next hole.  Go figure.

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My golf "life" has only been about 3 months and a total of 10-12 rounds. My best shot tho was my first and only birdie on hole 8 at Audubon (New Orleans, LA). It was a 184 yard par 3 according to my phone's golf app. Hit a 5i 5 feet right of the hole and made my birdie putt.

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1996 Hells Point Va Beach.  #12 dog leg right.  Pulled my tee shot left off the heal and short.  We figured it was about 225-230 to the pin.  Wilson Staff laminated 3 wood.  Hit the little mound behind the bunker guarding the pin and took a big hop to what we thought was over the green.  The green was shallow and we looked all around the back of the green up against the marsh.  It was in the hole.

Wedged one in for eagle from 80 yards on #4 at St Augustine's in Northern Va.

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this past monday actually. par-5. I hit driver over the trees to the right onto the other fairway. I was about 260 out and either had to hit a punch onto my fairway or go for it and hit a draw over the trees. decided what the heck and go for it. my playing partners said it was so beautiful to watch it dissapear behind the trees and then see it appear over the trees and come back onto the fairway. the shot was perfect. felt fantastic. I ended up 20 yards short of the green. chipped and made my birdie. sometimes, you just have to go for it.

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I have a couple, but number 1 was in 2005.  510 par 5, water all along both sides of fairway, which is 40 yards wide at most, and water in front of green.  Smacked my drive down right side of fairway 330, and hit a 180 7-iron thin, it hit the front of the green and rolled 20 yards into the hole for double eagle!  I must've jumped 15 feet in the air.

Number 2 was at a course hosting a PAT (players ability test) for the PGA program my friend was playing in and I was going to be his caddy.  We played a practice round and without any warm-ups we hit the first tee.  420 yard par 4 slight dog leg left, murdered my driver.  Ends up 30 yards away from the green (I pace it off from center of green).  So it was between 380 and 390 yards that I hit! I was astounded when I found my ball, and managed to pull out the birdie.

Number 3 was at TPC at Deer Run, 3rd hole I believe. 185 yard par 3 uphill. I don't remember what I hit off the tee, but it plugged deep into the front right trap.  The pin was 3 paces from the front of the green.  I just tried smacking the ball out of the trap to get it on the green and it one hops and plops into the hole.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

First of all I am not the greatest golfer, maybe a 110 average, haven't been playing long. My best shot ever was on a long par 4. I was probably somewhere between 180-200 yards out. Decided to hit it like normal, ball had a slight fade on it, bounced a couple times and dropped in the hole. Only got a birdie out of it, but I was ecstatic! Just goes to show that even I can get lucky sometimes.

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Stepped up to a par 3.  Distance was about 170 yards with the hole/green sitting a few feet below the tee.  I could see my shot, a nice high fading 7i.  I mean, I could genuinely see the shot and feel the shot.  I was stoked.  So I stepped up and hit a b-line into the water guarding the entire front of the green.  I was deflated.

I was ready to just go up and take a drop, but my player partners suggested I just hit another for fun as no one was behind us.  I was still feeling the shot and I knew I could do it, so I cleared the mind and let the body take over.

I hit the exact shot I wanted.  Too exact.  I pinseeked at about a foot over the hole, the rebound left me with a good 10 foot putt that I missed. But I was so excited to see the shot and then make the shot.

There have been many other great shots (it's why we keep playing), but none that I felt so sure about.

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Since this is basically a 'brag post', then here's a few...

Was it the flop shot I hit last Saturday to a tucked back pin over a bunker to 10 inches to setup a par save?  Maybe it was the 3-wood I hit on a par-5 after driving it into a blind lateral hazard to 4 ft. from 230 yds out and made the putt for birdie?  Then again, it could be the 5-wood I hit over water from 210 yds out to set up my first eagle?  Perhaps it was the sand wedge I hit to 6 inches on an uphill blind approach shot?  Or, it could be the hybrid I hit from 200 yds after misjudging the wind and dumping my 2nd shot in the water, to 3 feet to save par on a par-5, and then went on to play the last 7 holes in 1-under par (including a 30 ft downhill huge break putt to save par and a chip from just inside the hazard on the last hole tap-in distance for a closing par save)?  Oh wait, there's also the 9-iron I hit on a par-3 that skirted the edge and ended up just 8 inches past the hole for a tap-in birdie?  Dang, I almost forgot the eagle I made after hitting a 3-wood from 225 yds over water to 4 ft. and then making the putt.  The luckiest shot was the sand wedge I hit thin that was a line drive into a bunker that caught the lip, went 20 ft. in the air and landed in the hole on the fly for a birdie (after punching out into the fairway on my 2nd shot).

