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Best golf resorts in the Southeast

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What are some of the best golf resorts that you all have visited in the southeast. I would have to say Hilton Head but I haven't been to many... I'm want to go somewhere and I was thinking maybe pinehurst, doral or myrtle beach.

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Can only speak to where i've been... Hilton Head is a nice golf destination, esp if going with the family or several families; lots of great courses, but also great beaches, biking (and you can bike directly on the beach as they're super wide and the wet sand really packs down at low tide), lots of restaurants, etc.  And lots of lodging options at every price point you can think of.

One maybe not as well known, but truly spectacular is Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro GA, about an hour-and-a-half east of Atlanta.  The Ritz Carlton Lodge is indeed one fine resort, and there are ?5 excellent courses on property.  The Oconee Course is a beast of a test, especially the closing holes.  Pricey obviously...

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I have only been to a couple but I know people who have gone to others.

One's I've been to:

Kiawah- One of my favorite trips ever. Some, because of the # of courses on a small island/area, assume Kiawah is really just a golf spot (ie Myrtle). But I was amazed with how good of an all around resort it was. Great food, plenty of non-golfing activites, close to Charleston, nice people, etc. Obviously, the golf is great too. The Ocean Course was probably worth the $$ (the caddies expect a pretty heavy tip because they are real pro caddies essentially) the first time, but  the nice thing is that you don't have to play it every time you go. Turtle Point is a really great course. Osprey is an underrated course as well. The others are still in very nice shape and very well designed/fun. Overall, a near perfect resort.

Sea Island- Okay I haven't been there in a while. We used to go when I was a kid (before I started golfing) so I don't know the courses but I've heard they are fantastic. Seaside course looks like the Ocean Course at Kiawah. We stopped going when they jacked up the prices to an absurd nightly rate. This caused them to go bankrupt. Now they have new management and hopefully it will return to the family/golf destination it once was. Still, you can expect to pay a lot at Sea Island, but you will really get what you pay for. Probably the place to go if you are looking for as upscale as possible.

(Not sure if you wanted FLA, but I went to Doral this year. I went for the tournament so it was kind of crazy but still a solid resort. Pretty much a golf spot, but they have an amazing spa too. Everything is nice and convenient and not overly expensive. Very nice place. I plan on going back on a normal week.)

Others that I haven't been to include Hilton Head, Reynold's Plantation, Pinehurst, and some other smaller resorts. My uncle loves Hilton Head and goes regularly. Great place for families. Tons of golf in the area. Affordable options on just about everything (accomodations, food, golf, etc.) Reynold's is a place I really want to go to. Great courses that surround Lake Oconee. Also a great place to get lessons. Very highly rated golf academy. Also, TaylorMade Lab is there. It's a RitzCarlton so you will get what you pay for. I've heard mixed reviews about Pinehurst. Most people are in the "do it before you die category". I haven't heard many people make return visits. This is probably because the prices are very high and there isn't much to do outside of golf.

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Reynolds is nice. Hilton head and Sea Island and Pinehurst are classics as well. You might want to check out Wild Dunes outside of Charleston. Courses are spectacular, and usually not too crowded. Myrtle is, well, Myrtle. It's Like a Vegas Buffet, there's something there for everyone when it comes to Golf

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Note: This thread is 3486 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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