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    • Yup you are. I have friends that are native Americans too. They applaud this. It’s one small step , but it will help. Ignorance of the the past is a failure that you seem to embrace.
    • A good way to work on reducing casting is to start with short swings and rehearse getting the hands to be in front of the ball at impact. Start with chips, then move to 1/4 swings, 1/2 swings and 3/4 swings. Learn to feel that position at impact. Film it to make sure is is working and post it here.
    • Yep.   Yep. People are too easily butt hurt these days, and others are too ready to appease the silliness. I have two very close friends who are 100% Native American. One a Navajo whose grandfather was a code talker in World War II, and the other a Cherokee. Both lose their mind over stuff like this. According to both, it does nothing but pay lip service and gives people the impression that they’re actually doing something to help Native Americans, when in fact, they ignore the genuine problems facing Native Americans these days. But I’m the ignorant one.   😑    
    • I’m not sure how I feel about the olympics. I’ve never even really cared about the olympics before golf. I think golf is the perfect sport for the olympics though, given its ever-increasing global appeal and accessibility. However, two issues stand out to me: 1) most players don’t care. It’s hard to care if the do not hold the medals in esteem. I get it—the field isn’t the most competitive, it’s not major, no money, etc. 2) Covid is throwing a wrench into everything. Major players are pulling out, stringent protocols, etc. It’s going to be even harder to get up for this—as fans or professionals. 
    • Day 575 - July 25, 2021 Practiced after a pair of 45-minute lessons lasted 90 minutes each. Made it a pretty light day, just reinforcing my weird feel.
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