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    • I have not done a very good job at keeping this thread up to date. I have been consistently working with my instructor and have actually been playing the best I have played in years. I have slowed my swing tempo (or at least what I "feel" as slower) and have had great success so far....until yesterday. I played in a 4 man scramble and was very excited because I have been playing very well and I am usually the top player on the teams. I was not nervous as I have played with these guys before (one being my son, Jacob). And the scramble was a scholarship fundraiser so there really wasn't anything on the line. I did my normal routine which is get there early, stretch a little and warm up on the range. The warm up session went horrible. I was actually hitting a few hosel rockets, which I have not done in a long time. Everything felt weird. Even addressing the ball and just looking down felt off. Back swing felt strange. Transition was jerky. It seemed like I was trying to steer the ball instead of swinging free like normal. Even my putting was off and that is usually my go to.... What the heck causes this?  I can play well for months and then all of a sudden, like someone turned off a switch, it's like I have never taken a lesson...This is probably the most frustrating thing for me right now. I feel like I am on a peak and if I could just get on over the top, I would be downhill to my goal for the year of a solid 5 handicap (I am going off limited rounds as I do not get to play that often and my handicap has some old rounds in there). Right when I think I have moved on, it pops up again. So during the scramble, the first 7 holes were this way (minus number 1 where I stuck the shot from 150 to about an inch). It was a struggle. So then I drive home thinking, "there is no way I am a single digit player with a round like that." The only real positive that I can take away from yesterday was the fact that I battled through the first 7 holes in the 100* heat and brought it back around on the back 9. I still didn't play as normal on the back 9, but it was respectable for a scramble. So then I drive home thinking, "there is no way I am a single digit player with a round like that."
    • Our church group had its monthly 9-hole "superball" outing yesterday.  I was teamed up with a couple guys older than me (one is a typical bogey golfer" and my 31 yr old son.  It was one of those days of good fun and truly honest play.  We ended up 1 over at 37, but what made it a worthwhile round was the fact that all the shots we played were "makeable" in my personal game.  We used good course management and in the end everyone contributed to the round score.  I was thinking to myself, "so this is what par golf feels like".  For me the driver and approaches w/irons & hybrids were my strong suit as the putter was close but not good.  Wedge play did not come into too often.  Still it was a fun round that was as one guy said "good practice".   
    • Well, a major turn of events.   Monday I got a call from Patrick in Chicago.    Because of the lack of support from the guy in Detroit they offered to give me new club heads for my trouble.   I accepted their offer.   The club heads were delivered to Detroit and Andrew (new guy) called Thursday and offered to expedite the replacements.    I dropped them off Thursday and picked them up today (Friday).    I wasn't expecting anything more than the return of my 8 iron and really didn't deserve anything more but I'm thankful for the extra step they took to ensure my satisfaction.   I'm looking forward to trying them out this weekend.   I normally don't play the weekends but for new irons, I'll make an exception.
    • didn't some guy named Woods do that at a PGA tournament a couple years ago?
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