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    • I don’t drink enough to get hungover anymore. The last time I got drunk was at my father’s house of all places. My brother opened up a winery and we tested his new wines. 1+ liters later and I couldn’t really tell what anything tasted like much less if I was still drinking wine or not?🤪 Next day, I expected a terrible hangover, but my brother’s wine was smooth enough that all I felt was a bit dehydrated. Played a round of golf after hydrating myself with 2 to 3 liters of water in the morning. My dad and brother slept in really late. Finished a 5 hour round and still got back before they woke up. Played my usual horrible game...
    • I have an over-fondness for beer and have made some efforts to cut down the heavy nights in recent years. As a hacker of the first order, it used to be hard to tell if it really made any difference. Now, that I'm marginally further along, it is very clear that it hurts. My precarious sense of balance really goes to hell when I'm hung over. If golf is in the plan the next morning, my limit is 3 beers. If it's any sort of competition, I'll try to make it none.
    • Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time....  
    • Golf - Find time here and there to practice/play on the sim. - Consistently start the ball a couple of degrees to the right.  My stock shot is the draw, but I can get a little steep and pull draw it.  Shorter clubs miss greens and go too far and the long clubs don't stay airborne when I pull draw it.   - I pretty much have my carry yardages and typical misses, but I'd like to go through the process of making my shot eggs like in LSW.   - Hope to maintain average ball speeds with these clubs as a way to monitor my striking: driver at 155 mph, 3w 148, 2i at 135, 4i at 133, 5i at 129, 6i at 125, 7i at 120, 8i at 115, 9i at 109, PW at 103. - STOP HITTING DRIVER OUT OF THE HEEL.  I think I'm swinging out a bit and my arms run away from me trying to that Rory draw with upward AoA and push draw, resulting in a heel hit.  Going to try addressing a farther away tee and hitting the inside tee peg or feel like I'm hitting the toe to remedy this.  This really only happens with my woods, but it's worse with driver than 3w.   Fitness - Continue my great progress from the past year.  This year, however, I'm focusing on losing some body fat by eating properly.  I like to eat.  A LOT.  I'd like to get down to about 200 lbs. - Modified 531 program: M- barbell row, deadlift, bench press, pull-up variations (each @ 7 reps/60% training max, this is one circuit, do this 3x).  THEN, deadlift 531 protocol.   T- power clean, overhead press, squat, pull-variations (same as above).  Then, overhead press 531 protocol.  Then superspeed. W- bb row, dl, bp, pu (same).  Then, bp 531.   R- pc, op, sq, pu (same).  Then sq 531.  Then superspeed F- off Sat- 531 row, 531 pc, superspeed. - Hope to add at least 75 lbs to dl and sq this year. - Superspeed training.  I'd like to hit a PR of 140 mph with the green stick.  Normal swing.  
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