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  1. 1. What size grips do you use?

    • Standard
    • Midsize
    • Oversize/Jumbo
    • Putter: Standard
    • Putter: Midsize
    • Putter: Oversize/Jumbo

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Switched to Jumbo size tour wraps 2G and midsize pistol for my putter this winter.  Wish I had done it ten years ago.  Just seem to have better control.  Share your insight...

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Last year I had regripped all of my clubs with midsize Lamkin Permawrap grips and for the most part I liked them.  This year I decided to go for PURE grips and decided I wanted the Soft Wraps which only came in standard size.  Honestly, I like them better.. they have an awesome feel to them.  I also put one of them on my putter, so far I like the round putter grip better.

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I saw that commercial on the golf channel for those jumbo grips, you know the one where the other guy says ill wear a dress if you beat me with those grips and he ends up having to do that.   I can see a jumbo grip for the putter and maybe a slightly over size grip for driver and fairway woods as you're usually just trying to rip those as far as you can.   Jumbo grips for irons?   Not too sure about that.  Anyone try these, just curious about how they would work for irons.  I just got new golf pride tour velvet grips for my irons earlier this year and I think they are definitely an improvement over the stock grips even when they were new.   I had no idea you could even get jumbo grips for anything other than putter until I saw that commercial, didnt even cross my mind.

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I use standard grips but double wrap them with tape so they're a tad bigger. Still not quite as thick as the midsize options though.

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I put .580s (standard) on my .600 shafts with one wrap of tape. It was the new standard and many OEMs set up their clubs like this (at least they did for player's club in the 90s and 2000s).. I have been using this set-up since 92 and is just slightly larger than standard. Here is a grip calculator that will calculate your grip size with your shaft size if you want to get crazy with it.  When I had a driver with a .625 shaft I used the .600 grip to achieve the same effect.


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Note: This thread is 3689 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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