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    • This is a very stupid post. @boogielicious pretty much explained to you why it’s stupid. Moreover, your logic in keeping the name, because you hope something offends you, so that you won’t make the same mistake, is some of the most far-fetched BS attempt at logic I’ve seen. It’s like you’re trying to compare the name change to Civil War museum artifacts; these are not the same thing. I’m all for preserving history, even dark and stained history, to do what you’re advocating. The museum is a place of history, and if done correctly, does not glorify nor honor past sins, but does remind us of the past wrongs and the progress we’ve made. However, changing a ball club’s name is not the same thing. You don’t keep a factually incorrect, ignorant, and offensive and derogatory term as your ball club’s name so you can “remind everyone of past wrongs so we can avoid them.” Again, faulty logic and piss poor analogy (which you poorly drew in the first place). 
    • So because some wayward explorers thought they were in India, we should just call native Americans Indians even though we figured out their mistake? And then name a team after that word because it’s okay to compound mistakes? And even if the people that are being called that find it demeaning and offensive just stick with it cause it’s a pain to change names? That is just plain dumb. It’s a baseball team name, not a history lesson on the mistreatment on native Americans.    Maybe we should call them the Cleveland Broken Treaties. Now that is history. 
    • To me, it is absurd to think that every idea made 100 years ago is a great idea and should be maintained today.   
    • To be fair, the courses we played did not really have much of either. Although I'm sure you found both... 😛 Number 4 was going to be "putt your ass off," but that's not really a game management thing. @iacasis by far the best putter I've ever seen. Golf is a lot easier if you're making a couple of 30 footers each round, and your gimme range is legitimately 5-8 feet, haha.  There was far more separation between our short games and putting than there was between our driving and iron play. 
    • Also, his drives hardly end up in a hazard or OB. Avoiding stroke and distance is a big thing.  Yea, like he said for par 5's. You need on really good shot to make par. (i think this is close enough). You can hit a bad drive (not OB), maybe thin a hybrid, miss the green, but still get up and down for par.  Also helps he is a really good putter and has a really good short game ;).   
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