Seriously, if you golf enough, you get 'lucky' sometimes .  I could also list the just as many 'opposite' type shots, like the sand wedge I chunked last Saturday from 95 yds out to turn a sure birdie/par into a bogey. or...etc, etc...

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I guess I have two that would qualify for this...

#1 - Longest drive(in the fairway).  I was playing with a group from work, two of the three of them outdrive me normally, but we always grip it and rip it on #17 because its a wide open, dead straight 375yd par 4.  None of us could reach it in our wildest dreams, well, I suppose if I bounced it down the cart path and off a tree, I could get it there, but under normal circumstances, not happening!  The longest of our group goes first and cranks one down the pipe, ended up measuring out to be 324 with the GPS.  The other guy who's a big hitter goes next and does about the same thing, only his was 317.  Our third guy goes and puts a real nice one out there for him at around 265.  I stepped up and figured I had no chance with the drives the first two put out there, so I absolutely swing out of my shoes.  It was almost a "power fade" mixed with a horrible pull.  It swung out left about 30 yards from the center of the fairway and just started coming around PERFECTLY, it ended up about 5 yards RIGHT of the center of the fairway.  I still maintain that I must have hit a sprinkler head or yardage marker, but when all was said and done, the GPS said it was 344.

#2 - First Eagle - 510 yard Par 5 with a little dogleg right and a decent downhill slope that starts about 200 out from the green.  I cranked a driver about 325(best drive of that day as well) and that left me about 185 out.  Hit a knockdown 6, because I had been struggling with my 7 iron that day, that hit about 18 inches in front of the pin, bounced off the pin and settled about 2 foot away.  The best part to me was, while walking up to the green, I said to the guys I was playing with, "This will be the easiest BIRDIE putt of the day."  I had completely forgotten that it was a par 5, I honestly thought I was putting for birdie until I got back to the cart to write the score in.  I just about fell out of the cart when I saw that.  I double and triple checked to make sure I hadn't skipped a hole or anything on the scorecard.

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Note: This thread is 3896 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Sure it is, pending the situation.  You have an 18 year old, who doesn't need an parent to co-sign on a loan, being lured into signing for an expensive student loan by a college because they make it seem like its the best thing for them. So, they learn from their mistake, 10-15 years down the line when they realize the students loan debt was a bad idea?  The outcome of this decision isn't something you get instant return on as a learning situation. This isn't like placing your hand on a hot stove.  Why should the biggest mistake 17-19 year olds make be getting hit with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt? That is just asinine thinking really.  Really, colleges are bad faith actors who are swindling people out of money with no regulatory control.  It is even worse since you can not get rid of the student debt in bankruptcy. Guess what, in the end, bankruptcy is a form of loan forgiveness. You can file for bankruptcy, sell off your assets, and the courts decide to void out a good portion of the loan amount in a lot of cases. Except for students loan debt. Which is idiotic. What makes students loan debt so special?  What about this, you get your students loan forgiven, but it hits your credit score like any other bankruptcy? You choose, to work off your students loans, or take a hit to your credit score. I think that is fair.  No one is arguing they are entitled to a degree. How did you jump to that?  I think it is because they can't be for-profit. Also, state governments can control tuition.   
    • Welcome to TST! Start with a local golf maintenance superintendent. See what their expertise is in creating a sand trap and the materials, cost, machinery, etc. They may also have a better idea of what landscape company may have that expertise. Or you may be able to hire out the maintenance staff at the course during the off season. 
    • It’s a bit of a mess some people are in with student loans.  There does need to be some accountability for the decisions individuals make on their education.  That said, I do believe there are a lot of people who are in real trouble with their loans, and there could be ways to help them and future generations that don’t involve debt forgiveness. Perhaps legislate reasonable fixed interest rates (3%)? Limits on the amount of debt a student is allowed to access for undergrad and graduate school? Mandatory high school curriculum on college, careers, cost/benefit?  (my kids actually have a class in jr high that includes this content)  There are also plenty of good paying careers and trades that don’t require much college, if any. A lot of state schools do a better job at keeping costs down for in-state tuition (with it being free in some states).  Choice of school could obviously be a huge savings/debt reduction.  I’m not sure how appropriate legislation is to control private school tuition. Parents, be involved.  If your child decides to pursue a degree in basket weaving… tell them it’s crazy.  If that’s their passion, don’t push college, tell them to just go get a job at a basket company… plus there’s a great golf course in OH right by Longaberger Basket Company! From a personal perspective… My oldest wants to be an elementary school teacher (which could always change).  We’ve had the conversations already that she should be looking at lower cost state schools, as she’s likely not going to make a substantial amount of money if she went that route.  Now, if she wanted to be a CFO or something, it would make sense to consider an MS from a program at the likes of Wharton.  That said, I’m a finance exec and I didn’t take the premier university route.
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