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Shot 100 today!

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Let me start out by saying that I started playing golf a couple of years ago and was terrible, shot in the 140s. I bought a condo and started life after graduating college and quit playing for a couple of years, although I missed the game a lot I just couldnt find time to play.

This winter I got the bug again for some reason and got some slightly used Taylormade RAC OS irons from craigslist and started hitting the range. Id go 2-3 times a month from January until March. Started playing again at my "home" course, Green Oaks in Ypsilanti MI in late March. My first time out I shot a 70 for 9 holes. Typical right? It was still very cold that day but the bug hit me and I made a couple good shots.I kept going to the range and I found myself making good contact with my irons and I quit topping the ball.

One of my goals this year is to play as many different courses as I can. So my buddy and I have been playing about 2 new courses a Month.

The next time out I played Stonebridge in Ann Arbor and shot a 123 (58,I  65) MUCH better than my first time out. I still was topping the ball a bit and my putting and short game was terrible. So back to the range I went to work on putting, short game and iron shots.

I played Pheasant Run in Canton shot a (57, 55), the improvements in my game were amazing. At this point I started to set little goals for myself. To strike the ball solid everytime, and to not 3 and 4 putt anymore and also to break 100 before the summer ended. More and more range work to follow..I even developed a little game at the range where I would take one shot with each club in my bag. If I made a good solid contact shot I would count it as a point. When I started the game I would score about 6-7 but within a couple of weeks I was up to 11-13.

Then my rut came and I shot two games of 116 at St Johns in Plymouth MI and Pineview in Ypsilanti. I started to get a little discouraged, but I was making great strides at the range. They just didnt seem to carry over to the course. But I kept working, and grinding.

One my my friends came into town and I took him to Warren Valley in Dearborn Heights. The week leading up to him coming I hit the range every night. Playing my game and also putting (about 1-1 1/2 hrs of just chipping and putting work). The night before he came I scored 13 on my range game. I was hitting 13-14 shot with solid contact and I felt amazing. Something funny happened on the course I was actually hitting the ball well. Off the tee and on the fairways. I was getting really good around the green as well. Then on the eighth hole the most amazing thing that has happened in my golf career happened. It was a par 4, 274 yard hole. I drove the ball right down the fairway about 240 yards. My second shot was a gorgeous chip that landed softly on the green and rolled right into the hole for an Eagle 2. It was AMAZING. At that moment I realized that breaking 100 was actually possible. I ended the day shooting 112 though (53(my lowest 9 hole total to date), 59). The funny thing about golf is that you flirt with perfection and then the golf gods smack you right back down to reality.

That was last Saturday. Tonight I went to Brae Burn in Plymouth with one of my oldest friends who is a pretty good golfer. Brae Burn is only a par 70, 66.3/114, with a ton of short par 4s 350yds or less. I started out going almost shot of shot with my buddy. Striking the ball solid and putting great. I was hitting the ball and making so many "good" shots that I turned the corner shooting a 47. First time I have ever shot under 53. I was feeling great about myself. Then the golf gods put the smack down on me. I scored an 8 on the 12th hole. The 13th hole is a double dog leg 510 yard hole nicknamed "the Monster" and I put up a 9 spot on it. Other than that I was grinding and making good shots for me. I ended with a 53. I almost didnt believe it and had to double check my math but 47+53 is 100. My best round by 12 strokes. I dont care if it was a par 70 or not I am taking my 100. If my eagle didnt make me hopelessly addicted to golf this round did.

Sorry for the novel, I am jut really excited and this was a pretty big deal for me. I am going to continue at the range and get a lesson here shortly. I want to be at around 100 at Green Oaks now.

Thank you for reading and have a good one!

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Congrats on that man. Also, an eagle is an accomplishment on its own, especially holing out from the fairway. I have never had an eagle, nor holed out from the fairway - it's an accomplishment for sure. Keep that score card.

Keep working and setting yourself goals. Don't short side yourself.

Congrats again!

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Thank you guys, after this great week of golf I find myself more addicted than I have ever been. My fiance and I are going to Vegas in Sept and I am playing Desert Pines. So I am practicing up for that. Also I need to get a lesson, my drives still slice a bit. I have learned to play my slice, but I look like an idiot addressing my ball sideways.....

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Nice job !      Hey, when in Vegas area, check out wolf creek - it's about an hour north, but it will amaze you - most awesome desert scenery I've ever experienced.

