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First round of the season

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Finally got out for my first round this year.

What a day.

Winds were around 10km/h when we teed off and got off to a great start with 2 pars; 2 FIRs and GIRS and a couple 2 putts.

Then the wind came....40km/h steady gusting to 80km/h....unreal.

Was hitting my 5 hybrid into greens from 150 yards, and hitting my pitching wedge into greens at 170 yards....one par 3 was 140 yards 40 feet downhill and I punched my 6 iron to to make the green ....couldn't believe the wind, was very hard to concentrate, I really grinded and managed an 85 which I was VERY happy with considering. Last hole was a 540 yard par 5, hit a great drive that rode the left to right wind to centre of the fairway, then hit my 4 wood 240 to the fringe, 2 putted for birdie.

Was a good day, would of liked to of seen what I could of scored if the wind wasn't around, was pretty fun though battling it. Had a lot of chip and one putts because I couldn't hit many greens

44 on the front, 41 on the back, 10 fairwatys, 7 greens....driving was very good considering it has been the worst part of my game recently. 31 putts....had 4 double bogeys which really annoyed me, but still happy with score

Dropped my handicap to 10.8....can't wait for next weekend!

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I had my first round of the season yesterday.  Weather was nice, getting warmer and windier as the round went on.  I got off to a rough start with a bogey, triple, then double on the first 3 holes.  Despite all that, I shot 81.  Putting was impossible on this course, as the greens were ridiculously slow.  I have plenty to work on...but there is promise this season

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Got in my first two rounds this weekend. Hit the ball terrible on Sat, but shot a 76. Hit the ball great on Sunday and shot a 83. Funny game!

Just nice to be out there again, even though the grass was a bit brown.

Have a good season!

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Note: This thread is 3763 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Phone. I tried the Apple watch for a while but didn’t like it, it was missing or double registering. I just saw a press release from arccos today saying that they updated the watch tracking and it’s out of beta. I’d be interested in hearing if others have tried that yet.
    • Just curious - are using a phone or the Caddy Link belt device?
    • Olympic athletes are in a different world.
    • I ended up making an appointment at PGATSS and got fit in their tour studio. Overall it was a good experience. It wasn’t as magical and data driven as seen on TXG videos appear to be, but I think I came out of it with what I wanted. I was trying to be brand agnostic, but did mention that I would buy the Ping 425 Max if I just bought off the rack. I tried maybe 3 different heads, but we primarily focused on that driver. I wasn't hitting well at all that day. But then again I don’t have a consistent driver swing. I warmed up with my flimsy Callaway Strata driver, and he asked if that was my actual swing. He said my swing speed was 80. Swinging slow and in the middle of my stance is the only way I can hit it straight, and it goes super high for about 220 and stops. If I put the ball in the front on my stance I hook it way left. Anyways when I actually swing for real, I was averaging 100-105 swing speed.  Ultimately I ended up getting a 9* Ping 425 Max with a 65g Ping Tour Stiff shaft, turned down to an 8* with the weight set to fade. At first I was a little skeptical, because I didn’t perform well there. I was still hitting it to the left. He told me I just needed some practice with it. After a few rounds last week, I’m very happy with it. I’ve been averaging about 275 with it. I’ve even hit a few 290 according to my Garmin watch! I’m so happy to have my first real driver!
    • I think that the current prices of gold and platinum that they use are reflected in the price. Seriously - what sort of idiot would pay these prices? In @billchao's post for two fairway woods I was wondering where the iron set was.  People are paying for a shafting, not shafts. Geez.
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