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Does Anyone Know How Much It Cost to Ship a Set of Clubs?

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I am wanting to sell a set off clubs but dont know how much to allow for shipping in US.

Does anyone know how much it cost to ship with USPS, UPS or Fedex.

I will be shipping a full set of irons as well as a bag.



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The best way to go is UPS Ground.  I have never had a problem with UPS.  I've done over 250 transactions (mostly golf clubs) on Ebay and a set of irons will range from $12 to $18 and a single iron will range from $6 to $15.   Never have I paid over $20 when sending a set of irons within the lower 48 states.  I charge $18 for a set of irons and $12 for a single club.  I usually make a little money and use that to cover the paypal fees.  Greedy sons of beyatches.

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Box them up. Weigh them and measure the box.  Go to UPS.com, usps.com, fedex.com and enter the information.  Will give you shipping prices.

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