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The Big Break "Indian Wells"

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Yeah congrat to David.  I would have never guessed Kent would choke before David but he did.  I guess that's the advantage of being the underdog, lower expectations, and less pressure.  Next season is in Ireland, should be interesting.

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Guys, I just wanted to say thanks for all the support, it was fun while it lasted... I wish I would have played better in the begining but for some reason I had the hooks, my friends were baffl

Here's the deal: the women on The Big Break are much closer to "tour level" than the men are. Every woman of the Sandals season cast was only a couple of years removed from being the best playe

A few observations from the first episode: Is Justin going to be the next Brian?  Remember the guy from last season who constantly talked about how incredible his swing was, but then always pla

I am not sure I liked the end format.  Ken wasn't playing well and David winning seemed right but this was really a 1 hole match with the 25k hole being the difference. Giving the money leader a half stroke advantage in sudden death  seemed excessive. Seems like a more stead increase in money (something start at 3k and double every 2 holes) with carry overs would have been better.

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I actually liked the format for the most part.  I like that they did carryovers for the house money but not on the second stage.  It would have ended too quick.  I also didn't get the sudden death.  It basically meant that whoever had the money lead would win almost guaranteed.  Since you would assume they are most likely to tie on any given hole.

I enjoyed the last episode.  David is a solid player (so is kent) and he deserves it.  I hope he does well at the Zurich Classic.

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Originally Posted by Bryan SD2

I for one think Golf Channel gave away the winner with the brief "next time on Big Break" they showed last week - the finale sneak peak.

We are shown David and Kent shaking hands.  Hats off, clubs in hand.  I'm guessing it is after the match has just ended, as they are wearing the SAME clothes as they are during many of the swings from the final match.  Kent is holding his hat, a towel, a few short irons and another club that is presumably the putter.  He might even be holding the flag.  I don't recall.  Anyway, his hands are loaded.  David has removed his hat and when shaking, he has only the putter I think.

How many times has a player WON a match while holding ALL his clubs and a towel and all that?  It's not very likely.  Even if Kent has the lead and David must MAKE a putt to halve a hole or force another hole... Kent would NOT be holding on to all of his gear like that I don't think.  He'd be holding his putter only... even IF his ball was conceded or he's already tapped in on the hole.  You don't go grab all your gear like that.

So... I believe Kent chipped up close or something, it was conceded by David, who has to make par or two putt/accomplish something that is pretty likely to halve the hole and win BB.  He does just that, and Kent is hanging on to all his gear ALREADY, knowing he's going to lose, and that is why he is holding it all when the handshake happens.

David has also been tweeting a ton all season.


David for the win.

Good eye. Kent holding several clubs was a great clue.

Besides, the Golfgal system wins again. I pointed that out on a couple of forums several weeks ago. Golfgal (Gayle Moss) interviews several contestants weekly during Big Break, getting their perspective on the most recent episode. This time it was David, Carl and Shank. Kent was absent. Not a good sign for Kent. Since she started this with Ka'anapali, the winner(s) has interviewed with Golfgal every time. And this is the fourth time the runner up did not participate -- Sophie Sandolo at Ka'anapali, Hugo/Camila at Michigan, Lili Alvarez at Sandals Resorts, and now Kent at Indian Wells.

Let me emphasize Golfgal does not know the results. The players who have done well have a tendency to seek her out. She picks out a favorite or two and asks Golf Channel if they are available to interview. The crestfallen runner up obviously prefers to stay away, more often than not. Only Blair O'Neal at Prince Edward Island and Tony Finau/Kevin Erdman at Disney interviewed with Gayle after knowing they lost the final.

As you indicated, David has been chirpy on the social media for months, including frequent conversing with Big Break winners Carling Coffing and Briana Vega, along with playing practice rounds with them in the Orlando area. Kent has been all but silent. It was similar to Big Break Dominican Republic, when players from the women's team were posting all over the internet for months while Blake Moore said he wasn't even watching the episodes. Big Break producers may head fake during promos. The players hint toward the truth, subtle as it may be.

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Congrats to David!  Good format  Under the pressure both played well tee to green, David good with 2nd shots, Kent good with chipping.  HOWEVER, putting was horrendous, no one seemed to make a putt to win of any length (tap ins excluded).  In a 36 hole medal play I'd say Kent has better game hits it longer, good around greens.  David seems short off tee, good luck at Zurich, he'll need it.

Anyone hear Justin say "canadian cupcake" when David was hitting??

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It was a neat format but I'd have liked to have seen that used last week going from 4 to 2 players.  I was really hoping for an 18 hole match and let the best golfer won.  While I think that is what happened anyway, I was crazy about the all in sudden death thing!

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Congrats to David, I think either one deserved to win.  Kent certainly had his chances but an off day putting will kill anyone.  Looking forward to the next season already!

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Glad to see David win it.  Dude worked hard for it.  Not sure I liked the format.  I think they should just have the guys play match play for all the dough.  Or even stroke play.  I know this season they tried to make it interesting for TV but getting down to playing golf would make the show more interesting.  All the gimmicks take away from it.  If you get interesting people, the drama will come.  True golf lovers want to see head to head golf.

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Originally Posted by hjimzaf

Did you guys catch the ad for Big Break Ireland? Coming in September.

I didn't see the promo. But I read the press release on Golf Channel.com. It's 6 men and 6 women, filmed at the K Club, site of the 2006 Ryder Cup. One winner, not a team event.

Let me guess, there will be a wisecrack on at least one telecast about Stevie Williams dropping Tiger's club into the pond. That happened at the K Club, if I'm not mistaken.

If Big Break Ireland was filmed in May that would be conveniently sensible if some of the ladies are from the Futures Tour, which is typical. The Futures Tour was off throughout May this year.

No doubt there will be plenty of European contestants.

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The finale was a bit of a letdown after such an entertaining season. No one could putt to save their lives. That made it a bit anti-climactic.

Thank you for your service, Russell. It was easy rooting for you.

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I liked the format a lot.  Big time pressure for big time money building and building.  $25,000 holes?  Awesome.

David deserved to win.... and Kent's putting helped of course.  He seems like a good kid as well.  Kudos to TGC for letting David communicate his emotions, and his attachment to him mother, so well.  Turned pro for Big Break, won, cashed BIG, and playing in New Orleans next year?  I hope he does extremely well... or at least equally as well as he is doing for the "comb your hair with your pillow and go" look.

I wish I could pull it off...

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Note: This thread is 3562 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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