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To all, we really can't thank you enough for the massive amount of support you guys have thrown at us.  Keep sharing and letting us know how we are doing as in the next couple weeks there could be many reasons for you to NEED to come back :)

Matt and Ted

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Just in case you didn't see it in the latest newsletter, here's this week's exclusive deal:

Groove Tube Putter RH With Upgraded Winn AVS Yellow Grip for just $57 - that's a savings of 79%. We dare you to find a better price!


About 'The Groove Tube Putter RH:

The Groove Tube is like a club and putting aid all in one. True 3-D overhead alignment uses an elevated sight-line window and a heads up centering line to verify correct setup position. Swing path ghost imaging allows golfer to visually simulate the stroke with practice swings. With its synergistic balance and feel, not to mention of course, our
proven C-Groove technology, the Groove Tube imparts an instant sense of confidence and it pays off with greater accuracy.

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Hey Matt-

Yes Indeed, though I can tell you the tee times piece of our launch is running a bit behind so I can't promise there will be overwhelming deals for Houston at first.  However, there will always be product deals :)

Keep the suggestions coming.  Thanks guys.

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Note: This thread is 3779 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 89: Yard was dry enough for outdoor practice. Hit some balls with full swing, didn't really focus on a particular element of the swing, I just wanted to get some information/observations to take to my lesson tomorrow. Took note of start line, launch angle, and also some feel related things like balance, recentering, hip/shoulder turn. Mostly starting the ball straight or a bit right, which works okay with my normal ball flight (draw). Launch is a bit high, I suspect I need to continue working on clubface control, but I will get more info on this from lesson. Still suffer from a periodic low pull (maybe 1 out of every 5-7 shots), which I know based on my previous experience, is an unplayable pull-hook. If I could somehow hit the same pull with a slightly open clubface, maybe it would be workable ball flight, but right now, it's really costly on the course, and the main thing I want to work out tomorrow.
    • I did my B workout today. More of the same, but obviously different things. I've used rubber bands instead of medicine balls so far.
    • Closer to Colorado where you hated the winters... 😄
    • Surprisingly busy at my home course early afternoon today , wanted to play 2 balls but had to drop it after the 3rd hole.  I had a one ball score of 50 for 9 holes.   The wind was heavy and on the 3rd my soaring drive was going nice and straight and then blew 30 yards hard right , followed by a topped fairway shot and the hole turned into a triple.  Another top on the 9th turned what should have been a single into a double bogey. Wind hurt my drives some on that hole too.  Highlight of the day was a 200 yard 3 iron drive dead straight against the wind on the 1st hole. First time on the course with this 3 iron since a regrip and new shaft, it was a gift from a family friend so glad to have it back out. Just a 90’s Spaulding Tour Advance but cool to have it back out and hitting some fairways again. 
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