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    • Almost played well today. Hit snaphooks off the tee on the finishing holes on both sides. On 9, hit a snap hook onto the 10th tee box. On 18 hit a snaphook OB, had to take the dreaded 3 from the tee.  I should mention the greens were freshly sanded this morning. I was the first to play on many of them. You could see neat little sand trails everywhere I putted. 
    • I'm guessing whatever's in the USGA app would be totally legal.  Otherwise what a mess that'd be...  
    • Interpretation 4.3a/1 addresses both paper and electronic versions.  Essentially, the scale on your device cannot be enlarged beyond the limits set, and the device may not indicate a recommended line of play.
    • They are limiting green reading books to a certain "Scale" but I'm not sure how that applies to electronic green maps.  My gut tells me an electronic app is not allowed under the rules of golf but I'm not an rules expert.  Maybe legal as long as it does not violate the "Scale" requirements?
    • Nice to know, fyi...The first putt was from @ 30' so I did not expect to sink it, but leaving it 10' short was not what I had envisioned either.
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