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909d2, ping i15, ping s59's! Take a look!

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Hey guys, I'm putting a few items up here that I will also be posting on ebay. If you want to inbox me for pics or talk prices feel free! The only item I'm looking for in trade right now is an r11 tp driver. 909d2-73 X blueboard : shafts in excellent shape, put in this year, new grip when installed. The head is also in great shape (8.5-9/10). It's a 9.5 degree, and headcover is included! ping i15- 83 x white board- great looking club in fantastic shape (9/10). I think its 9 degrees of loft, but I'd have to check! Headcover is included ping S59's- great set of used irons, still in great shape, a few minor dings on the soles, but nothing major, and nothing that is visually unappealing at address. The shafts are project x 5.5, but the labels were removed when they were regripped (my request, they were looking a little ragged). The grips are 2 weeks old (lamkin cords). set includes 3-pw If you have any questions or want pictures, feel free!
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    • That's… very close to the ball. Like Tiger level close, Finau level close. In the bottom photo, I like the swing on the left more. Is that the "former" swing?
    • Reverse Texas scramble... hell.  Golf messes up your head.
    • It means that you play too many reverse Texas scrambles and they are messing up your head. 
    • I followed your advice, @iacas, and took a lesson with a different instructor. He pointed out how much steeper my downswing was than my backswing, and how much lateral motion I exhibited. He attributed this to an overextended back that twisted, rather than turned, through the swing. This all made sense to me, but I am skeptical of his proposed solution: to keep my body weight over my legs by standing closer to the ball, arching my thoracic spine (instead of maintaining a flat spine as I had been previously taught), and having what feels like an extremely flat swing plane. I did nothing but top and hook the ball when I tried to follow his instruction. He did send me home with two annotated videos summarizing our lesson, which was an excellent touch I think all instructors should adopt. I’ve attached two stills from these movies comparing my current swing (left) and my attempt to implement the lesson (right) at P4. I went back to the range this morning with the intent of working on this new technique, but upon reviewing the video I am still swinging my old swing with a few small modifications inspired by the lesson—my swing plane is slightly flatter, and I’m standing closer to the ball with a natural spine curve. Unfortunately I’m still coming OTT and sending the ball 20 yards left or right of my target. Here’s a video of one of my best swings, in which the steep attack is still evident:   
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