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    • Played 18 today at the PA/OH/NY Meetup (Deer Ridge GC, OH). In general. Didn't hit many greens. Didn't make any putts. Had 4 blowup holes.  Driver - For the most part decent, though I got in a 3 hole stretch were I would just block the shot 30 yards right. On the back nine I started to just decide to try to swing low left. This helped out for the most part.  Irons - Not that solid. Just couldn't hit many greens. Shots still feel like I have no room to swing down with my arms. Things just feel stuck.  Short game - Pretty decent Putting - Never made anything outside of 5-Ft  
    • Unfortunately Phil won’t make the cut.
    • Wasn’t too surprised to see Hadley collapse. English’s 18 was hilarious. Hadley had it coming from the Gods. That approach on 18 was a mess. He’s gotta be pretty crushed to blow that round and lose it so quickly.
    • I ordered a SNES Mini game system with games preloaded on it for me and the kids. I think it’ll be cool. My son has been collecting the super Mario lego stuff, and we thought a simple video game system would be cool to play too. 
    • Day 6 (13 Jun 21) - swing drills with 7i and 3w.  Focus was on the takeaway- bringing the club back instead of around.  Know I get lazy that makes for the coming over the top slices.  The drill included taking full swings using hard foam balls.  
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