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My Swing (keeps21)

Note: This thread is 935 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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I don't like how much my head moves away from the target between A6 and A7 but that's not my priority piece for now. (unless it's a very simple fix).

Second one is private right now.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I haven't hit a ball for a couple of years (apart from 2 range visits) but I'm getting back into golf - must be the unusually warm weather we're having.

I don't think I'm doing too badly here baring the above in mind.





As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Note: This thread is 935 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I'm putting new graphite shafts in my irons that had steel shafts in them.  I went on Golfworks website to get the standard lengths of iron shafts.  They have one set of lengths for steel shafts and another set of numbers for graphite.  All graphite measurements were .5 inches longer than the steel measurements.  I thought swing weight to be a basic principal of physics.  If the head is heavier in relation to the weight of the golf shaft, the swing weight goes up.  If graphite shafts are typically lighter than steel shafts wouldn't it stand to reason they'd at least be the same length.  There's also the overall weight of something that should be considered but that's not what "swing weight" is.  Am I missing something?  Why would standard graphite shafts length be a half an inch longer?
    • 12/04/20- putting pendulums at 80bpm I can tell that I’m not maintaining the rhythm as it appears initially my putter head is hitting the beats on my feet, but transitions to the ball.
    • I voted 6/7. I’m going to hit most greens with a 6 or 7. My percentage drops once I have a 5 in hand. Most courses I play I’m long enough that I’m not hitting many long irons. I do play back tees at some courses just so I set myself up with more long irons for practice and I have hit a lot more greens with a 4 iron than I thought I would..... but I still don’t like the shot. 
    • 10 Golfing Goals For 2021 1) Enjoy yourself – Golf shouldn’t be taken too seriously unless your living relies upon you playing well. Enjoy your golf with Down to Earth Golf, your playing partners’ company and the fresh air and surroundings in 2021, it is your hobby after all! 2) Birdie every hole on your course – A fun goal for this year could be to birdie every hole at your home club (if you’re a member of a club). It sounds very doable but you’d be surprised just how long it may take. It will also add an element of pressure to your game when you only have one or two holes left to birdie. 3) Play in an Open – Opens are great because they offer competitive golf on different courses and are also great ways to play nice places for less than the standard green fee, usually with 36 holes and/or food included. You’ll get to test your skills under competition on a new course and meet new people. 4) Go on a golf break – If you already go on a golf break each year then great, but many golfers don’t manage to take the clubs away with them. They can be a pain to organise but set yourself a date and, with four or more of you, you’ll be able to find some great deals both home and abroad. 5) Play a top 100 course – Playing Turnberry, Royal County Down or Sunningdale might be expensive, but if you give yourself time to save up it will be worth it. Besides, those three are right up the top of our rankings and there are plenty of other great courses further down that can be more affordable to play than you might think. 6) Improve your short game and putting –  Pretty much every golfer in the world, barring the world’s top 50, needs to improve their short games. Make time to practise your short game and putting this year, whether that be some great chipping drill. This really is the area that can make such a difference to your scores and will be the catalyst for lowering your handicap. 7) Improve your golf fitness – A common new year’s resolution is to get fitter and improving your golf fitness, things like flexibility and power, will help your game and keep energy levels up 😎 Have some lessons – Even if it’s just two or three, some lessons with the right person should improve your golf this year. Swing changes are tough but rewarding once you’ve made it out the other side. 9) Learn some new shots – Do you struggle to play the draw? Can’t quite hit the punch? Only ever play a bump and run around the greens? Expand your arsenal in 2019 by learning some new shots. The best golfers out there can hit pretty much every shot under the sun, whilst many amateurs are reduced to their stock fade and chip and run. Perhaps learn how to play that high, floating lob shot, or the penetrating low draw? 10) Play more golf – Playing more golf doesn’t necessarily mean playing more 18 hole rounds because that does take a lot of time. But perhaps playing more golf could mean the odd nine holes after work, some more driving range sessions or heading down to the club during your lunch break for some short game practise.  
    • My wife's family is all still in the very rural County where she grew up. It is largely deny-ers going about things like normal.  When we came back from FL in April, there were no cases; now there are 500.  They only test symptomatic, so who knows the actual number, but the positivity rate is 20%.   We know of 5 who have died, and since a lot of people are related, I have been doing research to see where they are in her family.  The County has a nice website, but it is only showing 2 deaths, up from 1 two days ago, so that speaks to the credibility of the site. Pillars of the community are infected, but take no precautions.  The owner of the hardware store has it, does not allow the store to have a mask mandate, and scoffs at anyone wearing one. Personal Choice is not an effective way to fight a pandemic.
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