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Considerable loss of distance with stiffer shafts or a mirage?

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I had my irons fitted over the winter and the fitter suggested Rifle PX flighted 6.5's with the lofts bent 2° weak (PW went from 46° to 48°).  I had the original TM Burner 105g stiff shafts in them previously.  The trackman data from the fitting session showed I hit the PX 6.5's further and had a higher swing speed with the PX's vs my original shaft.

With all of the above said, I feel like I am hitting the ball considerably shorter this year.  I live in STL and we have had a few 90° days and even on those days I felt like my irons were not carrying as far as the previous year.  This time last year I would use a PW from 135yds a 9i from 150yds and this year I have had to hit an 8i into a 135yd pin.  Last night I hit a 7i into a 145yd pin (playing to about 147yds with slope according to laser) and was still a few yards short!

I am 27, in good shape and have not lost any flexibility or any strength as far as measurables.  I do not have any recognized injuries and have been swinging the clubs better than I ever have.  So what gives?

Here is the trackman data.

Swing Speed Attack Angle Club Path Dy Loft Face Angle Ball Speed Spin Max Ht Carry
105G TM 92.5 -8.4 4.1 In to Out 14.3 .5 Closed 127.4 5544 20.5 180.5
PX 6.5 91 -7.7 1.8 In to Out 14.7 .6 Open 127.4 5097 22.8 187.3

It is early in the season and the weather and wind has been up and down so it is still early to make a final determination but, the feeling is I hit the ball shorter than I did before with my irons.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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According to Project X specs, the 6.5 Rifle Flighted shafts weight from 105 to 135 grams. Compared to your old 105 gram shafts, this is an increase in weight of up to 25% in some clubs. This would result in less clubhead speed.

Lower clubhead speed + weaker lofts = less distance than before. But, if the Trackman data said the PX goes farther, I'm not sure what to say. Any chance you used a distance ball on Trackman, but you play a mid-spin ball on course? Just a thought.

For more info, check out the Project X site: http://www.royalprecision.com/royalprecision/projectx.asp


BTW Mike, I got in 13 holes at Stonewolf yesterday before the sun set on me.  First chance to actually play with my X20 Tours (via C. Preowned) - shafts are PX 5.0 Rifle Flighted. Solid iron shots have better payoff than with basic X20s from last year. Irons were great, but many tee shots wayward.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

The test was done with a TM Penta and I use a Callaway IZ.

And I don't necessarily agree with the idea that weaker lofts and/or a slower clubhead speed equal less distance.  If you are at optimal launch, smash factor, etc then, yes, this would be the case.  If weaker lofts allow for your optimum trajectory and the slower clubhead speed allow you to hit the ball in the optimal location on the clubhead I would say they would INCREASE distance rather than decrease it.  With that being said, I am not convinced I am hitting the ball in the optimal part of the clubface on a majority of shots and I am not sure if the ball flight is optimal or too high right now.

There are so many variables in the equation that I am just not sure if this is my mind or I really am shorter this year.  All in all I would assume these differences (loft, shaft flex, change of type of ball) would not equate to 12+ yards of distance loss with shorter clubs anyway.

To add to this I checked my averages for my wedges and they are not even close to what I see out on the course.  Here they are:

GW: 126.8

SW: 115.8

LW: 105.6

Take those numbers and figure this.  I hit a shot into a 104yd flag yesterday in relatively calm wind, low 60's for temps with a GW and ended up 5yds short.  I am not even hitting full PW's 126.8yds this year, much less a GW.

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We have an office "tournament" set up next Friday at Stonewolf.  I have never played there, but one of the guys in the office loves it.  I have not played anywhere other than Birch Creek this year.  Between there and Aberdeen is where I spend most of my year (I live near Six Flags).

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Note: This thread is 3522 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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