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That course looks great. Only problem is we arent going to have a car...A cab ride to Desert Pines is going to be expensive enough and its only 10 miles away. But man that course looks nice! The Pines looks nice as well though from what I could see online.

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Update: Last night I went back to Green Oaks where I have shot a 70 and 64 on the front nine this year. Yesterdays round I shot a 49 on the front. Thats right 49!!! On the back I shot a 52. 101 on a course thats given me problems my whole (short) golf career. HUGE day for me. I think even bigger than shooting the 100 at Brae Burn.

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Originally Posted by etomford

Thank you guys, after this great week of golf I find myself more addicted than I have ever been. My fiance and I are going to Vegas in Sept and I am playing Desert Pines. So I am practicing up for that. Also I need to get a lesson, my drives still slice a bit. I have learned to play my slice, but I look like an idiot addressing my ball sideways.....

Yeah definitely don't attempt to play the slice.  Try to fix it, you'll see vast improvements in your game.  Good job on the eagle and breaking 100.  I've still never had an eagle! lol

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Yeah, I think I need a lesson or someone who actually knows what they are doing to look at my swing. I'm going to get a lesson here within the next week or so..

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I was going to take my lesson at Mickey's driving range on Cherry Hill in Westland/Canton. That is where I go to the driving range at. If you want to play Pheasant Run sometime or any other course around the Canton area message me. I am always looking for new golf buddies.....

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UPDATE - My best bud and I played 18 today at Brookside in Saline. I learned a valuable lesson today, not only about the game of golf but about myself as well. Now I havent golfed with my buddy since we played at Pineview so I really wanted to show him how much I have improved. We went out and I played the front 9 TERRIBLE, lost a bunch of balls and shot a 58. Just like I was shooting when he and I had played in the past. I was inside my own head and golfing terrible. Just when I thought I was taking MAJOR steps forward the golf gods put me back in my place. Golf is an unforgiving game...But I think thats why I love it. As we made the turn I shot a 58 and he shot a 56. Now I have never beaten him before either and I really wanted to win. And also I was feeling like a dipshit because I told him how much better I was doing and it wasnt looking as such. As we turned the corner I said "this is a fresh start and a new ballgame." I calmed myself down and really started to think about my shots. My putts started to fall and my drives were finding the fairway. More importantly my short game came back and I was chipping as I have the past few rounds. Coming into the last couple holes I knew I had a pretty good shot at going under 50, but also he did as well. I didnt add the scores up until the end but I finished the back nine with a 46. My best 9 hole total so far and finished the day at a 104. Pretty good considering I went out with a 58. My friend shot a 49 and came in at 105. Beat him by one stroke. But today I learned that you have to take each hole as they come, and also to not think to highly of yourself or the golf gods will put you back in your place. Take away the 6 or 7 balls I lost on the front  9 and I would of been well under 100. DAMNIT!!! Maybe next time!

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Note: This thread is 3683 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Working with my instructor on some simple grip and setup issues. I actually shortened my driver shaft and regripped with the same grip(gotta love pure grips) after testing some things out. I then added a bit of throw in the DS as mentioned in the last post to get some nice high ball flights with lots of carry and no more bottom half strikes. I am really liking the extension post impact, might need to work on the upper center getting a bit more forward but good progress for now. I don't need as much of a Bubba move as @saevel25 pointed out that I had at SV to counter an over rotating clubface. This will be counted as my yearly swing thread post with video. 😉  
    • This drill will help more for that. Try and keep the right elbow from bending more than 90 degrees too.
    • The numbers are ticking up for daily vaxxing, from what I read.  So that’s some good news.   My wife and I can’t wait for the under 12 to be approved.   It drives us crazy that non-vaxxed adults are doing whatever they want with their kids while we mostly keep ours home and limit contact with people until it’s safer. My wife said there was a long line at Walgreens yesterday for people getting the vaccine.   Fingers crossed.   
    • Thanks! I’ll try to drill out I like the idea of feeling pressure on your thumb. I’ve read the article multiple times. I was doing the armpit drill in attempt to stop getting my right arm behind my shirt seam. 
    • Anyone else played here?   I’ve wanted to come here since the late 90s, and I’m on the first family vacation where I’ve brought my golf clubs.   I’ve only played one of the courses, but really liked it.  Oleander.   Jekyll is an island off the Georgia coast, pretty far south.  They have 3, 18 hole courses, and a 9 hole.   The 3 18 hole courses all meet at the same clubhouse from what I’ve seen so far.  
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